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The Kurds: Washington’s Weapons of Mass Destabilization....

Sarah Abed is writing a three part series analyzing the roles some Kurdish fighters have played in destabilizing the region- OJD left the link to her first part and Sarah was kind enough to stop by and share some thoughts.

Our exchange is below:
Penny, I hear you dear... the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that is involved in this thankless service that we provide, can be overwhelming more often than not. Thank you OJD for linking my article and site. I greatly appreciate it.

Penny, I can pretty much predict at this point the names I will be called based on the subject matter in my article. Yesterday and today I am an Iranian spy. A few days ago..I was a Russian something or other.. and I pretty much get called an Assadist/Assad apologist on the daily. Although I have absolutely no political affiliations with anyone or anything here or abroad.

Being anti-imperialism, anti-war, anti-corruption, anti-propaganda etc. might sound fun and is certainly good on paper. But one discovers pretty quickly that you need to have tough skin in order to deal with the incredible amount of injustice you will experience as a result of writing the unadulterated truth. The costs that we pay are sometimes quite expensive, but I am sure you will agree that, there is nothing that could stop us from doing this. It simply is part of who we are, woven into the very fabric of our being.

If even one person starts to question some of the official narratives, it's well worth it.

Part II will be out soon so keep an eye out for it. I haven't added part I to my site yet but all III parts will be on Mint Press News and also my website at some point.

Take care everyone and keep trekking on,

Penny, OJD, Papa and Anonymous

Thank You very much for stopping by Sarah. I can't even express to you how wonderful it was to read your comment.

I read your part 1 and want to feature it relinked to some of the relevant posts containing related information. And I will do it over the next couple days,hopefully? I've fallen behind due to home reno work

Name calling is always a sign of weakness. I know this. But when it is read by others it influences those with weak minds.

I've been called an Assad apologist. A Kurd hater. I'm "irrational" and "unhinged" when it comes to the Kurdish proxies of the US. A colonialist. An Israeli sycophant. An Erdogan apologist. And apparently I am on the payroll of Assad and Erdogan, both simultaneously. Oh and I was banned at a so called anti empire site called Moon of Alabama, who, disallowed a comment regarding US support of PKK and then banned me from the site

But despite all I am getting to the truth as best as possible using my reasoning skills and years and years of geo political knowledge

You're quite correct if even one person starts to question some of these official narratives it's worth it.

More importantly, I have to live with myself, and I can't live with me if I'm lying or giving cover to that power which is destroying myself, my family, via the destruction of humanity and the earth.

You take care also Sarah- thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to the next two parts :)
I’ve read the first part of Sarah’s work- And will be featuring excerpts of her work, alongside links back to previous posting I've done on related topics. 


Sarah talks about the romanticization of these terrorist proxies. It is this romanticization, a fictional narrative, I’m sadly familiar with and have worked hard to dispel, at a cost to my self and the blog. Many of my readers didn’t want to read truth about their idols. Those they had idealized. In the early days of my writing about the Kurdish proxies readership dropped off.. And it never recovered. Somehow people had been made to believe the YPG/PKK were fighting FOR, on behalf of, Syria. This was absurd. It was never the case. These kurdish militias have always been backed by the US/UK/Israel axis of evil for a variety of reasons. The US employed them, always, to keep Turkey in check. The US colluded alongside them to take down Saddam Hussein. The US has plotted with them from the get go to destabilize Syria. These Kurds are Sunni Muslims by and large- Quite fanatical also! It’s reality time for all the‘true believers’

These same Kurds are portrayed as “victims” of the US?  Are they really? I state very clearly they are not! They benefit immensely from their relationship with the US/Israel/UK via their criminal enterprises. They fit right into the war profiteering black market racket- The PKK and their assorted affiliates are some of the largest organized criminals on this planet. From drugs, people, human organs and blood- they smuggle it all. In the course of their criminality they reap huge profits to wage war, promote propaganda/PR and grease politicians palms. There is no way in hell these thugs can engage in the level and types of criminality they do, without NATO Atlantacists turning a blind eye to it all.

