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Trump's Presidency: A Dangerous Deception

This had to be up before Trump's inauguration. So, finally here it is!

Personally speaking here. I've never been a believer in "the Donald" as the leader of any sort of grassroots/populist movement. Nor do I buy the common presentation of the media being opposed to him. I'm also not a fan of the whole 'deep state' is against Mr Trump. I see the psychology of influence at play. Link
 The response to scarcity is, like the other weapons of influence, often a shortcut which usually pays dividends. And we are prompted to react because a missed opportunity is a loss of freedom.
Donald Trumps Slogan "Make American Great, Again"

American's would loathe the missed opportunity of making America great, again 

  The theory of psychological reactance developed by Jack Brehm states that "whenever free choice is limited or threatened, the need to retain our freedoms makes us desire them (as well as the goods and services associated with them) significantly more than previously" (245). We react against anything that threatens to limit our freedoms. A plexiglas barrier placed between 2-year old boys and a toy prompted them to make special efforts to obtain that toy rather than another one without a barrier.
The media created the plexiglass barrier and the masses reacted
 The "Romeo and Juliet effect" predicts that teenagers in love will be much more likely to pursue this romantic attachment when they encounter parental interference. The stronger the influence, the greater the desire to continue the romance (249). For teenagers, being told not to smoke may have the effect of initiating a reactance response. Similarly, banning a product such as phosphate cleaners or marijuana may initiate a greater desire for that product, and because of the ban, consumers will rate the benefits of the banned product more highly than if it had not been banned. Similarly with information: "Almost invariably, our response to the banning of information is a greater desire to receive that information and a more favorable attitude to it than before the ban" (251). If a political speech or message is banned, we are more likely to agree with the argument; thus, some people gain sympathy to their arguments when their announced speeches are censored. Studies show that when a judge instructs the jury to disregard evidence, the jury will actually value that information more than if they had not been instructed to disregard it.
Pursue that which is desired due to the perception of parental aka STATE interference.

 Above is a nutshell synopsis- perhaps to shallow, but, that's how I see the whole Trump situation- one big manipulation of another sort.

That brief description out of the way let's listen to & read a very interesting interview/article from William Engdahl- Published November 2016- I missed it until last week

