Sunday, January 8, 2017

US Military Fueling Big Ambitions For PKK/YPG Terrorists

WaPo being pretty out in the open here with the arming, training and indoctrination of  and by PKK/YPG. Long term readers here won't be shocked by any of the information contained in the Washington Post article- Since I've long spoken of the middle east remake.

Washington Post
In a former high school classroom in this northeastern Syrian town, about 250 Arab recruits for the U.S.-backed war against the Islamic State were being prepped by Kurdish instructors to receive military training from American troops. 
Most of the recruits were from villages surrounding the Islamic State’s self-
proclaimed capital of Raqqa, and the expectation is that they will be deployed to the battle for the predominantly Arab city, which is now the main target of the U.S. military effort in Syria. 

But first, said the instructors, the recruits must learn and embrace the ideology of Abdullah Ocalan, a Kurdish leader jailed in Turkey whose group is branded a terrorist organization by both Washington and Ankara.

 Can the connection to the PKK be any clearer? Can it be any more obvious the US is supporting terrorists and terrorism. Before the ‘recruits’ can get their military training from the US they must be indoctrinated into the PKK cult of terrorism/drug/human trafficking. No one can tell me, with a straight face, the US is not aware of the connection between YPG and PKK! If you tried to, you would be a liar and a fool.

 Turkey, which regards the YPG as an affiliate of Ocalan’s Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, is enraged at the U.S. support for the Syrian Kurds, and this month called on President-elect Donald Trump to sever U.S. support for the militia when he takes office. As Russia, Syria and Turkey move closer toward a settlement to the overall Syrian conflict, the United States could also find itself at odds with Russia over its military role in Syria.
 Turkey regards them as affiliates of the PKK because that is exactly what they are and have always been!  Hence the indoctrination into the cult of Ocalan. The extreme violent tendencies. The forced recruitment of children. The ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Christians. Like their Khazar cohorts, the extremists Kurds, detest Arabs and Christians. This fact has been written about extensively here at the blog.  (Most Kurds just want to go about their lives, however, others have  corrupted/criminal ambitions and are willing to force or manipulate many into doing their bidding)

 U.S. officials and military advisers in Syria declined to discuss details of the training being provided to the Arabs in the force. But they said they were unaware that the Arab recruits were receiving lessons in Kurdish political theory before their U.S. military training. “What happens to them before they come to us, we don’t know,” said one of the U.S. military advisers in Syria, who spoke on the condition that he not be identified by name or rank.
Kurdish political theory aka cult indoctrination.
They were unaware the Arab recruits were receiving cult indoctrination before military training? Not credible! Not credible in the least. There in the same location for goodness sakes!

The gains have taken Kurdish fighters far beyond traditionally Kurdish areas into territory populated overwhelmingly by Arabs, threatening not only to stir up long-standing ethnic rivalries but also a wider conflict.

Of course the gains have taken the terrorists into territories overwhelmingly populated by Arabs. It was designed to do just that! 
 To assuage Turkish concerns and avert tensions between Arabs and Kurds, the U.S. military is channeling weapons and ammunition to an umbrella organization called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which includes Arab fighters as well as the Kurds
Manbij recruits

 An umbrella organization that includes Arab fighters. A veneer of Arabs. An umbrella is a thin piece of material stretched over a wide frame. The so called arab fighters are that thin bit of material stretched over a mass of YPG/PKK Kurdish thugs and terrorists.  There the sugary coating on the bitter pill.

 U.S. officials acknowledge, however, that the Kurds constitute more than three-quarters of the SDF coalition and are leading the fight on the front lines, making them the biggest beneficiary of U.S. military assistance.

How much more then three quarters (75%)?  24% more then (75%) three quarters? Which would make PKK/YPG 99 percent of the SDF. To put it another way PKK/YPG is most probably nearly 100 percent of the SDF!

And it is the Kurdish vision of a future Syria that is being extended to the Arab areas that are being conquered, despite frequent statements issued by the U.S. government opposing the Kurds’ plans to create any form of new region in Syria. 
“The military support has boosted the YPG’s confidence to move beyond Kurdish populated areas and grow their ambitions even beyond Syria,” said Maria Fantappie of the International Crisis Group. “It has huge political implications not only for Syria but also for neighboring ­countries.”

