Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thank-You James Corbett: What I Learned From the CIA Archive

 This morning Gimlet Eye had left me a message:
Off topic, but you'll want to see this report from Corbett, skip to 6:00 and watch for ~1min if you're short of time-
Obviously I went to watch the video and to my surprise 6:00 minutes in, what appears?
Why it's my blog!!

Hi Gimlet Eye!

Well that was a surprise.! And sort of funny to see..

Thanks for letting me know that post was included in the video-

For readers James Corbett included the post below in a recent video.

I went back to look at, just like james, I said read the documents for yourself and share some thoughts...

The Corbett Video :What I Learned From The Declassified CIA Archive

The link to my post is embedded/highlighted in this paragraph from the accompanying article

"The third category is more insidious. It’s the route Ynetnews takes in its report on what CREST’s Kissinger archives reveal about the lead-up to the Yom Kippur War. To hear Ynetnews tell it, you’d think that the documents (which they only provide screen shots of, no links to) confirm the official take that this was an unprovoked surprise attack by the Arab aggressors against the innocent Israelis. Other outlets, however, come to the complete opposite conclusion from the same documents: “that Israel desired and planned for the war—despite the US asking them, more then [sic] once, not to pre emptively strike other nations.”

One thing I learned from the CIA info release is.... read the documents for yourself. Always.  When I read the documents included in the post it was not possible for me to draw the same conclusions that Ynet had presented- 

And finally- Thank You James Corbett.  

It's was nice that James noticed the documents did not confirm the claim made by Ynet. 
The Corbett Report is linked in the sidebar.


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    1. I was pleased :)

      and editor regarding perfectibilists- I found some rir interviews with the author and have gotten one hour down- the book looks pretty darn pricey..

  2. A day after the turkish troop kills and escalating US diplomacy offensive (alongside Raqqa or in defense of it?)

    Interfax: Ankara doesn't recognize Crimea's accession to Russia - Turkish Foreign Minister

    1. Case of Turkish Air Force?

      IFX: Russian Aerospace Forces acted on coordinates provided by Turkish partners - Peskov on airstrike on Turkish servicemen in Syria

    2. Not sure what's going on between Turkey and Russia present day

      It appeared they smoothed over the incident with the soldiers... but

  3. An interesting claim:

    Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Thursday, Kawa Azizi, a board member of Syria’s Kurdish National Council, said the PKK/PYD "kidnaps, imprisons, tortures, and kills people in the region" in the Syrian Kurdish region known as Rojava.

    More than 1,200 people, including security force personnel and civilians, have lost their lives since the PKK resumed its decades-old armed campaign in Turkey in July 2015.

    About ties between Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad and terror group Daesh, Azizi said during the country’s six-year civil war," Assad never fired a single bullet at Daesh terrorists.

    The article "Have the Syrian Kurds Committed War Crimes?" -- based on a six-month investigation and interviews with nearly 80 individuals by writer Roy Gutman -- undermines the YPG’s claims to be leading "a democratic, open society" in the region.

    1.  McClatchy Middle East bureau chief.

      McClatchy was behind the story about the expanding US base in Kurdistan 2014

    2. At the end of 2013, in the midst of fighting, a column of more than 100 vehicles carrying armed Islamic State fighters arrived unexpectedly from eastern Syria and defeated two rebel brigades, Brigade 114 and the Falcon brigade, according to Naser and other sources. ISIS later withdrew to an area 20 miles south of Tel Hamis and turned the area over to the YPG without a fight in February 2015, he said.  “People had thought that ISIS had come to help the FSA, but instead they moved around the whole province, kicking the FSA out of all its positions,” said Samir al-Ahmad, a Turkey-based Arab journalist from Hasakah, who has closely watched the events. By March 2014, the Free Syrian Army had lost all its footholds in Hasakah.

      Have a Field day

    3. well I already knew the PKK/YPG had committed a ton of war crimes- so I will have a field day for sure-

  4. Yay, I peddle your goods on the social media sweetie xx

    Buffy the undercovercat