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Quebec Shooting: Questions About the Meetings between Debrois & Bissonnette?

 This incident has a bunch of red flags- Some have been mentioned previously and some have been brought to my attention from others. I've listed them. Share some thoughts..

Quebec Mosque Shooting Breaking News- Listen to what eye witnesses are telling local media
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Here an interesting article in a Canadian francophone paper
interesting points in that article
- Bissonette is a fan of Le Pen
- he is also a fan of Trump (he he, didn't see that coming :-) )
and here the really important fact in that article:
Bissonnette met Eric Debroise for several months now. Who is this guy? I didn't know, being not that deeply connected with Quebec. So I googled. The guy is a journalist writing for HuffPost. His second name is Yaakov and writes a lot about "islamophobia" and appears to be a nice zionist agent (I couldn't check the websites of "la voix sépharade" because they are blocked by the proxy at work, which means they are classified as extreme right).
Funny how every time something like that happens, the were sayanims around the patsy.
 Indeed, who is Eric Debroise? How did he come to know Mr Bissonnette? What was their business together? For how long have they been in contact? Debroise seems interesting as does the "company"/NGO he co-founded. We'll get to that.

You want red flags?  (problems or troubles with the narrative)

We've got a whole lot of them!

1- The eye witness reports- Not one eye witness said there was just one gunman- Not one eyewitness reported only one gunman being present! As reported in the video above and in the previous post as this news broke:  Mass Shooting In Quebec City- PM Trudeau calls this “Terror attack Against Muslims” The eye witness accounts were two or three MASKED gunmen- That quite clearly informs us that NOT ONE person in attendance can identify Alexandre Bissonnette as the 'Lone Wolf '
2- Timing and perception management in the second post- Quebec Shooting: "White Privilege" Identity Politics & Dylann Roof Replay Mind viruses such as "white privilege" Identity Politics-  Right vs Left- Trump Hate- Marine LePen- Divide to Conquer. That's is exactly what is going on!!!
3-Eric Y Debrois :  He's a "journalist" (think Mockingbird? Think "Finks") A 'journalist'  whose work is published via Huffington Post Quebec- His work is in french, but, even an english reader such as myself can see he writes much about "Islamophobia". He writes about "racism" while undoubtedly promoting it..  He appears, like so much of the media to be a culture creator/promoter/MANIPULATOR.....
4- Eric Y Debrois met with Alexandre Bissonnette several times over several months. And exchanged private facebook messages  By his own account, he admits to meeting him, but, he obfuscates the time span and number of meetings--- From the LaPress article left by Gallier
 French: "Éric Debroise avait rencontré Alexandre Bissonnette à quelques reprises dans les derniers mois, par l'intermédiaire du meilleur ami du présumé tireur de la mosquée. Bissonnette lui envoyait à l'occasion des commentaires politiques en message privé sur Facebook.

C'est que Bissonnette avait une admiration assumée pour le nouveau président américain, explique Éric Debroise, qui oeuvre lui-même dans le domaine politique et milite pour la laïcité québécoise

u lendemain de l'attentat, lundi, Debroise disait se rendre compte qu'il avait eu affaire sans le savoir à un «suprémaciste blanc, un pur raciste». Il n'aurait cependant jamais dressé ce constat avant la tragédie de dimanche. «Il était petit et mince, très introverti avec le regard fuyant. Il ne paraissait pas fort. Je n'ai jamais pensé qu'il était à risque de..."
English via Google Translate: "Éric Debroise had met Alexandre Bissonnette a few times in the last few months, through the best friend of the presumed shooter of the mosque. Bissonnette occasionally sent him political comments in a private message on Facebook.
It is because Bissonnette had an admiration assumed for the new American president, explains Éric Debroise, who himself works in the political field and militates (advocates)  for secularism (cultural degradation?) in Quebec

In the aftermath of the attack on Monday, Debroise said he realized that he had been dealing without knowing it with a "white supremacist, a pure racist." However, he would never have made that statement before Sunday's tragedy. "He was small and slim, very introverted with a fleeting glance. He did not look very strong. I never thought he was at risk of becoming radicalized"
  Eric Debrois met Alexandre Bissonnette a few times in the last few months-
a) How many times over how many months?  I would like to know the exact numbers? Surely the journalist kept records?

Bissonnette sent Debrois "political comments in a private message on Facebook"

a) If Bissonnette sent private messages via facebook, they were clearly "friends" on facebook?
b) Were the private messages sent in response to private messages from Debrois? It seems sensible if Bissonnette sent comments privately via facebook he garnered responses.
c)  How many political comments via private message over how long of a time span? 
d) What were the nature of the comments? "Political"is very vague
Mr Debrois offers up no details of the visits or the emails
Those questions aside, just the fact that he admits to meeting Bissonnette, more then a few times, over a span of a few months, is very interesting. 
Image from E Debrois Twitter

5: Who is Eric Debrois and AventisConseil: From his twitter account
Vice-Pdt de Vigilance Laïque - Can. Cofondateur Aventis Conseil.
Québec, Canada 

