Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cooperation with Russia and Damascus Is Turkey’s Only Chance

I’ve been saying cooperation is a must for a very long time now..
In a recent article for the Turkish newspaper Aydinlik, Ismail Hakki Pekin, former chief of the Turkish General Staff Intelligence Department, warned that Turkey is moving step by step to war.

In an interview with Sputnik Turkiey, Pekin commented on his assumption, saying that Ankara has found itself in a difficult situation, particularly due to foreign pressure.

"The United States and Egypt are trying to force Turkey to make certain concessions, including establishing a Kurdish autonomous region in northern Syria and talks with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) inside Turkey," Pekin said.
 Recall Egypt’s bizzare behaviour when the coup attempt in Turkey failed ? I do.

According to him, if such a Kurdish entity is established Ankara would be "encircled from the south" and will have to fight a "war on two fronts," against Daesh in Syria and against PKK inside the country.

Pekin underscored that in order to achieve its goal, Washington is providing military and logistical support to the PKK, including supplying heavy weapons, anti-tanks missiles and armored combat vehicles.

"For Ankara, the only chance to derail this plan is to establish dialogue with Damascus and boost cooperation with Russia, Iran and Iraq," he said.

Pekin underscored that Turkey should take as soon as possible certain measures to repel the threat.
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  1. Me just playing catch up with the news I did actually book mark the past few days--- A diverse bunch of reading to be sure :)

  2. Note how he says the presidential system is bad for Turkey. This is what I've been trying to tell you.
    What Erdogan is doing is weakening the country from inside, so TR can't resist the US plans outside of Turkey.
    The new system will allow the president to give autonomy to any region without the consent of the Turkish ppl. Remember what I told you about Erdogan & AKP being in favour of Kurdish autonomy? It also makes parliament obselete.
    Despite everything Erdogan remains what he's been from the start: a US supported agent for the destruction of the Turkish republic.

  3. Hi Rescue: I noticed he said that,but, his reasoning was because it would cause more division among the populace..

    "I think that Turkey should preserve its parliamentarian system, and the referendum risks splitting the Turkish people. In the current situation, any results of the vote could lead to a social disaster,"

    And yes I recall what you had said. I also know that AKP had offered something to the kurds, but, the PKK called off the ceasefire immediately and started attacking (not sure that it was autonomy, though?)- I surmised from that what ever the offer was, it wasn't enough..

    Parliament obsolete? Hadn't read that anywhere.
    I know this is a military man speaking and the constitution was created when Turkey was under military rule after the last coup- So he may be biased in his statement-

    "Despite everything Erdogan remains what he's been from the start: a US supported agent for the destruction of the Turkish republic. "

    You could be correct and I could be mistaken...
    But as of now I'm just not seeing it. I'm seeing a nation and it's leadership betrayed.

    1. Erdogan has indeed been betrayed, but I'm not sure Turkey as a nation state has, the US IMO still want to use TR as a base. If they didn't care about Turkey, they wouldn't have launced a coup to overthrow Erdogan.
      I think the US identified Erdogan as stupid & naive from the beginning. Remember, he was just a municipality ledear. He's an uncouth person, has no education, doesn't speak english etc.
      They then promoted & cuddled him, surrounded him with truly evil ppl like Davutoglu. He believed everything Obama was telling him, he was easy to decieve, and use for their ME project.

    2. About which Erdogan are you talking, because the President Erdogan has a diploma under the Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences from Marmara University.

    3. That is fake. Erdogan has no university education.

    4. Marmara found no records of his education Kaz.

    5. So I guess this is also fake?
      I know that before the presidential election the opposition brought it up, slamming him for not being electable because of not holding an university degree, but thought this was cleared up. Erdogans defense is that he never studied at Marmara, but at a different School which underwent a merger and he was during that time, which resulted in him having a Marmara Diploma. Well if this is all fake, well they sure have put a lot of effort of covering that up.

    6. Hi all:
      I know nothing of Erdogan's history, personally
      I found this bio link though
      Accurate or not I haven't a clue- but there it is:

  4. Erdogan & AKP was created, & brought to power, to muzzle the Turkish military, as they were nationalistic, increasingly against NATO & the Kurdish project.
    Turkey was first leg of the new ME project.
    Gül was Prime Minister in 2003, when the parliament, and the military, went against the Iraq war. Gül didn't dare to go against the generals, the US was furious, & Erdogan was brought to power instead. Soon after started the Balyoz and Ergenekon trials, launched by Gülenists and AKP, which were directed against nationalist officers, who were replased by pro-NATO types and Gülenists.

    Has Erdogan changed since being stabbed in the back? Undoubtably. Yet, when I see what he's doing, he seems determined to cause social tensions in Turkey, as a means to stay in power. This weakens Turkey internally. Kurds can only land grab through Caos, and its not hard to see YPG invade if Erdogan manages to cause enough turmoil.

    1. Thanks Rescue- I'm keeping an open mind- I do believe the US wants some form of Turkey to remain and join the EU... a very weakened much smaller form of the nation- It's as if the globalists want all empires to be shells of themselves- including the US..

    2. The US is indeed being destabilised, and Trump is part of that process. The globalists clearly want China to be their new base.