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America’s “Train and Equip” Program in Syria: When Was Financing Actually Stopped?

Ollie Richardson tipped me off to his latest work- He expanded on my post from last week...
Trump Cuts Aid to CIA Funded Rebels. Just More FAKE NEWS
 Viewing it from another angle. Taking it to another level. I'm going to post Ollie's comment and article below. 

Hi there, I saw this interesting post and decided to build on your hypothesis :)

PennyJuly 26, 2017 at 6:56 AM Hello Ollie Richardson- I look forward to reading what you have written.

Of course I read the piece. Loved it. How could I not?
 I'll excerpt some of Ollie's article and link to the rest-  
Thanks for the link too, Ollie. And the "keen eye" compliment. :)
Ollie addresses the fake news aspect but expands on my contention that funding had already been cut. And verifies the earlier cut in a very interesting way
Ollie Richardson's must read article @ Oriental Review
"As was noticed by others with a keen eye, Reuters already reported earlier this year – February 2017 – that funding to vetted “moderate” groups had been “frozen”……and the Financial Times published an “interview” with a “US-backed rebel commander”, in which the newspaper’s interlocutor gives the impression that the US have more or less flushed him and his comrades down the toilet."
Omitted images- see it at link- I'll only be using one of Ollie's images
"Did Washington cut the program’s funding in July 2017? February 2017? In 2015? Sometime in 2016…say…August 19th at 17:36:59 on the dot?
This question, of course, is impossible for non-State employees to definitively answer. The only barometer external observers have is the content that is published in the media – whether it be official statements or primary research. In other words – simulacrum. The map is most certainly not the territory. However, what the layperson in the street can do is connect some dots in order to triangulate some logical conclusion. For example, the author of the following tweet noticed that the quantity of videos published on channels with the notorious green-white “Syrian revolution” flag featuring the use of TOW-missiles against the Syrian Arab Army haven’t been as numerous as of late:

And this observation is backed up by the fact that the number of documented TOW launches in February 2017 – the month Trump took office – was less then in previous months.
And Ollie get's the perception management!

The general public becoming aware that the US government was aiding and abetting the very terrorist organisations that – according to America itself – flew three planes into buildings in New York in 2001 is absolutely unacceptable for the war hawks in D.C. Thus, Kurdish militias such as the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) and the “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) present for Trump a much safer option to consolidate what is left, i.e. to occupy the northeast of the Syria. It’s a nice romantic story too – the Kurdish people are the largest ethnic group without a State, they were attacked by Saddam Hussein, they are being currently attacked by Turkey, etc. When compared to the narrative “supplying Al-Qaeda with weapons”, the Kurdish plot is much more digestible for the media consumers over the world.
Boy, oh boy are we conditioned for romanticized heros- Presented via easily digestible plotlines.

Read the rest at the highlighted link 

I know there have been quite a few posts this past week- There are just so many interesting reports - Too many to keep up with! Was thinking, summer time, so much news and no one is reading it.  At least it'll be archived here :)

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