Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Obvious Safe Zone for Displaced Syrians is Israeli Claimed Golan

That's right readers! It's the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about!
It would be the most efficient, cost effective and best for the Syrian people.It is already a safe zone- UN peacekeepers are  in the area and more can be deployed! Therefore displaced Syrians can be moved within Syria's territory, back to Golan and quite easily be resettled. The land is rich. Fertile soil. Water and natural resources are abundant. No burden for the EU. Canada. The US.

The international community does NOT recognize Israel's claim on Syria's territorial land.  Therefore the land claimed by Israel is Syrian territory! For the Syrian people!

Israel has no legal/lawful claim to the land.
It is Syrian territory. 
Refugee problem solved.
It's as easy as that Donald Trump! 

Netanyahu asks Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights
 WASHINGTON - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked US President Donald Trump on Wednesday to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, territory Israel seized from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war.

Most of the world considers the Golan, a high plateau between northeastern Israel and southwestern Syria, to be occupied by Israel, which annexed the territory in 1981 in a move not recognized internationally.
Don't do it Mr Trump-
UN rejects Israel's claim over Syria's Golan Heights

The UN Security Council has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that the annexed Golan Heights in Syria would "for ever" remain under Israeli control.
The 15-member council agreed on Tuesday that the status of the Golan, which Israel seized from Syria in 1967, "remains unchanged", Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi, who holds this month's council presidency said.

Liu recalled a 1981 resolution which states that Israel's "decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights was nul and void and without any international legal effect."


  1. "...The UN Security Council has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that the annexed Golan Heights in Syria would "for ever" remain under Israeli control."

    Has anyone ever compared the use of the word "annexed" in the Israeli/Golan Heights situation vs the so-called (by the West) "annexation" of Crimea by Russia?

    If they ever did they would end up with the equation:

    "annexation" + "annexation" = hypocrisy

    1. Hey GC: Golan vs Crimea

      Syrians didn't get a say
      Crimean Russians did

      Syrians displaced
      Crimean Russians in place

    2. Syrians displaced - OK annexation - according to "the West"
      Crimean Russians in place - NOT OK annexation - according to "the West"

    3. that's the level of hypocrisy demonstrated regularly, yup!

  2. Hi Penny,

    I put you post on twitter w/ intro of Brilliant Solution!
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    1. thanks karin

      Isn't it the most obvious solution? Israel can get it's 'settlers' out of there- Syrians can stay at home and Golan is rich so there will be work- Syria can rebuild on the resources - and save it's history and culture and the rest of the world will be spared the expenses and shock to their societies


  3. its back......
    The plan to relocate the Palestinian state from the West Bank to the Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, proposed by the Israeli Minister Ayoob Kara, was dismissed as "foolish" by Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), on Wednesday.

    1. Does this seem like a good deal for the Saudis? To be a fly on the wall of the Pompeo's visit to Nayef. Wonder if the US intel leaks about his imminent death discussed?
      Kurds get a state (greater Kurdistan, Rojava)
      Palestinians get a deal and no state
      Israeli gets a Sunni coalition against Iran and possible move on Hezbollah (Lebanon infrastructure)
      Israeli gets on offshore Gaza port?
      Russians get cut in on the offshore
      Turkey takes a base in Qatar,
      UK base in Bahrain
      Saudi gets ISIS attacks and reappearance of Shamoon (with the Kurdi touch)
      Campaign against Pakistan leadership and nukes (SCO, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Taliban weapons supply allegations)

      Iran cant be pleased about the Russian backing of the Kurds (after the Al-Kurdi kill back in Nov on the border (no relation to the latest image of Kurdi in Shamoon Saudi Arabia), including the pyd (draft constitution). If the Kurds are a balancing tactic, Moscow faces a critical policy choice, just like the Turks in Al Bab where the Kurds/US fighters are promising to grind Turkish troops down in any attempt to move further. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin just canceled a trip to Iran. Rouhani is in trouble at home and on the economy in front of elections which makes it somewhat ironic that he is pursuing a path carved by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad circa 2012. More interesting yet is the latest US push to corral Saudi and the GCC into a NATO shield (backed by Israeli intelligence) - which was rejected by the Saudis under Abdullah in favor of the standing 100,000 GCC force. And the Trump plan, like the Kushner plan being Ya'alon's plan, is the same Israeli plan that Turki rejected at the Munich conference 2016 and the same plan the Israeli Defmin was pushing with Petraeus during his recent visit 22Jan17. It all would explain the slow boil in Gaza (Golan shelling replay) from tank shelling, to airstrikes in Sinai to the elevation of Hamas radicals amidst rumors of Egypt/Sinai cooperation and once again the leaks about moving the Palestinians into Sinai. And that makes the latest retread rumor of the Egypt Coptic billionaire -- Naguib Sawiris making yet another comeback and his calls on NGOs and Media after his North Korea bet on reunification.

      CIA director gives medal to top Saudi royal

      22Jun16: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef is said to be 'very upset' that reports he is unwell have gone unchallenged in the United States

      The Egypt tycoon said the party should have stood up against a law that places restrictions on NGOs, along with one that oversees the media.

