Tuesday, July 25, 2017

150 Years Ago Toronto Sweltered- Today Temps are Below Normal

Let's talk about the continuing lack of AGW.

It's July 25/2017. Our summer, like our spring, has continued on with below "normal" or "average" temperatures. Day time highs all this month have been consistently below our claimed norm/average.
At 9:38 am today it is presently 19 C or 68 F. (according to environment canada who it appears has issues with temp conversion. 19 c generally equally 66 F)

 Our high today, on July 25th/2017 is expected to be 22C or 72 Fahrenheit.

Our average is claimed to be 81 F or 27 C, but, actually I would say our average is usually 83-86 F or 28 to 30 C (Before Environment Canada started to hide our historical temperatures) 

I've also noticed a real lack of sunshine. No sun yesterday. None today thus far.
In the northern hemisphere we count on the sunshine to get our Vitamin D.

You may wonder how it is I notice the temperature and weather as much as I do?  
Easy. I live with no air conditioning. Always have. 
So I am acutely aware of when it's hot and when it's cool.  

Secondly: I am out doors every single day. Every day. In the garden. In my yard. Or out for hikes and walks. Most people don't have this awareness because they don't spend any significant time outdoors.

Third: I  garden, forage and wildcraft as mentioned in this previous post: Stephen Buhner Interviews : Plant Intelligence & the Imaginal Realm

Keeping that in mind I was very interested to see an image in yesterday's Globe & Mail-
From 150 years ago- Toronto July 24 1867. It was 95 degrees F in the shade. That is 35 C.
If it was 95 F in the shade you can believe it was 105-110 in the sun!

In 1867 the population of Toronto was a mere sliver of today's Toronto.  
(for those interested: In 1867 Canada's entire population, approximately 3.1 million was slightly more then Toronto's is present day approx 2.8 million)
The city itself was nowhere near the giant heat island it is today. 
And as you notice... no cars. No gas guzzling SUV's. 
The industrial revolution had not begun. 
The alleged carbon component of AGW had not been introduced.

So, how do you explain the 95 F or 35 C in the shade temperatures?


  1. Back in the late 19th Century a home had a REAL icebox, meaning the iceman would deliver a block of ice once a week to use in the 'box' where food was being kept, a practice which kept on till the introduction of electric fridges.

    That ice was cut from local lakes and creeks in large chunks and stored in ice houses to be sold throughout the Summer, even in the Ozarks, the southern tip of Missouri.

    But you can't cut ice from creeks anymore in the Winter, because they DON'T freeze over hard enough to support a crew harvesting ice, they won't even support a small child trying to ice skate, since the ice is too thin.
    So if there is no global warming/climate change, how do you account for the lack of freshwater ice in the Midwestern Winter?

    There's something screwy going on with the weather and I believe it is man-made, but not from CO2.

    P.S. Wish we had some of your cool Summer weather. Just got over a heat wave with temps pushing a 100 degrees each day that was ended by a massive thunder storm that dumped 3.5" of rain in around 2 hours.

    1. Greg: There is climate change and there has always been climate change and there will always be climate change- Because the climate changes. So I would never dispute the idea of climate change.

      For example, where I live.. It was under miles of ice. But then the climate changed and no ice.
      It wasn't carbon. It wasn't geo engineering.
      What caused the change?


      "Niagara Falls is the result of a massive gorge eroded by a surge of melt water from the major ice sheets. Throughout the length of the Escarpment, evidence of the Wisconsin Glacial Period can be seen, even today. Further water erosion in the forms of lakes, rivers, and creeks has deposited sediment all along the Escarpment. Outwash Plains are the results of rivers extending from large lakes and depositing sand and gravel along plains in Southern Ontario. When the glaciers retreated, they left enormous amounts of water in the form of great lakes. Those lakes are not exactly those as we know them today, although similar."

      I'm in the lower great lakes region- I walk the land scarred by ice- and the shores of those great lakes

      What happened? Can't say for sure, but sensibly it seems the sun played a big role in that.

      The cool summer is nice but too cool isn't good for the garden, we've had quite a lot of rain to boot along with these excessive cloudy days.

      I cannot believe the CO2 nonsense, because allegedly we have this huge amount of Co2 in the atmosphere and it's not correlating to heating..

