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Al Gore: "Truth to Power" - Carrying Propaganda to the Great Unconscious

 I'm dedicating this to Al Gore:

Al Gore- Truth to Power. Really? Yup, Truth to Power! Al Gore & Truth to Power??
I'm scratchin' my head! That title, alongside the very concept of Al Gore speaking truth to power, is preposterous. And yet many people will be enamoured of this very idea.
Choosing to ignoring the FACT that Al Gore has long been a part of the very power problem the rest of us have had to deal with. The very idea/ concept of Gore as a speaker of “Truth to Power” is so absurd. So inconsistent with reality, Truth &common sense that it can only be concluded the title was chosen as some kind of bad joke on all of us.

In fact, I can’t imagine a more surreal title for a Hollywood movie/documentary/psyop. 
And yet in our bizarro world- There it is. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

While reading about this movie, it's worth keeping in mind the reality of what Hollywood is. Perception Management/Culture creation/Citizen manipulation

Greatest Carrier of Propaganda to the Unconscious: Hollywood # Keep the Promise
“The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world to-day. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions.  The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.” ( Edward Bernays 1928)      
Nothing has changed from the time of  the Bernay's statement to date. Nothing! We’ve just recently witnessed the “White Helmets” winning an Oscar. Of course Al Gore’s first “documentary” was an Oscar winner also.  This should speak volumes to us all. Prestigious awards used to hoodwink the masses. “Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings”
    originates : Mid 17th century (in the sense 'illusion, conjuring trick'): from French, literally 'illusion, glamour', from late Latin praestigium 'illusion', from Latin praestigiae (plural) 'conjuring tricks'. The transference of meaning occurred by way of the sense 'dazzling influence, glamour', at first depreciatory.
And Al Gore's first documentary won an Oscar. Same as the White Helmets. Can you imagine the ridiculousness in both those wins? Wonder if this new one will be so duly honoured?

Tomorrow Al Gore’s latest “documentary” is set to hit the theatres here in Canada.

 Yup, he’s still speaking truth to power. And if you really believe that.. Check your critical thinking skills, please!

Of course I have zero intention of ever watching this movie. Just like I have zero intention of ever forcing the White Helmets documentary into my conscious  or unconscious mind for that matter.

I’ve noticed a plethora of fear mongering “news” stories regarding “climate change” or as I prefer, AGW, today. These are undoubtedly timed and should be considered as promotional material for the Al Gore” Truth to Power” Perception management flick.

And, I cannot forget to mention that this documentary will surely, as is intended, inflame the left/ right identity politics divide. 

Checking critical thinking: Terrence Corcoran

Please don't say- Oh, he's a right wing guy, a capitalist and any other labels that serve as distraction from the very good points he is making.
"Not many people remember Al Gore’s 2007 book, The Assault on Reason. 
Then there’s the book jacket that talks about the “politics of fear” and an opening chapter that warns: “If leaders exploit public fears to herd people in directions they might not otherwise choose, then fear itself can quickly become a self-perpetuating and free-wheeling force that drains national will and weakens national character.”
 A propaganda manual to fill readers with alarming images and claims
 Fear, adds Al Gore the great climate fear-monger, can be promulgated using three techniques: repetition, misdirection and making the irregular seem regular. “By using these narrative tools alone, anyone with a loud platform can ratchet up public anxieties and fears, distorting public discourse and reason.”
Gore’s politics-of-fear warning in 2007 targeted George W. Bush for allegedly resorting to fear of terrorism to invade Iraq. Irony awareness is apparently not part of Gore’s personality.
Irony awareness is definitely not part of Gore's personality. The irony of Gore speaking "Truth to Power" is not lost on myself!
 Chang fed Gore a flabby question about Canada that was bound to produce the following: “For me, Justin Trudeau is a breath of fresh airHe and his team were absolutely instrumental in helping us get the Paris agreement.” Funny, I thought Stephen Harper set the ground for Canada’s participation in the Paris agreement.
 Why yes it was the Harper government that laid the ground work for Paris.
 Of course there is a book with lots of images, and not too many words, to accompany and reinforce the unconscious carrier of propaganda film It's hard for the masses to understand words- So like small children loving their picture books- Al Gore spreads his rubbish via imagery.
As a propaganda manual, Sequel uses a magazine-style format to fill readers with alarming images and claims. There are graphs and pictures of soaring carbon emissions and temperatures, hurricane deaths, famines, rising sea levels, drownings, forest fires, droughts and more. Typical statement: “We are now trapping as much extra heat energy in the atmosphere as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs on the Earth’s surface every day.” Those few words of text appear over a giant colour photo of an iconic atomic bomb explosion spread across two full pages.
Another two-page photo spread hails Ontario for getting off coal, but makes no mention of the soaring hydro rates undermining the provincial economy
 Recall my post on the soaring hydro rates here in Ontario. Our premiere is now bribing us with our own money and future debt servitude to cut electricity rates because they were so onerous.

Meanwhile one cannot drive to Hamilton, nor stand atop the escarpment without having your visual enjoyment of the landscape blighted by the march of massive wind turbines.
 Too bad that Corcoran forgot to mention the BIG LIE. Or the word CHARLATAN

 Al Gore's Truth to Power

 If Terrence Corcoran is not palatable for you- Let's read an excerpt from this book- Al Gore: A Users Manual. Authors: Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair

You can read pages 44 thru to 46/47. Hell you can read more if you please.
Read about Al Gore Sr and Jr and there Occidental Chemical ties....
Ties I have zero doubts, still bind, Gore to the oil/chemical giant today.
Ties that enriched Al Gore. Ties that launched his political career

 While we're reading up on the past of Al "truth to power" Gore- Let's read about Occidental and it's modern day interests

Occidental has rebranded, of course. Love Canal left a taint on the Occidental name. 