 Areas being conquered!  Get it, yet? Annexed. Stolen. Ethnically cleansed. All points that have been made here for years- The Washington Post is openly reporting on a fact the media has obfuscated for so long.

 But the Arabs who run Manbij are adherents of the YPG’s ideology, making them indistinguishable in Turkey’s eyes — and in the eyes of local residents — from the Kurdish force, according to Aaron Stein of the Washington-based Atlantic Council
The locals in Raqqa don't like these terrorists- surprise

Ocalan's Portrait at Tal Abyad
 On a rare visit by foreign journalists to northern Syria, Kurds were eager to explain Ocalan’s political theory, a mix of Marxism and the utopian dreams of a dead American leftist from Vermont named Murray Bookchin.
You can read the rest for yourself- Including Ocalan's vision coming from Murry Bookchin
a marxist jew from Vermont- Coincidence? I think not. Israel 2.0 having the politics of a Marxist jew- sounds so Bolshevik...
  Bookchin was born in New York City to Russian Jewish immigrants[8][9] Nathan Bookchin and Rose (Kaluskaya) Bookchin. He grew up in the Bronx, where his grandmother, Zeitel, a Socialist Revolutionary, imbued him with Russian populist ideas


  1. Didn't know that he was a Jew. His close friend Janet Biehl is very involved with the Rojava project and has visited Rojava. The Arab part of SDF withdrew some months ago over disputes so it is almost all Kurdish apart from some Westerners. Thanks for this information.

    1. Hi Ally:
      yes, I had a post here about the Arab portion of SDF leaving- it appears however the US recruited a few more useful idiots to give an arab veneer to their Kurdish terrorists

      I believe what is ongoing in Manbij with the Turks shows how strongly behind the Kurdish terror state the Americans are- It's hinted at in this article that the US will and is fighting it's Turkish 'allies'-

      Understand now why people couldn't grasp the idea that Turkey was being destabilized and has been for years- clever obfuscation on behalf of Israel 2.0
      masquerading as "kurdistan"

      The next terror state after Israel, and Kosovo

      Khazars, Khosovars and Kurds = KKK

    2. It is just so obvious if you do the research though. The fact that the PKK receives arms from the West should be the first thing to raise concerns but all the lefties keep believing this. History repeats itself, once as a tragedy then as a farce-Karl Marx, only good thing he said.

    3. That is a good statement ally- thanks for sharing it!

    4. Today, I saw an excerpt from an article on the twitter TL of a Sabah reporter. It said that Turkey had banned the US from flying over territories it holds, to protect its troops. This, for me, was the final proof that the US was behind the strike on Turkish troops in november.
      Its a very dangerous situation.
      A real hot war, or direct confrontation, is soon coming between TR & US in Syria. I only wonder how Russia will respond.

  2. It seems, anywhere you scratch a Jew pops out. SMH ......

    1. especially when it is of vital interest to Israel

      the support for the Kurdish thugs over at Ziad's was the beginning of the end of my participation there.

  3. complete with picture of handsome, idealistic, leader/ freedom fighter looking wistfully off into the future..
    lol you really can't make this crap up. :/

    Murray-- names don't get much more NYC/ Brooklyn that that name :)

    Barzani and Yilidrim (sp) going to fight kurds together news this am.
    The jews have huge population in Conn and Mass, I didn't know about Vermont. Read few months back they are moving into smaller towns upstate NY too.

    Great find Penny, thanks for your determination :)

    1. bhiel+bookchin .com

      When the libertarians on twitter started quoting Ayn Rand I wondered if they really knew about her, I see now 'libertarian = communism

    2. hey karin
      hope all is good with you?
      your welcome :)

    3. 'things' best as can be expected. thanks

      Have you seen this Nuland push going on in Cyprus ? Really heavy handing before 20th
      Agreement signing day is 12th
      It's relevant too - piece of the puzzle I think.