The project called the Trump Presidency has just two months before its formal beginning. Yet already the hopes and fantasies of much of the world are making him into something and someone Donald Trump most definitely is not. Donald Trump is yet another project of the same boring old patriarchs who try again and again to create a one world order that they control absolutely, a New World Order that one close Trump backer once referred to as universal fascism. Ignore the sometimes fine rhetoric in some of his speeches. Talk is cheap. If we consider rather the agenda that’s taking form even in these very early days of cabinet naming, we can see that Donald Trump is the same agenda of war and global empire as Obama, as Bush before him, as Bill Clinton and Clinton’s “tutor”, George H.W. Bush before him. There is no good side to what the world is about to experience with President Trump
‘Ladies and gentlemen, It’s Showtime!’ Today we give you Donald Trump. He will tell you just what many of you want to hear. Trump the showman will tell you he will make America great again; Trump will say he will ship at least 3 million illegals back across the Rio Grande; Trump will introduce a bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization; Trump will bring jobs back to America from China and other low wage countries; Trump will sit down with Putin and work out some kind of a deal to calm things down; Trump will scrap the Iran nuclear deal of Obama…
Often during this election campaign, which was more a Hollywood “D” grade movie than any honest debate of policies and ideas candidate Trump made statements that resonated with the “silent majority” of not only so-called blue collar workers, but also the disenfranchised middle class whose earnings have been declining in real terms since the 1970’s. Trump, like an earlier actor-President named Ronald Reagan, has a talent to make himself sound sincere.
Is Trump a Grassroots Revolution?
We should not imagine for one second that the Patriarchy– those loveless old men like David Rockefeller or George Herbert Walker Bush or unnamed others– were so overwhelmed by the political genius of candidate Trump emerging from every scandal more powerful than before, that they were surprised, out-foxed, and just groaned and let it happen.
The Trump Presidency has been planned in minute detail by them and their think tanks. Quite simply, had they continued the policies that Hillary Clinton represented–war and confrontation against Russia, against China, with Color Revolution destabilizations of any and all political leaders who opposed them whether Ghaddafi or Mubarak or even Putin–they saw they were losing power over huge parts of the world, essential geopolitical power.
When a President of the relatively tiny American former colony fears not to openly attack by name an American President as “son of a whore,” and declare in China his Philippines’ “separation” from the United States, when one country after the other comes closer in economic and political cooperation to Russia, to China and to their growing Eurasian economic cohesion around the One Bridge One Road Eurasian infrastructure great project, it was clearly time to install a Plan B President.
That Plan B is casino mogul Donald Trump, a political tabula rasa, a power-possessed person with a blackmail potential that will keep him on program for them, an alpha male who is quite gifted at being able to make people fear.
If we were to use conventional psychological definitions I would say the word sociopath fits: “Antisocial personality disorder characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the culture.” Narcissism would be another apt term: “Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration…” Read his own autobiography and his descriptions of his earlier antics with mob lawyer and mentor, Roy Cohn, at the cocaine-snorting Studio 54 and look more closely at his actual life history, not only what he dismisses as “locker room talk” eleven years ago with Billy Bush. He is definitely no JFK or Charles de Gaulle, not even close.
I state clearly my conviction, and please recall this as Trump Presidency policies unfold after January 20, 2017 to see if I am correct or not: Donald Trump was put into office to prepare America for war, a war the banks of Wall Street and the US military industrial complex are not presently in a position economically or industrially or otherwise, geopolitically, to win. His job will be to reposition the United States for them to reverse the trend to disintegration of American global hegemony, to, as the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz Project for the New American Century put it in their September, 2000 report, “rebuild America’s defenses.”
To do that preparation, a deception strategy that will fatally weaken the developing deep bonds between Russia and China will be priority. It’s already begun. We have a friendly phone call from The Donald to Vladimir the Fearsome in Moscow. Russian media is euphoric about a new era in US-Russia relations after Obama. Then suddenly we hear the war-mongering NATO head, Stoltenberg, suddenly purr soothing words to Russia. Float the idea that California Congressman and Putin acquaintance, Dana Rohrabacher, is leaked as a possible Secretary of State. It’s classic Kissinger Balance of Power geopolitics–seem to ally with the weaker of two mortal enemies, Russia, to isolate the stronger, China. Presumably Vladimir Putin is not so naïve or stupid as to fall for it, but that is the plot of Trump’s handlers. Such a strategy of preventing the growing Russia-China cooperation was urged by Zbigniew Brzezinski in a statement this past summer.
Because he’s been selected (and not by us dear voters) to play a definite role–to shift tactics of global domination according to the basics of the 1992 Bush-Wolfowitz Doctrine–preempting any nation or group of nations in Eurasia from challenging American Sole Superpower hegemony–the selection of his Cabinet and key policy advisers, is vital. Here we can already see the outlines of the cast of characters who have been chosen to fill out the theater play called Trump Presidency, and the emerging new plot for reconfiguring the Sole Superpower strategy.
The dramatis personae
As of this writing, several key positions have been named. It includes three-star General Mike Flynn to be the President’s National Security Advisor; it includes Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas to be Director of Central Intelligence; it includes Jeff Sessions to be US Attorney General and it includes Stephen K. Bannon in a newly-created post as White House “Chief Strategist” and Senior Counsellor to the President.
Mike Pompeo:

Pompeo on Guantanamo Bay:
“GTMO has been a goldmine of intelligence about radical Islamic terrorism. I have traveled to GTMO and have seen the honorable and professional behavior of the American men and women in uniform, who serve at the detention facility,”
 Pompeo on the Iran deal (and Russia):

  “Each of these nations poses real threats to America and the West – what is needed is not ambiguity, but clarity, forcefulness and commitments that do not exceed America’s willingness to fulfill them.
Pompeo on NSA spying:
“I believe that program has proven to be a very valuable asset for the intelligence community and for law enforcement,”

On whether Americans are in more danger now:
“It’s a quite accurate perception. It’s different today than it was”