I took some time to read the website of AventisConseil : I find the site, vague. Aventiscounseil has existed for less then a year. I'm unclear on the actual purpose of this organization? What is it's reason to exist? If they're supposed to "manage diversity", what ever that actually means, does the fact that one of this groups co-founders was in regular contact, over a multi month period of time, with an accused mass shooter leave one diversity was being managed? To what end?
From the site:
Home Page: Un laboratoire d’expertise-conseil spécialisé dans la gestion de la diversité
Translation: A specialized consulting laboratory In the management of diversity
 Founded in 2016 in Québec City

A consulting laboratory specializing in managing diversity....
 Mission: Promouvoir une approche réaliste et pragmatique de la diversité permettant aux organisations de relever les défis du
 Translation: Promote a realistic and pragmatic approach to diversity that enables organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
I see there is a post from March 23/2016:
  "Increasingly important support for jihad among the forces of order - according to a report by the Gatestone Institute.The report says that a confidential note that fled from the Ministry of Public Security, published by Le Parisien, details 17 cases of police officers radicalized between 2012 and 2015, noting that police officers listen to and broadcast Muslim songs during their patrols.According to the antiterrorist unit of the French Ministry of the Interior, in January 2016 France already had 8,250 radical Islamists (a 50% increase in one year). Some went to Syria to join ISIS while others infiltrated all levels of society, including the police and the armed forces.Some of these police officers openly refused to protect the synagogues or observe a minute's silence to commemorate Jewish victims of terrorist attacks"
 What exactly does this have to do with "promoting a realistic and pragmatic approach to diversity" in Quebec, Canada? Gatestone?

I haven't a clue what AventisConseil really is? It's some type of NoGoodOrganization/ private consulting firm? It doesn't appear they have any contracts or employment references or history of any sort.

  The real question is what was the relationship between these two individuals? 

Mr Debrois, the cofounder of a less then year old diversity promoting NGO/consulting  firm and Alexandre Bissonnette the accused shooter in the Quebec incident?  Has Debrois been questioned by law enforcement? Why didn't Le Soleil ask more indepth questions about the nature of their relationship? I find all this very curious.


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      Oct16 Missiles fired and Oman


    Mission: Promote a realistic and pragmatic approach to diversity that enables organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

    Who They Are: Founded in 2016 in Québec City, Aventis is a consulting laboratory specializing in the management of cultural and religious diversity.

    Aventis offers strategic advice to organizations wishing to familiarize themselves with today's religious practices and respond appropriately to the various situations related to the meeting of cultures.

    1. I've included some of that information in the above post----sounds like a front group for something else- in my opinion

      - What is a consulting lab?

      What services are offered to manage cultural and religious diversity

      Strategic advice to what types of organizations?

      I've seem many of these sites with vague descriptions of claimed lofty goals-
      They generally leave me with more questions then answers?
      What do you think?

    2. A consulting lab is like an NGO or think tank, providing for the weaponization of sociological thought and change. As later comments show, it looks like deep pocket covert Jewish or ZIonist funding that isn pushing the diversity/NWO agenda and setting the stage for later infiltration for chaos insertion, false flags, anarchy etc. See the book by the Canadian fellow Melanson called "Perfectibilists", 600 pages of well-researched and annoyed deep history involving a Rothschild-funded Marx-influenced movement that is almost 250 years old. The plan is detailed therein; you'll recognize it as it shows up today.

  3. Where does get its funding?

    Find that out and the mystery will be solved.

    1. I tried to find something on the site, but, couldn't-

  4. Interesting to note that Jerome Blanchet Gravel- who is a member of aventiscounseil also writes for Huffington Post Quebec

    Same as Debroise...
    Two members of aventiscounseil managing perception via the media

    wonder if I checked the other members what would I find?


    1. Hassan Jamali from aventiscounseil has also written for Huffington Post Quebec

      Is it safe to say that aventiscounseil has a monopoly on perception managment at huffington post quebec...??

    2. and Sonia Sarah Lipsyc of aventiscouseil..
      also of CJA

      "Born in Morocco and raised in France, Sonia Sarah Lipsyc lived in Israel on several occasions before settling permanently in Montreal. As well as being an expert in Judaism, she is also a doctor of sociology and a teacher, journalist, writer and playwright.

      Sonia was trained for leadership roles in the Jewish world by participating in the Yeroushalayim Friendship Program in Jerusalem at the Mandel Institute. She completed her Jewish studies in France and Israel, working particularly with Rabbi Leon Ashkenazi"

    3. I found some interesting stuff on Léon Askenazi (French spelling). The CRIF is big on citing and honoring that "philosopher", which should make one suspicious. I found then a blog ( who cites some interesting quote of the late Rabbi. I will not translate it here (sorry not much time) but it's pure weaponized Zionism. He pushes to fight against Jews who are opposed to Israel, saying that being against the project is the same thing as the Christian heresy i.e. longing for a virtual Jerusalem in the sky instead of the real land based deal. So to them, Neturei Karta is Christian sect (my interpretation).

      So, to make it short, real zealots.

  5. Where does the Huffington Post get its funding from? Lemmmeeeeguess ;)

  6. hey GC... Huffington Post is part and parcel of the manipulating obfuscating perception managing media

    1. Huffington Post in France at least is a pure Zionist nest. The director is Anne Sinclair (Anne Élise Schwartz), the ex-wife of DSK (to situate the woman let me quote her: "I could never marry a goy"). So you can imagine the editorial line of that publication. I suppose the Quebec version is in the same vein.