Wednesday, July 5, 2017

PKK/YPG Smash Through Raqqa's Ancient Walls To "Fight" ISIS

 As the American's were celebrating their 4th. Terrorist forces backed by the US military smashed through the ancient city walls of Raqqa. Because it isn't just ISIS that destroys antiquities...
Of course the necessity to blast the walls was due to their being mines along the wall..
Wondering how it is the US knew just the right places to blow the ancient wall and avoid the land mines and IED?

Ancient City Walls of Raqqa

Raqqa walls


US-backed forces in Syria have breached the wall surrounding the Old City of Raqqa as they try to retake the city from the ISIL, the US Central Command said.

"Coalition forces supported the SDF advance into the most heavily fortified portion of Raqqa by opening two small gaps in the Rafiqah Wall that surrounds the Old City,"
Centcom said in a statement on Monday night, referring to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

“Two small gaps”
"Conducting targeted strikes on two small portions of the wall allowed coalition and partner forces to breach the Old City at a locations of their choosing"

What types of strikes?
"The portions targeted were 25-meter sections and will help preserve the remainder of the overall 2,500-metre wall," it added.

CENTCOM and the SDF did not specify which area of the wall was breached.

52 Year Old British Actor is "fighting" ISIS alongside PKK/YPG terrorists

You wanna talk PR? I like talkin' PR.
 I do NOT believe this 'news' story as it is presented!

Michael Enright
British actor battling Islamic State in the Syrian city of Raqqa has said he is fighting to avenge the recent terror attack on his hometown of Manchester.   
Michael Enright, who starred alongside Johnny Depp in the blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean, has now swapped his cutlass for a kalashnikov.  
The 52-year-old from Moss Side is now embedded with troops from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who are closing in on Isil jihadists in the group’s so-called capital. The SDF is dominated by the Kurdish YPG militia, which Mr Enright joined in 2015. 
Mr Enright is one of dozens of foreign fighters have travelled to the self-styled Kurdish enclave of Rojava to join the fight.
Self-styled.... nice obfuscation. Should say Mr Enright travelled to immorally, unlawfully and illegally annexed territory of Syria- Stolen land ala Israel. (Terrorists stole land from the indigenous residents)
Most have a military background.
Does this tell us Mr Enright has a military background?
Many have been recruited via Facebook, and some have funded their airfare on crowdfunding websites. 
 Via Facebook- nice way to promote a mythology to the dumbed down masses

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  1. ._. , Don't tell me he is one of the "I am tired of live, but don't wanna go out like chicken so hello conflicts"? One should think differently about this entire affair knowing a Hollywood actor got involved in this.

    """"no no no, you won't convince anyone with that, now imagine ****** and do it again. Excellent that was very moving""""