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Geo-Engineering: Sucking up Carbon & Dimming the Sun to Cool Planet

Interesting article from the CBC. (quotes from cbc article in red)

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" Scientists are sucking carbon dioxide from the air with giant fans and preparing to release chemicals from a balloon to dim the sun's rays as part of a climate engineering push to cool the planet."
What is wrong this the above statement?  
First of all the carbon/heating theory doesn't work. It doesn't jibe.
Second... I thought the sun had nothing to do with AGW?
At least that's what carbon cult adherents have suggested. 
The very name of this PSYOP Anthropogenic Global Warming, indicates the problem is all due to humans, so why "dim the sun"

In the countryside near Zurich, Swiss company Climeworks began to suck greenhouse gases from thin air in May with giant fans and filters in a $23-million US project that it calls the world's first "commercial carbon dioxide capture plant."
Worldwide, "direct air capture" research by a handful of companies such as Climeworks has gained tens of millions of dollars in recent years from sources including governments, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Read on how absurd this extremely expensive extraction method truly is:
 Climeworks reckons it now costs about $600 US to extract a tonne of carbon dioxide from the air, and the plant's full capacity due by the end of 2017 is only 900 tonnes a year. That's equivalent to the annual emissions of only 45 Americans.

How much carbon is created to extract this carbon? Anyone? How are the giant fans being run?
Climeworks sells the gas, at a loss, to nearby greenhouses as a fertilizer to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. It has a partnership with the automaker Audi, which hopes to use carbon in greener fuels

Let's take that paragraph apart, shall we?

1-"Climeworks sells the gas, at a loss, to nearby greenhouses as a fertilizer to grow tomatoes and cucumbers."

I've mentioned the carbon fertilization in greenhouses on a number of occasions. Carbon is plant food. This FACT was discussed most recently in the post titled:

Hysteria reigns as "CO2 levels cross 410 ppm " First Time In Human History

 Let’s talk about SEASONAL CO2 Fluctuations- A Natural Occurrence in the Real World
The Keeling Curve

 This shift between the fall and winter months to the spring and summer results in the sawtooth pattern known as the Keeling Curve measurement of atmospheric CO2 such that every year there is a decline in CO2 during months of terrestrial plant photosynthesis and an increase in CO2 in months without large amounts of photosynthesis and with significant decomposition.
2- "Audi, which hopes to use carbon in greener fuels"

Using Carbon in greener fuels? Whaaaat???? Aren't we already using carbon as fuel.
Yes, we are!
"And isolating carbon dioxide is complex, because the gas makes up just 0.04 per cent of the air"
 Isolating carbon dioxide is complex, because it makes up JUST 0.04 percent of the air
"Pure carbon dioxide delivered by trucks, for use in greenhouses or to make drinks fizzy, costs up to about $300 US a tonne in Switzerland"
 I'm just getting such a conflicting message from this spin. I can't hold two conflicting ideas in my head- cause I don't want the cognitive dissonance.  So, carbon is 'bad' and it's warming the planet, but, it's good to gather up for plant food in greenhouses and green fuel. And carbon is a must to feed forests and global plant life which give us oxygen, but it's still bad?
Considering the real, true and actual usefulness of carbon in general food production- greenhouses, food production outside of greenhouses and life in general to create our oxygen on the planet. (As the plants consume carbon and give us our life saving oxygen)- I'm having troubles reconciling the many contradictions inherent in the AGW hoax.

When there is a contradiction we probably have a lie.

Now let's get to the dimming of the sun.
Riskier "geo-engineering" solutions could be a backstop, such as dimming the world's sunshine, dumping iron into the oceans to soak up carbon, or trying to create clouds.

Among new university research, a Harvard geo-engineering project into dimming sunlight to cool the planet set up in 2016 has raised $7.5 million US from private donors.
 Keith's team aims to release about one kilogram of sun-dimming material, perhaps calcium carbonate, from a high-altitude balloon above Arizona next year in a tiny experiment to see how it affects the microphysics of the stratosphere.
Some research has suggested that geo-engineering with sun-dimming chemicals, for instance, could affect global weather patterns and disrupt vital monsoons.

Anyone getting a weather warfare vibe here? 

Let's keep reading the published insanity passing itself off as rational thinking
The most natural way to extract carbon from the air is to plant forests that absorb the gas as they grow, but that would divert vast tracts of land from farming. (Baloney) Another option is to build power plants that burn wood and bury the carbon dioxide released.
 Yup, just burn wood and bury the carbon dioxide!! 

The elites are insane. Truly psychotic. And we should not be accepting of their insane leadership. I'm flabbergasted reading this craziness.  But then I'm a real environmentalist.
I'm going to hug a tree today and thank it for giving me oxygen, while I aspirate my carbon for it's food-

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