In this article I’ll look closely at Mike Flynn, the former 3-star general who will be the all-important Trump National Security Advisor, sitting in the White House. Normally perceptive bloggers and analysts have greeted the Flynn appointment with cheers of joy. They cite his opposition to US covert support for ISIS and Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra; he is on record that the 2003 Iraq invasion was a “strategic mistake.” Moreover, Flynn is opposed to stirring up war with Russia and instead calls for waging war against ISIS and other radical terrorist organizations. In fact Obama fired Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency when Flynn opposed the Obama decision to prioritize the anti-Russia war over the anti-Jihad war, and called for cooperation with Syrian President Assad to that end.
Flynn’s position on war against ISIS and presumably also against the Muslim Brotherhood so beloved by Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, is not one of a man of peace. Rather it is one of a cold, calculating military professional, a military professional who favors working with the Likud of Netanyahu to advance the global agenda of war.
Flynn’s statements on Assad and ISIS and Iraq must be interpreted not in a vacuum but in light of a military intelligence specialist who sees that the decades-long CIA and Pentagon policy of training Muslim Brotherhood and other fanatic Muslim-origin terrorists to wage surrogate wars of empire have backfired badly. Not only the CIA’s July 15 failed coup using networks of Turkey’s Fethullah Gülen, but rather every CIA-backed Jihad war from Secretary of State Clinton’s war against Mubarak, against Gaddafi, against most of the Islamic world to try to impose US-backed Muslim Brotherhood terror regimes loyal to Washington, has failed. The gross effect has been to drive much of the world away from Washington and their constant proxy wars.
An intelligent military strategist would say it’s time for another plan. This is what Flynn is about. He will advance a shift in Washington policy away from using Muslim Brotherhood and allied terror organizations towards more intimate restoration of full cooperation with Israel’s right-wing Netanyahu Likud government.
Walid Phares, Donald Trump’s adviser on terrorism, and Middle Eastern Affairs, told Egyptian media in comments reported by Ben Shapiro’s conservative US blog, The Daily Wire, that Donald Trump will back efforts to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, something the Obama Administration vehemently refused and prevented Congress from doing.
The move away from Muslim Brotherhood was made clear when the US backed the Egyptian coup against Morsi - Recall that? Two posts to refresh your memory Link & Link
Also connected to the push against Turkey and Erdogan: In favour of Israel 2.0 
Anyone familiar with my latest book, The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy, will know I am in no way a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been in a dark alliance with the CIA since the 1950s. Yet reality is not simplistic as in, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend…” Walid Phares, Donald Trump’s key adviser on terrorism and the Middle East, is also a Senior Fellow of a small very pro-Netanyahu think tank called the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.
Foundation for Defense of Democracies?
The Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, was created in the wake of September 11, 2001 by a former Republican National Committee communications director, Clifford May, in order to, as it declares on its website, “promote pluralism, defend democratic values, and fight the ideologies that drive terrorism.”
The notable point about the FDD, whose Senior Fellow, Walid Phares is guiding President-elect Trump on the Middle East and terrorism, is the money trail behind it. It was founded and financed by a group of US billionaires closely tied to Benjamin Netanyahu and his Israeli geopolitical agenda. The donors include the notorious Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas and Macau gambling casino mogul who according to the Israeli press gave the Trump campaign $25 million in the closing critical days. Other FDD financial backers include Jewish American with a long history of funding pro-Israel organizations: Bernard Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot; whiskey heirs Samuel and Edgar Bronfman; Wall Street billionaire speculators Michael Steinhardt and Paul Singer, and Leonard Abramson, founder of US Healthcare.
No surprise then that the main Washington think tank called on to testify against the Obama agenda of coming to a nuclear deal with Iran and lifting sanctions was the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, who testified 17 times against the Iran plan. FDD’s executive director, Mark Dubowitz, even helped design the sanctions regime on Iran and its oil sales that was put in place in 2010.
In addition, most other positions of the FDD echo those of the Netanyahu regime in Tel Aviv. Toby Dershowitz, who spent 14 years as AIPAC’s communications head, is the FDD vice president for government relations and strategy. AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, was described by John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago professor, as “an agent of the Israeli government with a stranglehold on the United States Congress with its power and influence.” Trump was a featured speaker at the March 2016 AIPAC annual meeting.
Mike Flynn and Mike Ledeen
"Now we return to the anti-Muslim Brotherhood National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn"
 -Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn is a controversial right-wing pundit who was selected to be National Security Adviser in the Donald Trump administration shortly after the property mogul’s presidential election victory in November 2016

 -During his time at the DIA, Flynn reportedly “ruffled feathers in the organization by trying to reshape it for the wars of the 21st century.

