Monday, July 3, 2017

Greek Coastguard Opens Fire on Turkish Flagged Vessel in Aegean

Recall this previous post? Greece/Cyprus Provocation as Pretext to Renounce Turkey ?
As stated: “Greece has incentive aplenty to provoke Turkey. Doing NATO’s bidding is a plus for Greece. Greece is NATO’s big spending lackey.  Greece has already acted very provocatively towards Turkey. Undoubtedly with a whole lot of support from Brussels. Unlike Turkey, Greece is beholden large to the banksters & the EU”

“Considering all the provocations already undertaken by NATO’s gofer, Greece, it’s safe to suggest,  that Greece could and would provoke Turkey, yet again! In some way that would portray NATO’s betrayal of Turkey as necessary for the greater good. You know, the USA as the global social justice warrior. And, isn't the US the ultimate social justice warrior?! “

Greece as provocateur is a possibility at anytime.  As needed.
Making this news interesting.
 ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey dispatched three boats to the Aegean Sea on Monday after Greek coast guards fired on a Turkish freighter ship near the Greek island of Rhodes, Turkey's state-run news agency reported.

The freighter's captain, Haluk Sami Kalkavan, told Turkish media on Monday that the Greek coast guards approached his vessel in international waters, demanded that it dock at a port in Rhodes and fired on it when he refused. He said his crew counted 16 bullet holes but the vessel was not in danger of sinking.

The Greek Coast Guard said it tried to stop the vessel following "an anonymous telephone complaint" that it was carrying narcotics. It said the ship was in Greek waters.

"Warning shots were fired but the ship did not change course," the Greek Coast Guard said. "The competent Turkish authorities have been informed of the incident."

The state-run Anadolu Agency said the Turkish coast guard dispatched two boats while the navy sent an assault boat to the region. The boat was being accompanied back to Turkish waters where the crew would be questioned. (It's 5 eyes news wire, so it's claiming the ship 'went back to Turkish waters.... that's doubtful. Since I believe it was in international waters and the Captain rightly knew he had no reason to follow the edicts of the Greek coast guard)
Talk Radio UK
The Greek coastguard has opened fire on a cargo ship carrying the Turkish flag in the Aegean Sea, according to local media.

The ship was moving towards the Izmit Bay in the Sea of Marmara when coastguard vessels demanded it moor at the port of Rhodes for a cargo check, according to Sputnik News.

The boats opened fire when the demand was refused, the report continues.

It is currently unclear whether anyone was injured in the incident.

Sami Kalkavan, captain of the M/V ACT told broadcaster CNN Turk the coast guard ordered him to dock at the Greek island of Rhodes for inspection, and opened fire after he failed to comply, putting 16 bullet holes in the ship.
"The coast guard asked for the ship to be docked at the port at Rhodes immediately, and we did not accept this. They wanted to check (the ship), and we didn't accept that," he said.
"They said they would fire if we didn't stop, they did what they said," Kalkavan said without saying why he did not want the ship to be inspected. He said there was no risk of water intake from the bullet holes.

"There is no justification ... for firing on an unarmed commercial ship carrying freight between two Turkish ports," the foreign ministry said in a statement. "Our sole consolation is that nobody was killed or injured as a result of the incident." 

The ship was heading from a southern Turkish port to a northern Turkish Port- That was reported in a few others articles- So Greece, very provocative yet again


  1. What's the Big Deal? Israel has shown time and again that the international community is OK with a state boarding a vessel in neutral waters, and killing some of the passengers, hijacking the ship and robbing the passengers nothing happens, so why fret now?

    Back in the 1960's Greece and Turkey used to fight over Cyprus like maniacs.

  2. Catch another tanker crash off France.