Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hillary the Hater "The Future is Female"?

Last night I had the misfortune of seeing this clip on Tell- A- Vision. I was appalled. Horrified and Disgusted. This is meme promotion of the most destructive kind. It excludes an entire segment of the population.  I understood immediately what was occurring with this bought and paid for perception management minute- brought to you by yet another special interest group/organization that plays identity politics for a living. As has been repeatedly explained here identity politics is just more divide and conquer- Divide to Conquer.  Divide. Divide. Divide.

Immediately after the election of Trump- a man that, it is claimed, epitomizes the concept as promoted by the haters, like Hillary and her ilk, of "white privilege" it became obvious to me that the US was getting it's colour revolution..

November 10/2017 :Is the US getting it's "colour revolution"? - Identity Politics aka Divide to Conquer

And it's quite clear the colour of that revolution is pink, which is the ultimate irony- It seems to me the women who participate in these types of  protests hate their womanhood. Yet choosing a colour, pink, to identify them as exactly that which they hate-

January 22/2017:  Madonna and the Pussy Hats.. Updated!

If you want to be men, start wearing blue!
This division will fracture our society. Participate in it and you are participating in your own destruction.  This is why I despise identity politics.

I'm a woman, proudly. And I think being a woman, same as a man being a man, is beautiful. Different, but, beautiful and utterly necessary to the health, well being and survival of the human race. To claim otherwise is to be filled with hate and disdain for Life. All Life.
Everything contains Yin and Yang. They are two opposite yet complementary energies. What does this really mean? Although they are totally different—opposite—in their individual qualities and nature, they are interdependent. Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate.


  1. I don't know if this hrc will push a divide, because from my perspective, all that is really happening is, it's making the rest of us unite. Even with our various ideals! It seems more people are seeing the hrc worshipers for exactly what they are; wally lamb reading, global know it alls.

    One a slightly different note, I really will go to my grave believing that THE hrc, Chelsea's mom is dead. Gone. This one in the video above looks like the chuck and jive hrc of the afternoon of 9/11/16.

    nevertheless, great post!

  2. You need conflicts of any kind, so they can perform a sleight of hand.

    1. worth repeating!

      You need conflicts of any kind, so they can perform a sleight of hand.