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From Mosul to Tal Afar & Raqqa to Palmyra: Pushing Forward With Plans

There’s a rumour going round that Mosul was taken back from ISIS.  At least the Iraqis are claiming they have successfully taken back Mosul. The US was a whole lot quieter about this alleged victory. Why might that be?  Might it have something to do with this victory, not, being one truly accepted by the US? Because it doesn’t fit cards they are playing?

WaPo is reporting, today, that fighting is continuing to clear ISIS out of Mosul
Iraqi troops fight to clear IS from last patch of Mosul: July 10/2017
Certainly not a celebratory headline.

So what is going on? Here’s what I think. ISIS, (aka Sunni Kurds/some Sunni Arabs, US special forces and mercenaries) which hasn’t been in Mosul, in any substantive form for quite a while has moved on to the next location of targeting. What has been actually going on in Mosul is the same as is ongoing in Raqqa- Ethnic cleansing and population displacement for the regional remake. Where did ISIS go when it left Mosul enabling an Iraqi victory that is not recognized by the US?

Very conveniently ISIS headed to Tal Afar from Mosul.

Islamic State moves to alternative headquarters in Tal Afar- Iraq News
In late June, a top leader in the town declared during a a sermon of Friday prayer that the town (Tal Afar)  has become a temporary headquarter for the Caliphate.

 Islamic State has considered Tal Afar town, located west of Mosul, as an alternative headquarters for its main departments, after admitting its defeat in Mosul.

A source was quoted last week as saying that non-Iraqi IS militants executed the last local leader in Tal Afar and the town is currently run by Arab and foreign members after eliminating all the Iraqi leaders.
AlSumaria News quoted a source as saying that “IS issued a brief statement in Tal Afar announcing that all the IS departments are working through alternative headquarters at Tal Afar, which indicates the group’s defeat.”

Tal Afar is one of the important strongholds still held by IS in Nineveh since August 2014.
“IS admitted its loss at its last stronghold in Mosul’s Old City after a battle between its militants against security troops,” the anonymous source added.

“The shock caused by losing the Old City was hard as the militants used to call it as Baghdadi’s [the group’s supreme leader] strongest lair in Mosul for the many Arab and foreign militants and suicide attackers there,” the source added.

This move by so called ISIS from Mosul to Tal Afar mirrors the move of ISIS from  from Raqqa to Palmyra.  Can that be a coincidence? I think not!

Recall this news?

1-US/Kurds Do Damage Control After Russian Outing of Terrorist Collusion
“the Kurds in cooperation with U.S forces are setting corridors to allow terrorists move towards Palmyra and other towns controlled by the Syrian government”

“Militants seem to have been trying to use the corridors set by the U.S. to leave for Palmyra when they were hit by Russian jets”

‘for unimpeded withdrawal on the condition they will head towards Palmyra"

2-YPG/PKK to Move on Raqqa- Tribulation for Civilians to Follow

We need to consider why it is that ISIS headed to these two locations in Iraq and Syria?

Why has the US led coalition including it’s PKK/YPG allies given ISIS the free pass to head from Mosul, Iraq to Tal Afar, Iraq. 

While in Syria these same allies, who are supposed to be fighting ISIS, allow ISIS to leave Raqqa, Syria and head to Palmyra, Syria.
The answer lies in the fact these US proxies are simply moving onto the next battle front. It’s a progression of a planned action. They are advancing the goal.  To understand that, you should read..

“Fabrice Balanche, a Syria expert at the Washington Institute, told Al-Monitor, The geopolitical importance of eastern Syria is twofold; two-thirds of Syrian oil is located in the area, which is also rich in gas resources. The region is also a pathway for Iran to Syria via Iraq, through the Sinjar-Tal Afar-Hasakah axis in the north and through the Palmyra axis in the south.”

Considering, reality, it IS NOT a coincidence that so called ISIS was allowed to leave Mosul and Raqqa and move onto two extremely strategic locations in Iraq and Syria. Tal Afar and Palmyra. We also should take note that the PKK/YPG are the controlling parties in Sinjar and Hasakah.

“Balanche said economic calculations for the Syrian regime, besides the oil and gas, include reopening important trade routes such as the highway linking Baghdad to Damascus”

It is literally a race for resources, territory and trade/transit routes. And, ISIS is conveniently set to appear at both locales.
That is not a coincidence and I am not a coincidence theorist.

PKK/YPG To “Impose Tax System” in Rojova aka Annexed Syrian Territory


  1. Penny, you'll luv this one...

    In this three part series, MintPress contributor Sarah Abed analyzes the role that some Kurdish factions have played throughout history in helping major powers create chaos in the Middle East - from the Kurdish uprising in Iraq in the 1960s to the ongoing conflict in Syria today.
    By Sarah Abed

    1. her personal site is

      lots of well written stuff.