    4. will check it out- Cyprus is definitely related to all of this as is Greece

  4. Hi Penny, I check out your site occasionally, but clearly not enough to be fully informed of the background of your take on the PKK and the Rojava Kurds. I've looked at some of Ocalan's writings, and though he is heavily influenced not only by Bookchin (more I think an anarchist and decentralist than a Marxist) but by Judith Butler and other postmodern feminists, he seems to be rejecting not only the patriarchal tribal culture of the Kurds, but also virtually all the patriarchal political and economic structures of the modern world, on the grounds that they suppress women and the female virtues. His swing away from Marxism to this ecofeminist anarchism is summed up in his slogan to free the woman rather than freeing the worker (which would leave the patriarchal structures in place). So what I read in Ocalan's own writings and hear about Kurdish women feeling empowered in both Rojava and Turkey (including their political party in Turkey) is either some very clever propaganda to fool Western liberals with their heads full of identity politics, or the PKK Kurds and their movement is more complex than you suggest here. By the way, I agree fully with you that the PKK and the Rojava Kurds are pretty much aligned, and even that the Israelis are exploiting the Kurds to try to create a separate, easily controlled state in northern Syria. But Ocalan's views on the importance of women and women's virtues seem genuine. How to reconcile all these contradictions? --- Dave H.

    1. Dave, the contradictions tend to disappear when you can see all these political theories and movements as 'identity politics'. Even Marxism is identity politics - the working class against the bourgeoisie.

      It failed as a world wide movement so the "Frankfurt School" was inaugurated and it sponsored "Critical Theory" and all sorts of identity politics emerged from that; including feminism.

      The things that unite them all is the same actors behind all of them and for the same purpose - division within the family and the community.

      It is always a zero-sum game. One group is loudly advanced but it is always at the expense of another group. This breeds another round of resentment later on which means more division. Win-win for the (((tribe)))

      But it is not limited to a certain group. All psychopaths with a tripe digit IQ that I have known do exactly the same thing; divide and conquer and/or destroy.

      Psychopaths do not believe in anything but themselves and having power over others. Therefore they do not believe the ideologies and all the 'isms' they peddle. That's for the rubes and the goys.

    2. Dave H:
      " he seems to be rejecting not only the patriarchal tribal culture of the Kurds"

      He seems to be? Or is the reader supposed to believe that is the case? Considering Ocalan's ability to manipulate his followers into this bizarre adoration of himself/his rantings etc., to the point they will commit violence, set themselves on fire and worse for him- If Ocalan was Charlie Manson, which he is... would we be talking about him with reverence? Only if we were his crazed followers I guess?

      "'free the woman rather than freeing the worker"

      So free the woman to be a worker? Or a fighter?
      Free the woman to be a man? What does that mean?
      "free the woman"- sounds good, should appeal to me being a woman and yet... I feel the blade of that double edged knife at my back..

      " the PKK Kurds and their movement is more complex than you suggest here"

      It isn't complex- it's a straight up proxy force with some personal gain and wealth for the top criminals -the PKK is beholden to those that allow it's free reign in human trafficking, drug trafficking, blood and organ trafficking- they want to keep their lucrative trade going and so does NATO.

      "But Ocalan's views on the importance of women and women's virtues seem genuine"

      You may thinks so- but most often things aren't what they seem. I think Ocalan enjoyed the 'virtues of women' as any cult leader would have.

      Including Charles Mansion and that other crazy fellow- Jim Jones: Sex with the ones he wanted to have sex with because he held such sway over them- that sounds like exploitation not virtue

      "is either some very clever propaganda to fool Western liberals with their heads full of identity politics"

      Now you got it! Very clever propaganda to fool the identity politics crowd- You see if one is going to remake an entire area of the globe.. it has to have a really good sales pitch

      Think about it- all these people (arabs and christians mostly) are being killed, murdered, ethnically cleansed en masse- environmental destruction, family destruction etc., etc., but the reason for it has to be good and virtuous- in order to have the dupes on board- what better way then to 'right historical wrongs' and present some idea of the kurds as this really nice bunch of people who have really great ideals- they're so swell they really need their own nation

      We've seen this before.. We know this story. So that helps a lot with catapulting the propaganda
      It's the story of the necessity to create Israel

      Where a bunch of other really swell people had to have historical wrongs righted to make human kind whole

    3. Thanks james- that's a brilliant answer

      "- division within the family and the community"

      Family first, always- those are your people- then you move outwards- my goodness people have forgotten the very basics of human survival in a very short time-

      I despise identity politics-

    4. Great answer Penny, couldn't have said it any better myself. Another cult like Manson and Jones.

    5. Hi Ally! Not sure if james and davy h are aware of this bit of history... most people are unaware that Jim Jones was very egalitarian, allegedly-

      I had heard a number of talks on the subject- Jim Jones was a "black man in a white man's body" or so he claimed.