Flashback: Three Cheers for the PKK

This presentation of the Kurd as the eternal victim is part and parcel of a campaign of idealization that has been promoted which not coincidentaly reeks of previous heavily applied propaganda concerning the creation of the terror state of Israel. The eternal victim status. All this alleged abuse we are supposed to believe is inflicted on those that follow the Judaic religion is the same theme presented for the Kurds. The masses are already pre-conditioned to accept this type narrative.

 The Kurdish militias know of no treachery that is to awful to participate in. That’s just a fact. I’m not talking about the regular folk who have integrated and participate in the societies in which they reside. I’m talking about the Weapons of Mass Destabilization employed in the ME and Asia.

The work of Scott at Willy Loman’s blog  will also be featured in this post. Scott has been the one and only blogger who had an understanding of what was really going on with these UK/Usrael proxies alongside myself and now finally Sarah Abed is writing about this reality also. I’ve yet to read part 2 and 3 from Sarah,  so I cannot speak to or write about their content- You’ll have to read those for yourself.

I dare say the YPG/PKK have been and continue to be the darlings of the main stream media and so called alternative "anti imperial" news sites too.
Sarah Abed for Mint Press News -The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon Of Mass Destabilization In The Middle East

"Historical accounts of the Kurds have been a subject of mystery and perplexity for years, and have been seldom discussed by major Western media outlets until recently. Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the ongoing conflict in Syria, Kurds have been romanticized by mainstream media and U.S. politicians alike to justify a Western interventionist narrative in those countries"
Flashback to some history: Conversing with Ally: Real History -Turkey, Kurds, Assyrians & more

 "In 1966, Iraqi defense minister Abd al-Aziz al-Uqayli blamed the Kurds of Iraq for seeking to establish “a second Israel” in the Middle East. He also claimed that “the West and the East are supporting the rebels to create [khalq] a new Israeli state in the north of the homeland as they had done in 1948 when they created Israel."

Flashback: Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East

Flashback: The Kurds, Israel's not so improbable ally
 "For much of the conflict in Syria, several Kurdish militias have become some of the U.S.-led coalition’s closest allies within the country, receiving massive amounts of arms and heavy weapon shipments, as well as training from coalition members. Kurdish militias also dominate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)......."
"In May, U.S. President Donald Trump approved arming Kurdish militiamen in Syria with heavy weaponry, including mortars and machine guns. Within one month of Trump’s approval, 348 trucks with military assistance had been passed to the group, Anadolu added. According to the news agency’s data, the Pentagon’s list of weapons to be delivered to the group includes 12,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 6,000 machine guns, 3,000 grenade launchers and around 1,000 anti-tank weapons of Russian or U.S. origin.

The United States’ shipments included 130 trucks, with 60 cars passing on June 5, and 20 vehicles on June 12, per Sputnik News"
 Flashback: America’s “Best Fighting Forces” Rule With an Iron Fist
"Both historical and modern day ties between Israel and the Kurds have brought benefits to both sides. In the past, Israel has obtained intelligence, as well as support, for a few thousand Jews fleeing Ba’athist Iraq. The Kurds have received security and humanitarian aid, as well as links to the outside world, especially the United States. The first official acknowledgment that Jerusalem had provided aid to the Kurds dates back to Sept. 29, 1980, when Prime Minister Menachem Begin disclosed that Israel had supported the Kurds “during their uprising against the Iraqis in 1965 to 1975” and that the United States was aware of this fact. Begin added that Israel had sent instructors and arms, but not military units"
Flashback: Jerusalem Post: Support the Kurds- Cause it's very moral...?????