      Lieberman told former CIA chief David Petraeus, who was in Israel on a private visit, that attempts at a bilateral agreement have failed over the past 24 years – since the Oslo Accords – and that therefore a regional framework was required. The thing required the most from the United States in the Middle East is the establishment of an "anti-terror coalition," he said.
      read more:

    2. Feb 2016
      Sheva7: Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon was taken to task by former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Sunday, Haaretz reported. The verbal confrontation between the two broke out after Ya'alon asserted that Israel was carrying out secret contacts with Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. The verbal confrontation between the two broke out after Ya'alon asserted that Israel was carrying out secret contacts with Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. "Not only Jordan and Egypt," he was quoted by Haaretz as having said. "I speak about the Gulf states and North African states too. Unfortunately they are not here to listen. For them, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are the enemy…. Iran is the bad guy for us and for the Sunni regimes. They are not shaking hands [with Israelis] in public, but we meet in closed rooms."

      Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani traveled to Moscow, violating multiple United Nations resolutions forbidding him from leaving Iran, Fox News quoted US security sources saying. Soleimani is visiting Moscow to express his displeasure with the growing relations between Russia, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, in light of their weapons and economic deals, the report said.

      Israeli tanks fire into Gaza in response to alleged cross-border gunfire
      Palestinians: Israeli airstrike kills 2 on Gaza-Egypt border

      Syrian Kurds will not cede their territories, including the city of Manbij, to the control of Turkey and will defend them if Turkey attacks, President of Kobani Canton in Syrian Kurdistan Anwar Muslim told Sputnik.
      Syrian Kurds aim to prevent Ankara from taking Syrian territories liberated from Daesh under its control, saying they will fight Turkish "occupants" until they leave the country
      IFX: Russian Foreign Ministry not participating in Kurdish conference in Moscow – Zakharova

      Rouhani eyes better ties with Gulf Arabs. Ahead of his visit to Oman and Kuwait, Rouhani had expressed support for the latter’s efforts to “resolve misunderstandings and boost relations” with Gulf countries. Kuwait, where 30 percent of native citizens are Shiites, has maintained normal relations with Tehran despite taking part in the Saudi-led military campaign on Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

      The Trump administration has been approaching Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan and Egypt through their diplomatic missions in Washington with proposals to form a US-backed defense pact which would share intelligence with Israel and counter Iran's influence in the region. "They’ve been asking diplomatic missions in Washington if we’d be willing to join this force that has an Israeli component… Israel’s role would likely be intelligence sharing, not training or boots on the ground

    3. 14Aug12
      Saudi king sits next to Iran's Ahmadinejad in goodwill gesture

      A proposal to boost the Peninsula Shield, the Gulf Cooperation Council's combined military force, has been approved by its six member states, and could increase to include 100,000 troops before the end of the year, the director of a government linked think-tank in Kuwait has told Al Jazeera

      The plan to relocate the Palestinian state from the West Bank to the Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, proposed by the Israeli Minister Ayoob Kara, was dismissed as "foolish" by Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), on Wednesday.

      Iran kills Daesh ringleader along border: Intelligence minister. “This individual, named Abu Aisha al-Kurdi, was killed along with a number of other [would-be] bombers along the country’s border,” Alavi said on Monday.

    4. A house divided or not

      “In September, the kingdom will use its considerable diplomatic might to support the Palestinians in their quest for international recognition,” Turki wrote. “American leaders have long called Israel an ‘indispensable’ ally. They will soon learn that there are other players in the region — not least the Arab street — who are as, if not more, ‘indispensable.’ The game of favoritism toward Israel has not proven wise for Washington, and soon it will be shown to be an even greater folly.”

      One conclusion can be drawn from recent events: that any peace plans co-authored by the United States and Israel would be untenable and that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will remain intractable as long as U.S. policy is unduly beholden to Israel.

      In 2002 King Abdullah offered what has become the Arab Peace Initiative. Based on U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, it calls for an end to the conflict based on land for peace. The Israelis withdraw from all occupied lands, including East Jerusalem, reach a mutually agreed solution to the Palestinian refugees and recognize the Palestinian state. In return, they will get full diplomatic recognition from the Arab world and all the Muslim states, an end to hostilities and normal relations with all these states.

      Now, it is the Israelis who are saying no. I’d hate to be around when they face their comeuppance.

    5. The erdogan pincer about to get tighter.

      US Defense Department may recommend that the United States deploy regular combat troops to Syria for the first time to fight ISIS militants, CNN reported on Wednesday.

      1983 all over again

    6. Camp liberty and the MEK rebrand back

    7. Russia, Iran Need Each Other, Despite Disagreements. Iran and Russia aren’t often on the same page in the Middle East. But if President Trump’s administration attempts to drive a wedge between the two, there is precious little incentive it can offer Moscow to abandon its crucial partner.

      Iran gas? Russia moves in me basin hedged. What's Russia long term Kurd strategy>

  4. thanks for all the links anonymous
    I read the wsj article in full and have it saved for later use
    need to read up on MEK and all the rest