      He too preached equality for women & blacks, much like Ocalan- equality for women and kurds who we're supposed to believe have been historically disadvantaged- same/same

      All cult leaders have a great sales pitch that draws followers in.

      "The Peoples Temple agricultural project in Jonestown, Guyana, was a racially black community in a number of key respects. A large group of African Americans who migrated from the southern U.S. to California made up a sizeable contingent of those living in Guyana. African Americans had long supported the Temple with contributions, tithes and wages while living in California, but in Jonestown it was clear that the Social Security checks of black senior citizens made up the primary source of income for almost a year. Finally, the majority of Jonestown’s residents were black, and African Americans held key leadership positions in the jungle outpost"

      Nevertheless, the number of African Americans comprising the group tops two-thirds, at 68% (Figure 1). Black membership thus dominates Temple life in Guyana by a substantial majority

      "Almost twice as many females as males lived in Jonestown, which becomes significant when we look at leadership patterns in the community (below). Black females made up the largest group of residents of Jonestown (45%), with white females comprising 13%. Black males made up over one-fifth (23%), with white males making up a tenth, and the remainder falling in the Mixed or Other categories (Figure 2). Clearly women played an important role in the community, both numerically and organizationally"

      Jones portrayed the Temple overall as a "rainbow family".

      Jones like Ocalan was very politically connected..

      For example, Jones and Moscone met privately with vice presidential candidate Walter Mondal
      First Lady Rosalynn Carter also personally met with Jones on multiple occasions; corresponded with him about Cuba; and spoke with him at the grand opening of the San Francisco Democratic Party Headquarters, where Jones garnered louder applause than Mrs. Carter.

      In September 1977, California assemblyman Willie Brown served as master of ceremonies at a large testimonial dinner for Jones attended by Governor Jerry Brown and Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally.

      The Ocalan cult has that same kind of vibe..
      creepy, soul sucking, family destroying vibe.

      "They came to Jonestown, Guyana from communities all across the U.S., drawn by the utopic promise of life in a communal settlement, envisioned by a charismatic white messiah, as a socialist refuge from American racial apartheid"

    6. Hi Pen, Ally,
      The CIA outsourced part of its ongoing MKUltra program to Jones to escape increasing scrutiny. The Peoples Temple was a mind control op and it moved to Guyana, in turn, to evade increasing scrutiny (from my memory of long ago research!).

      There is the usual Bolshie/Orwellian terminology and ideology - equality, community, humanity etc. Independent thinking is verboten and an offense against the community as a whole. Rigid dogma, in other words.

      It was all a live experiment and I can well imagine that Ocalan's operation, one step further away from real scrutiny, is the further iteration of this mind control program. The CIA are heavily involved so why wouldn't it be?

    7. Öcalan was a known rapist. He raped many women in his camps.
      The entire thing is a psyop. To promote the Kurds as western, civilised, perfect US allies, compared to the "savage Arab" & now the evil authoriatrian islamist Turks.

    8. Hi Rescue:
      Why doesn't that surprise me that Ocalan was a known rapist?

      and yes the wapo article was interesting and somewhat factual- which was surprising

  5. Days after Russia MOD says us will be held to account for destoying Syrian infrastructre as Kurds take another town next door to a Dam (Euphrates)

    Interfax: U.S. to have to answer sooner or later for destroying Syria's economic infrastructure - Russian Defense Ministry

    Damascus water shortage

    The next great flood....

    1. Lovely the part about protecting animals. Kyrgyzstan paying attention after that China embassy bombing


      Another Russian Foreign Ministry dead: Greece

    3. The soldiers also attacked the water station near Kubar and fought IS militants, killing 25 militants and rounding up others, the Observatory said, adding that bodies of slain IS militants were taken by the airdropped soldiers.


    4. thanks for keeping me updated, I had super busy day and couldn't get around to doing my usual hunting down and informing myself- tomorrow but will read all the links - thanks again

    5. US B52 strikes in Idlib days after assad reconciliation chief said Syrian forces going to clean out the new hornets nest..

      Days ago
      Syria ready for open battle in Idlib. Unless there was an international deal that addressed the situation, “then the other option is to go to an open battle with them.” Ali Haidar, who as national reconciliation minister

  6. What is interesting is that this article, which actually shows the Kurds in a somewhat negative light, is published now.