I've used this exact image previously
 I hope readers understand the influence of Israeli/PKK lobbies and media in the demonization of Erdogan led Turkey via 5 eyes main stream and alternative media.
"The U.S.-led coalition of war criminals is using elements of Syria’s Kurdish population to achieve its goal of destroying the non-belligerent, democratic country of Syria, led by its popular, democratically-elected President Bashar al-Assad. Washington seeks to create sectarianism and ethnic divides in a country that, prior to the Western-launched war, had neither.
However, Kurdologists reject this characterization because it does not fit into their account of historical events that attributes a state to them at one point in time. Their estimated population is 30 million, according to most demographic sources. They also reject the idea that they are being used as pawns.
Responding to a question about where the autonomous administration would “draw the line” on U.S. support and the support of other superpowers, the co-leader of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim Muhammad, stated “Our guarantee is our mindset. It depends on how much we educate and organize our people. If we defend our morals and ideology, then bigger powers cannot use us as pawns.”
I've never read anything historically documenting the existence of a Kurdish state.
"In today’s case, the Kurds are being used by NATO and Israel to fulfill the modern-day colonialist aim of breaking up large states like Iraq into statelets to ensure geopolitical goals. When nations are divided into smaller statelets, they are easier to conquer by foreign entities. This is a signature move that powerful imperialist nations use for the purpose of colonizing smaller and less influential nations. The Kurds have been utilized as pawns in this “divide and conquer” strategy throughout history and continue to allow themselves to be used by colonial powers"
I've stated exactly this for years. The 5 eyes alt media sites that claim to be anti imperial while venerating the Kurdish militias are obfuscating reality to cover for an imperial agenda.

Iraqi Kurd kissing an image of GWB- YUK!

A rough estimate found in the CIA Factbook sets the Kurdish population at 14.5 million in Turkey, 6 million in Iran, about 5 to 6 million in Iraq and less than 2 million in Syria, which adds up to close to 28 million Kurds in what they refer to as “Kurdistan” and adjacent regions.
However, other sources state that there are only about 1.2 million Kurds left in Syria due to the carefully calculated and planned imposed war by NATO and its Gulf Allies. Roughly the same number migrated to Germany during the past six years. 
 Flashback: Kurds: Betrayers Are Often Betrayed- Victims of and Parties to Conflict

It’s important to differentiate between Kurdish people who have assimilated in the countries they now reside in and reject the idea of establishing an illegal Kurdistan and those who are power hungry and are allowing themselves to team up with the West and Israel to assist in the destabilization of the region. Some Kurdish people in Syria, especially those that reside in areas that are not controlled by the Kurds, such as Damascus, are loyal to the Syrian government and have stated that they voted for Assad in 2014.
This free and democratic election saw Assad win 88.7 percent of the popular vote over the other two nominees. In the beginning of the war in Syria, there were Kurds fighting in the Syrian Arab Army, who received arms and salaries just like their Syrian counterparts. There are a small number that are still in the Syrian Arab Army in the southern Syria. But in northeastern Syria, many Kurds have defected to the U.S.-led SDF where arms, salaries, and training are provided by the U.S.  Syrians consider the Kurds who have remained loyal to Syria as their fellow Syrian brothers and sisters and the descriptions of Kurdish treachery in this article do not apply to them.

Sarah goes on to talk about the disunity among the Kurds themselves. Or as Ally states they are not "one big blob" as so many assume. This disunity has been previously discussed here. Being addressed in a particular post* explaining why the PKK was chosen as the vicious imposer of an attempt at a one state solution- It has to do with their tyrannical, abusive ways. Their ability to inflict misery and harm on the Kurds that disagree with the imperial, western agenda.

Flashback: The forgotten child soldiers recruited by Kurdish militants in Turkey and Syria

Flashback: Kurds Worried War Crimes Accusations Could Ruin Their Image

*Flashback: PKK Challenges Barzani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?
Quoting my closing statement from that post: "It appears that the PKK is the 'unifying' force amongst the Kurds- I didn't say the agreed upon unifying force- Rather, the unifying FORCE, needed by NATO to create a Kurdish 'state' Whether or not the Kurdish population itself really wants one"

On the topic of Kurdish disunity Sarah Abed states:
 "Kurdish groups have, at times, bargained with not only their own governments but also neighboring ones – in some cases at the expense of their relations with their Kurdish brethren. The complex relationships among Kurdish groups and between the Kurds and the region’s governments have fluctuated, and alliances have formed and faltered as political conditions have changed. The Kurds’ disunity is cited by experts as one of the primary causes for their inability to form a state of their own"

