Wednesday, June 28, 2017

War Crime Alert- YPG/PKK Cut Off Water to Aleppo City Affecting Over 1 Million

Ya know, it’s really annoying to me to read the latest atrocity committed against the Syrian people by the US backed PKK/YPG. There has been so much harm done to the real, actual, residents of Syria by the YPG/PKK thugs. Especially against the Christians and Shiites. Though they, kurdish terrorists backed by the US, have targeted non compliant Sunni Arabs and Sunni Kurds, those most like them. (All that information is here at the blog)

 But hey, who has been paying attention other then myself ? Most others have chosen to excuse the crimes, go along with the 5 eyes lying media, spread nonsense instead of facts, ignoring who these thugs really are and what has really been going on. Choosing to call them "syrian kurds" when reality is the vast majority of them are Turkish Kurds. All of them associated with PKK. 

Digression: MoA, Zero Hedge, 21st Century Wire, SOTT, Saker and others all going along with the 5 eyes media lie - Hence my long time disillusionment with most alt media. You all decide who you want to read, but, I long ago made up my mind to discern only for myself. 

Inform and think for myselfListened to an interview yesterday at Our Interesting Times, with Ryan Dawson, and he was speaking realistically about the Kurdish militias- I smiled. Finally.

 I tell you all if I had to read another claim of democratic, secular and equality regarding the murdering Kurdish militias, PKK/YPG... I’d have wanted to vomit- Never mind the "most effective fighters against ISIS" spin. As if the two aren't simply US/Israel proxies ?!! Thankfully more and more people are catching on to the reality of the situation. Hoping I played some small part in raising awareness?

Al Masdar
BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:50 P.M.) – The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have obstructed water to over 1 million residents of Aleppo City, today, a Syrian government source reported.

The Syrian Democratic Forces reportedly blocked the water from the Euphrates Dam that feeds into the Khafsa Pumps, halting the supply to people of Aleppo City.
While no reason was given for SDF’s actions, it is likely due to the recent tiff between their forces and the Syrian Arab Army in the southwestern countryside of the Al-Raqqa Governorate.

As I explained previously Syria wants their Dams back!
 "Syria want's their Dams back and pardon the pun, they have dam good reasons for wanting their water/electricity supply and rich farmland back!"
In that same post it was reported that the kurdish terrorists said, plainly, there was going to be hell to pay for Syria having the nerve to want to take their dam and territory back!
Kurdish leader "We confirm that if the regime forces continue their attacks on our sites in Raqqa governorate, it will oblige us to use our right to legitimate defense and retaliate.”
Cutting off the water to Aleppo is the retaliation!

It seems to me I was the ONLY lone gal. amidst the cheerleading 5 eyes media, that mentioned the taking of the dam was going to lead to this.

Go back to this post from March

****Bonus for the interlopers (Kurd/Israel/America)- Taking the dam will enable the control of Aleppo city- Being very nearly entirely reliant on pipelines from the reservoir.

Ring, ring, ring goes the bell! 

The PKK terrorist group's Syria affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) captured the three of the largest dams in Syria, where the terrorist organization already has invaded 23 percent of the country. (With plans to take 30% percent for their own) The Tishrin, Tabqa and Baath dams, all built on the Euprathes River, have the capacity to provide the majority of the entire country's water and electricity supply.

According to information gathered from the Assad regime's Irrigation Ministry, the terrorist organization was able to reach the regions of critical importance in terms of water and electricity resources, as well as agricultural fields, thanks to these dams. The dams have the capacity to supply 70 percent of the country's water requirements.
A total 60 percent of the agricultural fields in Syria are also under the domain of the PYD.
The Tishrin dam, which was taken from Daesh in 2015, has storage capacity measuring 40 meters long and provides irrigation to Manbij and Kobani.
However, the Tabqa dam, captured recently last month, has a wide energy and irrigation infrastructure with its electricity production and storage basin that measures 60 meters long. It is the largest water reserve in Syria and has the capacity to irrigate all fields from Manbij and Kobani to the Iraqi border.
Baath is the latest dam captured one among them and has the capacity to produce energy up to 75 megawatts (MWs) for a year.
The Tishrin dam can also produce electricity - to some extent - for the surrounding villages and towns. Tabqa, on the other hand, cannot produce electricity anymore due to damages incurred during conflicts between Daesh and the PYD as well as U.S. bombardments. Local sources, however, inform that the dam which was used for irrigation, has now been taken under the control of the terrorist organization in order to produce electricity. Lastly, the Baath dam is used for the irrigation of surrounding agricultural fields.


  1. The Rothschild gangsters want to install another pest state--like Israel--next to Iraq and if that happens, it will be a source of endless misery for the REAL indigenous peoples of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and others.

    1. Greg, I've written so long about that plan in action that I started to feel like I was banging my head on the wall!

      Oh Penny, you just hate the kurds
      Oh Penny, blah, blah, blah..
      Much easier to attack me and obfuscate the truth
      I really became very, very disgusted and still feel extremely disgusted to this day.

    2. Yes Penny, they always resort to attacking you personally because they can't challenge the facts. I had a big argument with one of my closest friends yesterday about Erdogan. He was calling Erdogan a dictator a fascist and i was able to refute all his baseless claims.



    5. i have always backed you and promoted you on twitter and SysPer.

  2. Could you also give me the link to Dawson's interview?


  3. Aleppo Governor: Reasons behind current water crisis are: 1. lower water level in Euphrates from Turkey to Syria (160 instead of 500m3/s for Syria/Iraq). 2. Power from Tishreen Dam cut off from Khafsah Plant (now restored and was related to lowering Euphrates water level by Turkey). 3. Rebels blew up 1400mm line in Zahraa area which feeds Tishreen tanks.

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      According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has cut off the water supply to more than one million citizens of Aleppo. It is reported, that the Kurdish militias blocked the flow of water from the Euphrates dam they control, from where water enters the water pump station in Hafs, which is under the control of the Syrian government.

      In its turn, the SDF representatives blamed the Turkish side, which allegedly closed the floodgates on Ataturk dam on the Euphrates River and it led to a shortage of water downstream.
      It should be mentioned, that there are some tensions in the relations between the Syrian government troops and the Kurdish formations. Last week SDF blamed the Syrian aviation for carrying out strikes not far from their positions in the south-western part of Raqqa province. As a result, the U.S.-led International Coalition downed Syrian Su-22 fighter jet.
      Then the pilot have safely ejected from the jet, but unfortunately landed in SDF-held area. Currently he is in captivity.

      Considering the agenda of the SDF and all circumstances I've no reason to believe Turkey was involved.. Would need more then US Proxy say so

  4. I should point out that Zahraa is north-west of Aleppo City in the area controlled by al-qaeda.

  5. Russia leaks negotiations on southern zone and idf hits Syrian forces, again. Russia wants us on chemical pretext.