- After leaving the DIA in August 2014, Flynn became involved in various business enterprises–including a drone business that could benefit from Trump border security plans–

 - Flynn sought to use the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi as a ploy against Iran. Soon after the Benghazi incident, he “took to pushing analysts to find Iran’s hidden hand in the disaster, according to current and former officials familiar with the episode
"Flynn, along with CIA director-designate Mike Pompeo, agrees that the Obama Iran nuclear deal should be scrapped and calls Iran a state sponsor of terrorism, a position dear to Netanyahu’s heart.
Flynn also wrote a book together with Michael Ledeen. One doesn’t co-author a book with just anyone. I know. It has to be one whose thoughts are in full harmony with yours. Michael Ledeen is today a Freedom Scholar at, now isn’t this interesting: the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Worth noting, financial investor, Jim Rickards, also is on the Board of Advisors of the Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and former CIA Director James Woolsey, rumored being considered for a top post with the Trump project, is one of four members of the FDD Leadership Council.
This year, 2016, Ledeen co-authored a book with NSC Director-designate Mike Flynn titled, Field of Fight: How to Win the War Against Radical Islam and its Allies. The ties between Ledeen and Trump NSC director are clearly not casual.
Years ago Ledeen–who was implicated in the illegal Iran-Contra arm for cocaine dealings of G.H.W. Bush and his CIA Old Boys network during the Reagan years — wrote a doctoral dissertation which I once saw, today almost impossible to find. It was titled “Universal Fascism,” and dealt with the applicability of Italian fascism of Mussolini to a global model, a fascist one world order if you will.
Michael Ledeen, who prefers to be in the background, is perhaps best characterized as a Godfather of the neoconservatives. He has shaped the policies of the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and others of the US war faction.
In 2003 just as the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz war on Iraq was underway, Ledeen gave a speech titled, “Time to Focus on Iran — The Mother of Modern Terrorism,” for the pro-Netanyahu Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) in which he declared, “the time for diplomacy is at an end; it is time for a free Iran, free Syria and free Lebanon.” To “free” Iran, Syria and Lebanon back in 2003, almost a decade before the US war against Assad, Ledeen declared that Iraq, Iran and Syria should get their “freedom” through a US-led “total War.”
According to reports of those near the cabinet selection process of president-elect Donald Trump, two people have decisive influence on who is being selected—Trump’s 35-year-old politically inexperienced son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Mike Flynn. Trump has even asked those two to sit in with him on those highly classified Presidential briefings.
Winston Churchill once said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” It is already clear that the project of the Trump Presidency, to prepare America for a new war, is already being well attended by a bodyguard of lies"
 A historical peek at Trumps' pal: Roy Cohn- Don't Mess With Him!
 December 1978- And Roy Cohn was one 'piece of work'!
  "The mere sending of a letter from Roy Cohn has saved us a lot of money," says builder Donald Trump. "When people know that Roy is involved, they'd rather not get involved in the lawsuits and everything else that's involved."
Betsy DeVos, (Amway) is Trump’s nominee for education secretary: Her brother is Eric Prince/Blackwater/XE
Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is Trump’s nominee for education secretary and she has all but vowed to embark on a crusade to push a privatization and religious agenda in education that mirrors her brother’s in military and CIA affairs. Prince has long been a contributor to the campaign of fellow Christian warrior Mike Pence, and he contributed $100,000 to the pro-Trump Super PAC Make America Number 1. Prince’s mother, Elsa, pitched in another $50,000. That organization, run by Rebekah Mercer, daughter of billionaire hedge funder Robert Mercer, was one of the strongest bankrollers of Trump’s campaign.

