Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Offered NSA Job to Robert Harward- Iran Attack?

As mentioned here two days ago! 
If you didn't read it then, you may want to now?

Feb 14/17: Flynn's Ouster Planned? Robert Harward (Attack Iran?) Frontrunner

 Harward is a most interesting individual particularly when one considers the post of February 10/17: "How America Could Stumble Into War With Iran" ? Elliot Abrams Nixed
"In Donald Trump’s first term there is a serious possibility of a military conflict, whether intentional or inadvertent, between the United States or Israel and Iran. What follows is how it could unfold, and how it might be avoided"
 If the Trump administration is set to 'stumble' into war with Iran- this is the man for the job
From Trump's Press Conference, today:
 "Another mess I inherited. We have imposed new sanctions on the nation of Iran, who has totally taken advantage of our previous administration. And they are the world's top sponsor of terrorism. And we're not going to stop until that problem is properly solved, and it's not now"It's one of the worst agreements I've ever seen drawn by anybody. I've ordered plans to begin for the massive rebuilding of the United States military.

Harward sans hair

 The Hill
President Trump has offered the job of national security adviser to retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward following Michael Flynn's resignation earlier this week, according to reports.
It wasn't immediately clear if Harward, who previously served as a Navy SEAL and as deputy commander of U.S. Central Command, had accepted the position

 President Donald Trump has asked retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward to succeed Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

I'll update the outcome of this Trump offer as soon as possible- Acceptance or Decline? 

Earlier today

Euphrates (Tabqua) Dam, in Syria, at Risk of Failure- Oroville Dam Karma?

24 hours earlier 

The Obvious Safe Zone for Displaced Syrians is Israeli Claimed Golan


  1. I'm going to add this link to my latest blog post on the same topic....Trump's shocking depiction of Iran as "The world's top sponsor of terrorism." We must have been posting on the same topic at the same time.

    1. Greencrow- many things about Trumps press conference scared me

  2. He turned it down.

    1. thanks- I will address it in the post as an update

  3. He must have thought it crazy to join the circus when there was possibly ten times that amount of money to be made elsewhere.

    1. Harward you mean? He doesn't need the money that's for sure-

  4. Trump is insane like Bush and Obama. America is insane like Israel.

    1. The Trump admin is looking equally as war mongering as Bush and Obama- same as Israel- can't disagree

  5. I think this is a worthy read and I share his thoughts.

    Last Paragraph

    Plan to make Turkey and Iran go to war
    The Tehran administration, which has more ethnic weaknesses than any other country, should take all of this into account when stirring up other countries.
    Writing this in a period in which the U.S. administration is threatening Iran is unfortunate. It is clear they want to create a war between Turkey and Iran, which would be destruction for us all. Yet Tehran threatening multiple countries at the same time, even while in such a state, is unacceptable.
    This is a a warning against a regional war that is going to be started through Iran.

    1. Kaz: that is an interesting read- I agree
      thanks for sharing :)

    2. Hi Kaz:

      I read the article at the link you provided and found it complete dysinfo...trying to "divide and conquer" between Iran and Turkey...who both seemed joined at the moment under the tuteledge/protection of Russia...(gasp! - The West)

      Here is the paragraph that sums up the duplicity of the entire piece:

      "....The Iranian government is implementing a comprehensive plan for the region, such as seizing Arab fortunes and stopping Turkey. It is attempting to be the eastern front for attacks from the West against Turkey's plans to grow, which have been continuing for 15 years, escape a century of tutelage and against the fights it has been waging for this sake, like the July 15 coup attempt.

      Iran, which could not stomach the expression “Persian nationalism”, which Erdoğan said in Bahrain, needs to see the instability it is spreading in the region for itself. It needs to sit and think about who it is fighting against in Syria and Yemen and contemplate the trouble it is causing for the countries of the region. Tehran also needs to similarly question where it stands on the theory that the Muslim world is going to fight among itself and the “Islamic civil war” project...."

      So. The writer is trying to float the trial balloon that Iran was behind the July Gulan Attempted Coup in Turkey. Ask there even a speck of evidence supporting this claim? Were there any Iranians amongst the coup-plotters flying out of Incirlik that fateful night?