The Kurds’ illegal, unjustified claims for autonomy

The West claims that the Kurds are one of the most moral and dignified forces in the Middle East fighting against Daesh. But if their focus is on defeating Daesh, as they claim, why are they committing genocide against Syrians in the process? Taking this into consideration, it is hard to justify the West’s persistent claim that armed Kurdish terrorist groups are trying to help Syria. The reality on the ground contradicts these empty compliments, which the West uses to save face while supporting these terrorist organizations. This false narrative was in fact used to arm the Kurds in Syria in order to create instability and division.

I will end here with excerpting from Sarah Abed's article and encourage your to read it entirely at the link. Thanks again to Sarah for her visit, her encouragement to myself and her courage in airing some of the reality around this issue in a more public manner.

Flashback: The PKK's Urban Warfare Tactics

Scott at Willy Loman's Blog has recently created a video regarding the plot to create Israel 2.0 aka Great or Greater Kurdistan, depending on the final outcome of the situation in the region of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.  Scott also wrote an interesting article to accompany his video.

Scott focuses more on Barzani, he is less of a concern in my opinion, as I see his influence waning in the region. With the UK/Usraeli 5 eyes tyranny having chosen to allow the PKK and their armed affiliates to run the show and take the power. In the video Scott entertains the thought that the creation of yet another terror state is in jeopardy. Again, my opinion differs. It appears to me that plans are moving ahead.

That all said. Scott has understood that the creation of a Kurdish state which happens to coincide with Greater Israel is actually occurring. It's the remake of the region I've spoken of on many an occasion.


Scott's article:  The Greater Kurdistan Project and the G20 Summit: Now is the Winter of Their Discontent

Excerpt from the article:
"While discussions are being held inside the G20 Summit in Hamburg, outside Kurds are taking part in massive demonstrations. Flags of the PKK and YPG are seen moving down the street as thousands of people from all over the world march in opposition to the globalist nature of the summit.
Bijî Şoreşa Rojava” [Long Live Rojava Revolution] slogans are being chanted already in the cortage of the Kurds.
The “Rojava revolution” they are speaking of is in actually a U.S-backed destabilization campaign designed to depopulate part of Syria so it can be claimed by the Kurds as part of Greater Kurdistan, what Condi Rice was referring to all those years ago when she spoke of what was happening in Iraq (after our illegal invasion based on lies) as “the birth pangs of a New Middle East”
No revolution here; just some opportunistic Kurds trying to take advantage of the situation so they can become the next great client state of the U.S., Britain and Israel"

You can read Scott's article in it's entirety at the included link! 
In closing, yah, it's long. If you want to leave an informed comment feel free.
If I can take the time to compose it all, you can take the time to read it all. 
It's way past time to understand the Uk/Usrael is attempting a regional remake in plain site. 
Please enlighten others. The kool aid intoxication needs to cease.


  1. Hi Penny:

    I have long supported the view that the Kurds are proxies for the USrael project in the Middle East. Yesterday, I saw on the Internet a gruesome post/video/photographs about the beheading of some Kurd soldiers in Syria by ISIS. You may have also seen this post.

    I was going to do a response on my blog about how this kind of atrocity-ridden victimization of the Kurds is a set up. Not to say that Kurdish soldiers were not killed/beheaded...but that the atrocity is just the kind of pretext that USrael uses to justify invasions and/or staying in a country long past it's welcome (not that it was ever welcomed in Syria).

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Kurds are and always have been USrael proxies in the Middle East!

    1. Hey Greencrow:
      I know you've been aware that the Kurds are US/Israel proxies- and I only wish more people would get that through their skulls- but alas- the brainwashing is tough to break through

      I was stunned to see sarah hitting on much of the info I'd posted for so many years- and happy

      "I was going to do a response on my blog about how this kind of atrocity-ridden victimization of the Kurds is a set up. Not to say that Kurdish soldiers were not killed/beheaded...but that the atrocity is just the kind of pretext that USrael uses to justify invasions and/or staying in a country long past it's welcome (not that it was ever welcomed in Syria)."