Blackwater has longstanding ties to CIA

 The private military contractor formerly known as Blackwater has held classified contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency for nearly a decade.....

Trump is no outsider. The 'deep state' is not opposed to him. 
Eric Prince has had a long relationship with the CIA and he is involved with the Trump camp

If I'd had more time this past week- There would have been more outside links, but, surely there is enough here to understand the point being made?

Also.. apologies for not answering comments- Elder parent issues to deal with.
I'll do my best over the next couple days- Thanks for your patience

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  1. "There is no evidence that the army, [which] considers itself as the guardian of Turkey as a secular state, and the Gulenists were willing to co-operate with each other to oust Erdogan.

    Read more:

    One problem: that minor issue of the Turkey Air Force Chief and former PM Dav confusion fighting over taking credit for the shootdown order.

    1. thanks and yes there is the issue of the quick admission by Dav regarding the shootdown


    On point with engdahl re import restrictions

    1936? 37? 38?

    As US layers on more Balkan sanctions Srpska

    1. can you clarify why 36-38 is important here
      It's interesting that trump wants to parade the military around?

      "We’re going to show the people as we build up our military , we’re going to display our military"

      As we build up our military....

      Engdahl: "Donald Trump was put into office to prepare America for war"

  3. The moment I heard that Adelson had paid Trump to repudiate his statement that he was going to run as an Independent if he didn't get the Republican nomination, I knew Trump was nothing but a puppet. That's all you need to know about Trump: he will do and say anything if it personally pays off for him.

    HRC would have been the same ole, as begun by Shrub. Shrub, imo, was smarter than a lot of people thought, but not a patch on his father. Obama never struck me as being particularly intelligent and, from the moment I heard him during one of his very early speeches, I wondered how someone like that could be a professor of anything, much less constitutional law. He just looks to be playing a part.

    I think HRC got derailed at the 911 Memorial Event which was the straw that broke the camel's back. The evidence was mounting, but I think that the Movers & Shakers finally realised at that event that HRC had passed the point of no return, so Trump got tagged. He didn't like it, but here he is.

    Now, having wasted a lot of space explaining my background reasoning (and I thank you for your forebearance), I cautiously cheer for a Trump presidency. Not because of who he is but for what the change in Mover & Shaker policy represents. A breather.

    I agree with your analysis of moving back to a more stable former set of policies, but that won't happen overnight, and the {gap as the gear change that Trump represents} provides opportunity to those willing to take advantage of it. Of course, this means Russia and China, but it also includes overlooked players like Moldova (did you see what Putin gave the incoming President? An old map of Moldova. Talk about cat and pigeons! LOL), Cyprus, and south-east Asia, where I'm based. I'm particularly watching Duterte's Philippines, which is confounding the usual "experts", who can only bleat about "human rights violations" but have nothing in their arsenal beyond that. I find such perplexity instructive.

    It's my opinion that there are levels of Movers & Shakers, that George Soros is not as high up on the league table as he likes to think, and that the next four years represents an opportunity for the rest of the world to begin thinking independently, while the Deep State and upstart Social Media Manipulators battle it out. Whichever way it turns out, the USA is already gone and the Rest of the World knows it. All we wonder now is which way the dying beast's tail will spasm.

    * Tried posting before; not sure what happened. Trying again *


    1. I had checked spam etc and there was nothing so.. it's lost somewhere

      Glad you got this comment through!

      And I thank you for leaving one again, because it's thoughtful and that's what I appreciate !

    2. @Kaz. I had commented above that "you nailed it," (didn't realize it would remain after I deleted). You summarized up exactly how I am feeling about this whole situation.

      I grew up in the NYC suburbs and can tell you that it's not uncommon at all for everyone over a certain tax bracket to know and socialize with each other. Like in any community I'm sure. The thing is there, it's a lot of well-known people. So it's hard to judge Trump by the people he knows (like that Pacino movie, AND fitting). However, the Kushner connection.....

      have a good one! and peace to you all.

    3. Thanks Nora :)

      Peace to us all!

