Tuesday, August 8, 2017

“Abu Adam Al-Australi” Urges Terrorism Against Philippines

It's been a busy news day.  Below is the information I'd mentioned as forthcoming
Well, it's here.......... Yup, an Australian jihadi, via a video made in Raqqa, urges ISIS adherents to strike at the Philippines. And Australia too! Australia being an afterthought. The Philippines being the main attraction. 

Coinciding with the US desire to strike the Philippines as mentioned in yesterday's post?

US May Strike “ISIS” in the Philippines, TOMORROW. China/Philippines Joint Resource Exploration.

 Not a coincidence!
Abu Adam al Australi

Australian jihadist urges terror attacks against the Philippines & SMH
An Australian jihadist in Syria has issued a propaganda video urging attacks on the Philippines.

Mounir Raad, now known as Abu Adam al-Australia, also urges Islamic State supporters to use petrol, nail guns and trucks to target civilians in Australia.

The former Melbourne resident is seem among the rubble of Raqqa as the net closes in on IS in the Middle East.
Raad calls on Muslims in Australia to join the fight in the Philippines and attacks the Australian government for assisting in the Marawi conflict against his ‘brothers’.
“As for those of you who can’t make it to this battle [in Syria] … in particular to the Mujahideen [holy warriors] in Australia, then you should go aid your brothers in the fight against the crusader government of the Philippines,” he said.

Today the Australian government claimed it was donating money to help “rebuild” the war torn Islamic city of Marawi. “Rebuild” or foster an insurgency?
Today (Tuesday, August 8) it was announced that the Australian government is donating about 800 million pesos to help rebuild the war-torn Islamic city of Marawi.
 And Abu Adam al Australi says look the Australian government is pledging to assist, where is your pledge... Like they are on the same team?!
 Addressing the camera, Raad said: “The Australian government has already pledged to help and assist, so where is your pledge to Allah and Muslim, where is your pledge to Allah and Muslim?
 Location, location, location

And curiously we had that crash of the American Forces Osprey off the coast of Australia

 The 5 eyes are sure busy these days...

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  1. Adam Gadahn v 2.0? They need to develop more believable psyops.
    Has he already cut-up his Aussie passport?

    1. I thought of that right away!
      Adam, again.

  2. I've updated the first Philippines ISIS post with today's news that the operation will be named first (talked about that in the previous post) and then may take place early next week.

    I'll keep an eye on that. Also Pakistan. And will get back to Syria- too much going on!

  3. https://www.rt.com/news/389509-duterte-putin-moscow-meeting/