      Think of Iraq, when the US just had to intervene because 'saddam gassed the kurds'
      I don't even believe that!

      And have long felt that it was Kurd vs Kurd for the intent of getting the US to intervene

    2. I've attempted to leave Sarah a comment at Mint Press but honestly Disqus sucks- Hope she gets it!

    3. I've taken the time to email Sarah also
      Here's hopin she is better with email then I!

  2. Penny:

    Just saw your comment on SyrPer, and have to say that you're wasting your time with Ziad. The fool has no consitent opinions at all. For example:

    He was for Trump, before he was against him. Now he trusts him again.

    He trusted and supported the Kurds, now they are traitorous dogs.

    He constantly pronounced how Syria / Russia will retaliate for the next shutdown of a Syrian plane. Now, his tune is that its best not to retaliate.

    Not to mention the crap they spew regularly about the Turks.

    As far as I'm concerned he owes you a public apology, and an admital that he has changed his views because of your research.

    Syrian perspective, is no better the Nazi propaganda during the latter days of the war. Make extravagant pronouncements of victories, and downplay or ignore any uncomfortable developments. The people there are foolish amateurs.

    1. Mieszko: Ziad would never apologize.

      The spew about the Turks is to be expected because Israel wants greater Israel as do the US and UK.. they want to finish Turkey off in a way they couldn't before- so expect lots of on line shilling for the agenda.

      I rarely bother with Syper anymore- Just every once in a while pop in to check out the latest-

      However, I appreciate you stopping by here- it's nice to know some people think well of my work :)

  3. Penny, I check your blog daily for new articles,Thank you for your patience and understanding, if I want to get inform you are one of the site to it, Syr Per is and will be one of the other sites to get inform. We need Heroes and I in the need of hope I give myself a white lie that I know will dissipate in the future cu's in the absence of hope I look for something to hang on,Ziad might inflame things but he does with knowledge, and we suppose to take with of grain of salt and open mind, I am aware of You and Ziad, but all will be for the wellbeing of me and my descendants , these is war by deception , use ignorance and fanaticism eloquence or charisma , it happen that That I found you and Ziad with counting of other people that spend part of their life to bring the truth to light,Me in particular I thank you And will be looking for new posting here at Pennyforyourthoughts2., Your Amigo Pancho......Free Palestine

    1. Thank You Pancho- Real honest truth tellers are always my amigos-

      Ziad doesn't bother me- I can understand why he wants to have hope wrt Syria- Can't fault him for that.

      Hope is good, but, the real necessity is for the masses to change their own ways- Do their own homework and stop going along to get along..

      Dark forces really are working against us- People have to realize that is the REALITY.

      And the sunlight is a good cleanser- perhaps the best. That's my whole reason for being to shine light and disinfect from all the mind viruses that wrongly influence thinking.

      And Pancho, my amigo, I learn as I go along

      We can help one another to be more aware of the way our perceptions are managed
      And that's a very good thing
      Gracias ( Pancho Villa- Mexican revolutionary, so I'm going with Spanish?)

  4. read Sarah's latest...

    quite a bit in line with how I see things. Well written though just a tad sugar coated, which is to be expected trying to appeal to an audience that may be just opening thier eyes. takes baby steps many times for truth to get through. I do like her style though, very easy to follow.

    1. HI OJD
      Yes, I read her second part- very easy to follow

      "sugar coated" as opposed to my tough love approach?

      It's nice to read of someone else getting the facts out- I saw she got hammered in her first post.

      I tried to leave her a link to this post at mint press and my comments went into spam and never came through?
      do you have any luck with disqus?
      If you do can you leave a link to this post for her?
      Can someone else? I would appreciate it.

  5. I just checked my email and found a lovely response from Sarah Abed- She loved the post- Finally- Not getting hated on is such a nice change :)