  4. Hi Penny:

    Your post needed to be said. There are a lot of questions about Trump. He has made some serious policy commitments in the choices he made for his cabinet...not all of them good.

    However I do believe he has rankled the Deep State/CIA. I do believe his massive ego makes him impossible to control. Having lived through the JFK/MLK and RFK me shell shocked but I see forewarnings that this could be what is in store under Trump. As I said at the end of a recent post on my warfare has been declared between the CIA and Trump. Only one of them is going to survive. This turn of events has been a real surprise to me. I never expected it to end like this when Trump declared his candidacy. For him to stand up to the killers of Kennedy, RFK and MLK convinces me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  5. G’day Penny,

    Thank you for all the work you do on your blog.

    I think you, like F. William Engadahl, are genuine, astute and indefatigable in pursuit of discovering truth and broadcasting it.

    Your work effectively exposes a portion of the duplicity and destruction currently being wrought by the US and its agents and vassals in Syria, its surrounds and somewhat more generally. In my opinion William Engadahl does similar work more globally.
    I disagree re President elect Donald Trump (Trump) and his mission.

    Trump is a Christed individual who seeks to reverse the agenda of the Satanic forces destroying the US, humanity and the planet.

    Trump cannot just state the truth on which the US population need enlightenment because most Amerikkans and gentiles generally, are not sufficiently awakened to understand and accept it. So he cloaks it in confusing language. If Trump disclosed his true purpose initially or prior to endorsement as President elect, he would not have gotten the Republican endorsement and been targetted for assassination sooner. To understand this one only has to recall what was done to Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) when he told the truth about the money changers and their despotic rule.

    The obfuscation and subterfuge employed by Trump and his supporters underpin his achievements to date, ie BEFORE he becomes President. Despite the choke hold the CIA and banksters have on the US polity, Trump has:
    • Exposed and destroyed the corrupt US and Western mass media such that anyone who really looks cannot fail to perceive that it is FAKE and a propaganda instrument for banksters, corporatists and their government puppets.
    • Exposed the fact that the CIA and ALL 17 US “intelligence” agencies are corrupt manipulators and controllers of the US government and its domestic and foreign policies.
    • Exposed “political correctness” for what it really is.
    • Destroyed the TTP and TTIP and thus saved the US population and global humanity from the clutches of the banksters and corporatist that would have used them to destroy what was left of the sovereignty of all the nations whose corrupt governments were intent on signing it into law, thus enslave their constituent populations.
    • Exposed that the US (and the EU) were actively destroying their constituent nations by swamping them with illegal immigrants, substantial numbers of whom are criminals or terrorists.
    • Alerted middle Amerikka and Main Street Amerikka, to the truth that “liberal” globalism has hollowed out US industry causing 93 million Amerikkans to be without employment, reducing real wages and thereby steadily impoverishing at least 90% of Amerikkans.
    • Refused to demonise President Putin and Russia.
    • Indicated an intention to deal with China firmly rather than threatening to make war over the South China Sea.

    These issues are not trivial and no one else has effectively exposed them. Trump had to successfully run for President to break the mind lock that the MSM had on information dissemination so that Amerikkans (and others) could see reality.
    The fact that Trump has exposed the CIA is a total game changer. Why? See eg: Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World-
    JFK tried and failed to expose the CIA and the task is far harder now.

    Amerikkans and everyone need to cut Trump some slack. His surrounding himself with generals, plutocrats and Jews etc doesn’t mean he will continue the agenda of those groups. Amerikkans will be surprised to find that many of the individuals Trump chooses for his Administration will turn out to be on the same page as he is. God works in mysterious ways!

    Peace and Blessings,

  6. This is nice, a rational case against Trump. Thanks for posting. Reactions:

    He approaches this from the point of view that America/DC is the headquarters of Globalism, which is not the case. London and to a lesser extent European capitals and Israel are Globalist HQ. America was always the inferior party.

    Evidence for this - the wars Americans have fought since 1913 are to benefit EU/Israel not themselves - from restoring British/Dutch/French colonies in Asia during WW2, through to establishing a Kurdistan which will deliver oil to Europe, and destabilise Israeli/Saudi enemies obviously.