    2. Thanks OJD

      I read through and see many, many of the same issues I have written about here for years and years now

      Perhaps no other group of people in modern times has been as romanticized in the Western conscience as the Kurds. Consistently portrayed as “freedom fighters” who are eternally struggling for a land denied to them....In today’s case, the Kurds are being used by NATO and Israel to fulfill the modern-day colonialist aim of breaking up large states like Iraq into statelets to ensure geopolitical goals. When nations are divided into smaller statelets, they are easier to conquer by foreign entities. This is a signature move that powerful imperialist nations use for the purpose of colonizing smaller and less influential nations. The West claims that the Kurds are one of the most moral and dignified forces in the Middle East fighting against Daesh. But if their focus is on defeating Daesh, as they claim, why are they committing genocide against Syrians in the process? Taking this into consideration, it is hard to justify the West’s persistent claim that armed Kurdish terrorist groups are trying to help Syria. The reality on the ground contradicts these empty compliments, which the West uses to save face while supporting these terrorist organizations. This false narrative was in fact used to arm the Kurds in Syria in order to create instability and division.

      I've made these statements and backed them up with substantive information for years..

      All it got me was dumped on because people/other bloggers/alt media, other then Scott @ Willy Loman can't handle truth facts or reality.

      thanks, again, for leaving those links

    3. you have Penny, but don't be so disheartened, while Russia and Iran have differing ideas on how things should progress, both know that the Zionist cancer and their cahoots must be destroyed, how is the question.


    4. Hotel California

    5. thanks papa and anonymous-

      papa it's hard to not be disheartened when you see and read so many people promoting lies and believing lies... And refusing to even consider they've been duped- that is difficult. It speaks to me of the problems with the situation itself and the problem with people's refusal to seek truth and be disgusted when they are lied to.

      That's why I have that saying in the sidebar

      It's easier to fool people then convince them they have been fooled-

  2. Penny, I hear you dear... the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that is involved in this thankless service that we provide, can be overwhelming more often than not. Thank you OJD for linking my article and site. I greatly appreciate it.

    Penny, I can pretty much predict at this point the names I will be called based on the subject matter in my article. Yesterday and today I am an Iranian spy. A few days ago..I was a Russian something or other.. and I pretty much get called an Assadist/Assad apologist on the daily. Although I have absolutely no political affiliations with anyone or anything here or abroad.

    Being anti-imperialism, anti-war, anti-corruption, anti-propaganda etc. might sound fun and is certainly good on paper. But one discovers pretty quickly that you need to have tough skin in order to deal with the incredible amount of injustice you will experience as a result of writing the unadulterated truth. The costs that we pay are sometimes quite expensive, but I am sure you will agree that, there is nothing that could stop us from doing this. It simply is part of who we are, woven into the very fabric of our being.

    If even one person starts to question some of the official narratives, it's well worth it.

    Part II will be out soon so keep an eye out for it. I haven't added part I to my site yet but all III parts will be on Mint Press News and also my website at some point.

    Take care everyone and keep trekking on,

    Penny, OJD, Papa and Anonymous

    1. Thank You very much for stopping by Sarah. I can't even express to you how wonderful it was to read your comment.

      I read your part 1 and want to feature it relinked to some of the relevant posts containing related information. And I will do it over the next couple days,hopefully? I've fallen behind due to home reno work

      Name calling is always a sign of weakness. I know this. But when it is read by others it influences those with weak minds.

      I've been called an Assad apologist. A Kurd hater. I'm "irrational" and "unhinged" when it comes to the Kurdish proxies of the US. A colonialist. An Israeli sycophant. An Erdogan apologist. And apparently I am on the payroll of Assad and Erdogan, both simultaneously. Oh and I was banned at a so called anti empire site called Moon of Alabama, who, disallowed a comment regarding US support of PKK and then banned me from the site

      But despite all I am getting to the truth as best as possible using my reasoning skills and years and years of geo political knowledge

      You're quite correct if even one person starts to question some of these official narratives it's worth it.

      More importantly, I have to live with myself, and I can't live with me if I'm lying or giving cover to that power which is destroying myself, my family, via the destruction of humanity and the earth.

      You take care also Sarah- thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to the next two parts :)

  3. Hi Penny, I am in France for a month but still checking up on your blog. Thank you for speaking the truth-it's very difficult to find nowadays!

    1. I do my best Ally

      enjoy your time in France, if legal, enjoy some French wine- Nothing like a good glass of wine with an excellent meal- :)