      I don't think the citizens of Iran/Turkey are as gullible as the desperate author(s) of the piece. But thanks for giving us a heads up on what the latest sewage is that's floating down the pike.

    3. @Greencrow this feud between Iran and Turkey has been going on since Shah Ismail I. Iran is by no means innocent its trying to spread its influence by using religion and like all other powers it has its cells in turkey. Also to consider that Turkey does not want to go into war with Iran because 1/4th of the population are shia turks living in Southern Azerbaijan. But the reason Erdogan is going into this matter is because Irans influence in its own country using religion is fading its now trying aggressively assimilate non Persians into Persians just like the Hans did in China. And no its not trying to float the trial balloon that Iran was behind the Gulen attempted Coup in Turkey, but it is saying that when it comes to crippling Turkey, Iran is working with the west instead of standing with Turkey in its own way. You need to think of Iran as an Opportunist to spread its own influence whatever way they can.

      Things to know about Iran

    4. The US first tried to force Turkey to go to war against Russia, that faild, so now its Iran.
      It has been in the cards for 6 months now & the MSM is encouraging it.
      These two countries will be severely weakened from a potential war, then they can be forced to federalize and later broken apart.
      The main theme for the US since the 90's has bern to weaken the Turkish army, as they are the main obstacle to greater Kurdistan.
      I hope this won't happen, and I don't think it will as long as Erdogan is in power. Despite everything he has close ties to Iran.
      Erdogan said a lot of horrible things on his trip to the gulf, but we should remember who his audience was.

    5. Yes, I notice all the activity between Iran and Turkey- it's not good- not good at all.

      And yet I saw news the other day that Turkey and Iran were making more border crossings for trade

      "According to the draft law, two new crossings, "Dilucu-Maku" and "Kapıköy-Razi," will be opened on the Turkish-Iranian border in order to increase the number of trade and transport routes between the two countries"

      Let's hope this is just a temporary rough patch?

  6. My two cents:

    I didn't take the mention of the coup as an attempt by the author to connect Iran to the coup- Rather I saw it's mention as an example of the "tutelage" that Turkey has been trying to escape from.

    I don't know that Iran is working with the west, but, I don't doubt that the West has agents embedded in Iran that can be and have been wielded against Turkey.

    Recall the attempted colour revolution in Iran a few years back?- it's almost certain those persons are still there.Some undoubtedly in government positions

    "The Iranian Green Movement (Persian: جنبش سبز ایران‎‎) refers to a political movement that arose after the 2009 Iranian presidential election, in which protesters demanded the removal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office. Green was initially used as the symbol of Mir Hossein Mousavi's campaign, but after the election it became the symbol of unity and hope for those asking for annulment of what they regarded as a fraudulent election. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi are recognized as political leaders of the Green Movement.[1] Hossein-Ali Montazeri was also mentioned as spiritual leader of the movement.[2]

    Bet I have some blog posts on this colour revolution?!
    I am also aware that Iran has used the Kurds against Turkey on a number of occasions- As has Iraq- As has Syria

    I did notice this past week that a sour note had been hit between Turkey, Russia and Iran- It's better that they all get past it- Syria has been very vocal in it's anti Turkey talk this week also. Hoping they all get over it- this is not the time for conflict among these players-

  7. They can't get pased it.
    As I've said, Turkey is back on team NATO. This was obvious when the constitution was introduced in parliament - the constitution is NATO's constitution. The destruction of Atatürks republic is a US/NATO project - and since step by step Turkey is back in the fold.
    Erdogan speaks daily with enthusiasm about the safe zone and an NFZ. He constantly attacks Assad.
    Erdogan is trying to stay alive, and is therefore sucking up to Trump, parrotting him in everything.
    AKP has been exited about being pitted against Iran since Trump was elected. They think this is way they can stay useful and be allowed to maintain power.

    1. Not sure yet if Turkey is back on team NATO- but it's looking as if that's a definite possibility

  8. Iran is indeed attacking Turkey now, as is Russia. They held a PKK conference in Moscow the 15th of february. I'm afraid the short alliance between Assad & friends and Turkey is over. This is so bad for Turkey and Syria.

    1. saw the kurd conference in moscow- shakes head