    The aim of the globalists is to destroy America, not build it up. (If this was not true, why have they been tolerating Chinese IP theft, including military IP theft, and one sided US-China 'free trade' which is enriching China while ruining America? Why open the borders?)

    Therefore, it would logically follow that not everyone in the American state, deep or shallow, would continue to support the globalist agenda to its conclusion. (remember Seal Team 6) Even corrupt scum in the Pentagon who have been part of the wars etc will think, "uh I like this elitist rule and stuff, but I also want a pension and a functioning country".

    Not to mention that a huge percentage of the military/ss is genuinely awake to what is going on. Say what you want, Alex Jones is constantly talking about how the military is his #1 fan. Granted, we have no reason to trust them given the history, but it's wrong to presume that the American establishment is one hegemonic block. There's a quiet civil war going on between pro-Trump FBI and pro-assassinating-Trump CIA, or so it seems.

    re Russia - for years everyone has been asking for better relations with Russia to prevent WW3, now someone might deliver that and Engdahl is complaining that it's part of a drawn out game to weaken Russia-China. Never happy! A USA-Russia alliance would be great to undermine the EU.

    re the bankruptcy of America - the national debt there is ridiculous and needs to be written off. A declaration of bankruptcy wouldn't be a bad thing. It's mostly owed to filthy bankers anyway; stiff them. (OK boomers, we'll do a deal, pensions will be protected somehow.)

    Finally if I could compare Trump to a past political figure it would be the great Charles Lindbergh.

    The 60s are over

  7. First of all- Great and thoughtful responses- seriously, you all put clear rational thinking into them and that is the best!

    I was dreading the prospect of being name called and worse!!!

    Rather then write lengthy individual responses to everyone- I'll take the time to write more in one comment about this post:

    Engdahl's assessment resonated with me for a number of reasons..

    The turning away from Muslim Brotherhood became apparent as I'd mentioned with the coup in Egypt against Morsi..

    His ties to Roy Cohn.. are enough to give one pause for thought- If one looks at who Roy Cohn was and who he was involved with- By all appearances Trump and Roy Cohn had a relationship of sorts (not talking sexual) but they were definite long term associates- And Cohn was a sleazeball

    The ties to Eric Prince.. and Betsey DeVos

    His choice of Mike Flynn.

    And more... even the financial stuff- the American dollar has been on the rise and plenty of other nations have been making moves to prop it up- including Canada.

    The building of the war machine.. here in Canada we have a bit of a scandal over a leaked fleet of war ships being built.. Canada will be part of that war machine

    Fortress North America- comes to mind

    Even the Brexit figures into this somehow - I'm thinking of the 5 eyes here...

    All this said and I could say more- the main reason for this post exists, as Engdahl suggested- keep the points made in the interview and article 'under your hat' and see if the analysis, some, or all of it pans out?

    As always I hope for the best... but admittedly haven't found any reason for hope in Trump

    1. If we can't have a civil discussion with those who have slightly different views, then we may as well give up now, the globalists have won ha

      There's never going to be total change from the top down, it can only come from the bottom up through education and culture. I have a problem with anyone looking misty eyed at Trump (or any pol) expecting miracles. The man is a pragmatic reformist, not a revolutionary.

      But I don't know how anyone better could have got into power since it's partly down to Trump's questionable past that he had enough connections to win the Presidency to begin with. Not that that is fine, it's just the reality of elections. Which, at risk of being a broken record, can only be improved by culture and education.

    2. Modern Kant: I agree wholeheartedly that change can only come from the bottom- if we expect the change to come from the top- we will always be disappointed.

      Culture, education and participation. Action on the part of the individual- via choices of all sorts- that's how we all get real change

      ty :)

  8. Can really nobody see the elephant trampling (should I say trumpling?)through the (bed, living, dinning, board, party) rooms of the Trump Tower? The boyish face of "City Real-Estate Royalty"? "Citizen Kushner"(The New York Times. June 24, 2011)*.

