Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Step Away from the Screen- Educate Yourself/ Think for Yourself

Borrowed this image from the Occurences blog - thanks Editor

If you're looking for any great reading material... I can suggest two books from  Stephen Buhner. I've read and loved them both. Particularly the Secret Teachings of Plants- Telling my husband it was one of the best books I've ever read- Which is saying quite a lot!- It was an unexpected delight

The Lost Language of Plants

Secret Teachings Of Plants
The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature

"Beautifully written The Secret Teachings of Plants is a work of art - as much a poetical journey into the essence of plants as it is a guidebook on how to use plant medicine in our healing practices. Stephen Buhner is among the plant geniuses of our time. Like Thoreau and Goethe and Luther Burbank, the master gardeners and "green men" he so liberally quotes throughout, Buhner will be long remembered for his deep and introspective connection with the green world and for his ability to connect us to the heart of the plants through his teachings."
Rosemary Gladstar

And finally! 

I'm 100 plus pages into the book and am enjoying it, thoroughly! Absolutely not a 'rag' or gossip book-  Esoteric, occult analysis of specific movies and their creators- 
Have a glance here
I'm through Part 1: Hollywood Babylon and Kubrick.
And, have just gotten into Part 2: Spielberg's Android Space Brothers

 When I'm done Jay's book- I'll be back to yet another Stephen Buhner book
I do gather and dry herbs. Some are grown in my yard and others are foraged.
I'm a big fan of lemon balm, yarrow, bee balm, catnip ( yes, it's good for you too), peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, thyme.  In my garden is Oregano, from a family member (harvested according to the moon phase & dried as my Zia did), parsley, basil and much more.

 Taking a break from politics :)


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      Don't thank me. Thank Noor and her Snippets Saturday cavalcade of cartoons. She deserve the honors. I'm happy to forward, though...

    2. Thanks to you both!
      Thanks Noor! Snippets and Editors other blog (sullen bell) are both linked in the sidebar- I should put occurences there also? but then I'm not so good at updating the sidebar :)

  2. https://sputniknews.com/russia/201702211050900167-most-powerful-nuclear-icebreaker/

    You don't build icebreakers in the age of warming?

    "Our forecast is that in the early 2020 the temperature in the Arctic will go lower and will continue getting lower to the 2030-2040s.," he said. "Thus, ice in the Arctic seas will be bigger and the heavy ice conditions will get more often."


    1. You don't build icebreakers in the age of warming?

      I would think there would be no need for such icebreakers at all..

    2. Iraq proposing Kirkuk pipe via Iran for export. US pushing more deployments. Votel for artillery in Syria and more ground troop embeds in Iraq.

      Saudi ground troops to Syria?
      Iran accuses Saudi-Israel of destabilization - MEK?

      The rush is on to grab land in the north and the south. IOsrael openly striking assad troops after the airport strike 13Jan17

    3. I saw the news first thing this am about Israel's attack on Syria and I was disgusted, unsurprised, but disgusted!

  3. Hi,
    Gilad Atzmon video at E&R about identity politics. Enjoy.

    1. watching and listening now Gallier2- merci!

  4. The break sounds good. I just got done spraying the fruit trees, rose bushes, and garlic with copper. This has been the wettest winter here in my part Calli in a long time. There's flooding all a round me but we here are high a dry:-) Weeds are everywhere and hopefully they'll dry out this afternoon so I can spray them also using organic spray.

    1. Hey jo, yes, I've seen the news out of California..
      Still to cool here to get to yard work, but, soon enough- Glad you are high and dry :)