      I have a commenter from east of here, towards the atlantic, that individual was recounting how short the growing season has gotten- Can't grow anything outside of a greenhouse-

      That's not warming- that's cooling.
      IMO it's overall cooler then it used to be

    2. That's what I mean by saying the weather is screwy. Around here, the growing season is getting longer. 30 years ago, one could stop mowing the lawn in mid-October, since it got cold enough to make the grass go dormant. Yet, it's getting shorter in Canada?
      Now we're mowing the yard into December.

      And last Winter was the warmest and driest I can remember, only 2" of snow when we usually get around 23". To make things screwier, damn near every day, the sickly looking chem trail clouds stretched from horizon to horizon, when we DIDN'T need protection from the heat.
      Yet during this last heat wave, nary a chemtrail could be seen in the sky.

      So if this climate change thing is supposed to be global, how come it isn't?

      Methinks some assholes are manipulating the weather so Americans will scream for relief and all we'll get is carbon swaps, which will do nothing to lower the CO2 levels, but will drain our wallets of cash, which will go to Wall Street and Chicago commodity brokers.

    3. Hey Greg!

      "So if this climate change thing is supposed to be global, how come it isn't?"

      I don't know why the claimed "global warming" isn't global. I just don't know.:(

      Geo engineering could affect climate locally- thinking of cloud seeding etc-

      But climate is to my understanding and experience, extremely complex, so if geo engineering is involved it would be more localized?- at least that's what I understand.

      re: localized/complex climates

      example of complex climate- when you walk in a valley vs the hill top

      The valley will be cooler then the hilltop because cool air drifts down as warm air rises

      I've been at the beach- when it's not raining on the beach, but, up in the sand dunes- which have this specific (unique to that area) wooded area once one gets past the grasses ..it's raining a fine mist- almost as if the woods draws the moisture to itself to compensate for the dry sandy soil.

      Just stuff I've noticed while out and about

      I agree 100 percent with you wrt the carbon swap tax scam- Here in Ontario, Canada we've already started to be sucked into it.. plus you should see the god awful giant bird killing machines (wind turbines) that have ruined the horizon-around where I live

      You can see them from miles away if you are high up enough.

      We're going to pay and pay and suffer and suffer and be controlled from cradle to grave. Sadly too many people seem to have bought the big lie.
      hook, line and sinker. sigh..

    4. @Greg,
      first: nobody denies that it got warmer since the 70s, the warming stopped more or less since the millennium. Even warmists admit to that sometimes.
      secondly: the CO2 has indeed also risen in that period and some of your observations concerning plant grow have more to do with that rise than with the temperatures per se. I have also observed that the vegetation is much more lush nowadays than it was in my childhood in the 70s, watching old photos and footage of that time is quite shocking. At 350 ppm plants are near their starvation limit (photosynthesis stops at 300ppm).

    5. hey gallier2- good point. And one not often considered. The carbon feeding the plants.

      I addressed that in a previous post that contained information about the Keeling curve

      I've more information to get to but, dam I can't find the time to do it all.
      If I can I want to get two more posts done today
      between painting
      drying oregano - cut down yesterday
      after a marathon garden weeding session
      and other work- ...... sigh

    6. The concept of "global temperature" is quite a contrived invention on something which has no bearing on the physical reality. It is a concept to do mathematical games but has no real physical significance. The definition of it is dependent of an arbitrary choice of measuring points and any change in this definition removes to its value. The replacement of the Jefferson screens by electronic thermometers for instance completely destroys the continuity and therefore the value of the time serie as the conditions of the measurment were dramatically changes.

  2. In SW BC we just had the longest, coldest, worst winter since I moved here in 1975. I look out over the sea and almost every day I see aircraft dumping chemicals on us. I first noticed these in 1990 so who knows how long its been going on. If the PTB say its co2 that's causing global warming, sorry I meant climate change why don't we get permission from the Rothschilds to use Tesla's inventions for free energy? Forgot, no tax on free!

    1. I noticed BC had a cool winter- and a cool spring too.
      Covered some of that here at the blog.

      no tax on free. and no controls either
      cause free is free

  3. Well here on CB Island its cold today, got a fire on tonight. Were off grid and use atv to get in and out all year, snowmobiles stay parked, not needed.
    i consider it global adverging with warmer winters and colder summers, growing season now to short.
    Govt blames us but notice they dont let up on the big bombing dustup.

    1. hey anonymous:

      I always mention the fact of how the governments never stop waging wars.. And the environmental groups don't say a thing about it. They don't care

      In my opinion, that one point alone makes clear the fraudulent nature of the big greens and the whole AGW -carbon heating connection