Friday, July 7, 2017

Conjuring Hitler: How Britian & America Made the Third Reich

Another excellent interview provided to us all from Tim Kelly @ Our Interesting Times.
Our Interesting Times is linked, always, in the sidebar of this blog. 
I like Tim Kelly's interview style.

"Guido Giacomo Preparata joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his book Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich. We talk about how Great Britain fomented two world wars to prevent an alliance forming between Germany and Russia and how the rise of National Socialism in Germany was not an aberration or accident of history but the result of Anglo-American financial support and intrigue"
Reminscent of the situation in Syria, where conditions have been created to ensure a desired or acceptable result to the instigator. A sort of Problem, Reaction, Solution meets Game theory.


  1. What a nice surprise! I'm reading this book right now, so I'll make sure to listen to this interview.

    1. Hi Gwen:

      I really enjoyed the interview. When you finish the book or if you want to share some info from the book- tidbits etc.,

      please do?

  2. So, I listened to the podcast (still 13 minutes to listen to) and I find it quite interesting. Nonetheless I have some issues with it. I think the author suffers somehow of cognitive dissonance. The fundamental error in his thinking is to try to reconcile the notion of "nazi equals absolute evil" and not wanting to apply the same level of "evilness" to the anglo conspirators. It creates an imbalance that warps ones view of the world. To declare the nazis as the epitome of evilness automatically relativises the wrongdoing of the other side. I think he should read some David Irving, some of his books capture remarkably well the context in which the different events happened. One of the fundamental problem when studying a certain period of history is the danger of anachronism even within the studied subject. Hitler in 1944 is not at all the same person than the Hitler in 1933 or 1924.
    There were in the podcast some skewed interpretation of the event because of that.

    1. Hi gallier2!
      How are you doing?

      Yes, I had a few issues with some of the interview, but, overall it was worth listening to.
      I wonder about the content in the book, which I assume would be more detailed.
      Haven't read the book myself and am hoping Gwen will share some info from it.

      "To declare the nazis as the epitome of evilness automatically relativises the wrongdoing of the other side"

      that is a very good thought.
      One almost wonders if the reason Hitler's germany was presented so, so, over the top negatively was for the very reason of absolving the allies of their numerous and heinous atrocities?