    Was it ever so in your face?
    "Jared Kushner's Rise to Unimaginable Power" (New York Magazine, January 8, 2017).
    "Was Donald Trump's son-in-law the evil genius all along?", (Vanity Fair, October 27, 2016).

    *"Kushner is the elder son of Seryl Kushner (née Stadtmauer) and real estate developer Charles Kushner, whose parents were Holocaust survivors who came to America from Poland in 1949.
    Kushner was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in New Jersey. He graduated from the Frisch School, a private, coed yeshiva high school in 1999.
    In 2003, Kushner graduated cum laude from Harvard College with a B.A. in sociology. According to journalist Daniel Golden, Kushner and his brother Joshua were admitted to Harvard after their father had made a $2.5 million donation to the university".
    Kushner married Ivanka Trump, daughter of businessman and U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, in a Jewish ceremony on October 25, 2009. Ivanka converted to Judaism under the auspices of a modern Orthodox rabbi before marrying Kushner. Kushner and Trump have three children" (Wikipedia) (the boys have been circumcised in due time, because 'the family is pretty observant'!).

    "When Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner married in 2009, Ivanka converted to Judaism. “Give Trump some credit,” says Shmuley Boteach, a New Jersey Jewish leader and Jerusalem Post columnist who calls himself “America’s Rabbi.” “I mean, he’s got a Jewish daughter. He has orthodox Jewish grandchildren. He could easily have said when Ivanka was marrying Jared and going through the rigorous Jewish conversion process, ‘You know, you have a famous last name. You’re a beautiful, famous woman. Do you need this?’ ”
    " early April, New York magazine reported that Kushner and Kurson had helped Trump prepare the speech he delivered to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in which he strongly defended the Jewish state and condemned Obama".

    Mazel tov!

    1. Hi WizOz.. some article's I've read about this pair, Ivanka and Jared, have me wondering which couple is really going to be in power?

      "Melania's surrogate?

      Headlines touting Ivanka Trump's power position began circulating last year and haven't abated. Melania, the wife of president-elect Donald Trump, is expected to remain at their home in New York City at least until their son Barron completes the school year.

      Ivanka, who is accustomed and comfortable in the spotlight, is expected to help ease her father's transition into the White House.

      Her husband, Jared Kushner, will also serve with the new president as a senior adviser on domestic and foreign policy"

    2. You don't have to wonder too much.
      "Jared Kushner's Rise to Unimaginable Power" (New York Magazine, January 8, 2017).
      Doesn't America deserve an 'echt Yiddisher' President?

  9. Palmrya again. No symbolism but lots of explosives.


    2. Abdulkarim said on Friday Isis had destroyed the tetrapylon, a collection of monumental pillars on a raised platform near the ancient city’s entrance, and part of the facade of the Roman theatre, where musicians from St Petersburg’s Mariinsky orchestra had performed at a victory concert.

      Like the Musicians heading to Aleppo?

      "Fragments of the Tu-154 plane of the Russian defence ministry were found ... army's official musical group internationally known as the Red Army Choir, who were headed to Syria to participate in New Year celebrations at the airbase

    3. thanks anonymous commenter- I've been out of the loop dealing with some family stuff so always appreciate being kept in the know!

  10. Interesting thoughts. There is a problem though. Pizzagate. If A.Peasant were still around, she'd say it wouldn't matter if it were true or not.

    The Alt-Right and many many alt lite have been busy reading, about many things. The degree of anger out here in the heartland reminds me of Ruyard Kipling's "The Saxon has begun to hate". This is a tiger unlike any the elites have tried to harness before, not the WWs, not the American Civil War, not the French Revolution can come close to the level of awareness and slowly simmering rage underneath the still relatively calm waters.

    This is the death knell of the psychopaths. It may take seven years, seventy, perhaps seven hundred, but we normies _WILL_ have a "Reconquista" of our world.

    1. Can you explain how pizza gate is tied in to the Trump Presidency as discussed above
      I'm aware of the allegations regarding Trump and Epstein, btw. Just not sure where you are coming from?
      And the anger is palpable, but, then that would be the same old/same old divide to conquer.

      I suggested the US was getting it's colour revolution- November 2016- And I still believe it to be the case.