Now Al Gore's benefactor in many ways is known as Oxy- Like Occidental but shortened to Oxy!

Check out Occidental's, oops I mean Oxy's interest in carbon injection for oil recovery
 CO2 Injection
"Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Occidental), headquartered in Houston, Texas, is one of the largest U.S. oil and gas companies, based on equity market capitalization"

Carbon extraction and sequestration benefits big oil. And they have been subsidized generously by the debt slave taxpayer to develop and employ these technologies to make even more profits

Flashback to 2009 :

Big Polluters (OIL) to reap the BENEFITS of climate deal

-Big energy and engineering companies will reap most profit from a climate deal due in December, as they use their financial and intellectual clout to grab low carbon subsidies
 -Utilities and oil companies, among the biggest polluters, are using their market awareness to stay ahead of a climate race, manoeuvring to own the most viable low-carbon technologies.
-In addition, they are a natural magnet for government incentives (not a surprise)

-CCS (carbon, capture and sequstration) is receiving billions of dollars but may take a decade to develop. It is popular with big corporates as a bolt-on to coal plants which may use depleted oil wells to store carbon dioxide
 In other words.. There is no way in hell that "big oil" is opposed to the BIG LIE of AGW.
Big oil and bankers go hand in hand. As do big pharma, factory farming and their petrochemical fertilizers etc.,

The carbon tax or cap and trade is designed for all of humanity to pay for it's very existence on this planet. Control. But you can be sure the entire BIG Lie of AGW and the carbon mythology has been concocted for the benefit of big oil/bankers

Speaking of profiting

Let's also go back to one of my more recent posts regarding geo-engineering and carbon extraction..

Geo-Engineering: Sucking up Carbon &Dimming the Sun to Cool Planet

Climeworks:  "It has a partnership with the automaker Audi, which hopes to use carbon in greener fuels"
 Using Carbon in greener fuels? Whaaaat???? Aren't we already using carbon as fuel. Yes, we are!
 Of course no one answered the question posed in this previous post:
"From 150 years ago- Toronto July 24 1867. It was 95 degrees F in the shade. That is 35 C. If it was 95 F in the shade you can believe it was 105-110 in the sun!

In 1867 the population of Toronto was a mere sliver of today's Toronto.
(for those interested: In 1867 Canada's entire population, approximately 3.1 million was slightly more then Toronto's is present day approx 2.8 million)
The city itself was nowhere near the giant heat island it is today.
And as you notice... no cars. No gas guzzling SUV's.
The industrial revolution had not begun.
The alleged carbon component of AGW had not been introduced.

So, how do you explain the 95 F or 35 C in the shade temperatures?"

150 Years Ago Toronto Sweltered- Today Temps are Below Normal

 Now, you might say I'm shooting the messenger. If that was only the case? He, Gore, is both the messenger and the beneficiary of the very agenda he is pushing.

I am therefore focusing on the benefits to just one beneficiary of this anti-human agenda. 

Love for this planet has not resulted in a cut back in electricity consumption in the Gore household. Nor his jet setting. Which lives large, to my reading, in Gore's talkin' truth to power.

Gore is a great spin doctor. But he ain't walkin his talk. Charlatan

Carbon billionaire Al Gore


  1. google is blocking the book, unable to read it.

    1. darn, sorry to read that :(
      I can see the book okay so I don't know what to say

      Did you try the link directly above the book? (I'll highlight it in orange- it's easy to miss)

      It'll take you right to the book

      let me know if that works for you?

    2. yes, it loaded on google's site, though I didn't read it. I don't need his crp in my head.

    3. it's quite enlightening OJD- I was reading more of it last night, including to my husband.

      Ironically CNN is pushing Gore as an environmentalist/climate activist - Yah, he's been one for 40 years now- that claim had me rolling on the floor laughing.

      "Al Gore's 40-year fight against global warming
      Former Vice President Al Gore has been a climate change activist for over 40 years"

    4. Recently Europe is experiencing a "very hot" summer.
      Seriously, does any one in the small patch of this planet between Canada and Mexico - believe themselves IMMUNE ??

    5. Hi Davoh: "Recently Europe is experiencing a 'very hot" summer?

      Have they had a recent patch of hot weather?

      Because france lost a vast chunk of it's wine grapes to an extremely late frost earlier this year.

      And from my latest reading.. their temps (europe) were going to turn cool, below normal, like here

      Immune from what?

      I hope you don't believe me to be a Trump fan?
      Nothing could be further from the truth in that regard!

  2. Total human contribution to carbon in the atmosphere in 2008 was only 4% of the total.


    "Here’s why it’s possible that doubling CO2 won’t make much difference.

    The carbon that’s already up in the atmosphere absorbs most of the light it can. CO2 only “soaks up” its favorite wavelengths of light, and it’s close to saturation point. It manages to grab a bit more light from wavelengths that are close to its favorite bands, but it can’t do much more, because there are not many left-over photons at the right wavelengths."

    just look at the graph in the above link. we can add 1000% more carbon and will have no effect at all.

    1. I shall check your link out asap
      I've a bunch of stuff regarding carbon I've been meaning to get to, but, then this post would have been even longer

    2. OJD; I read that link- I was somewhat familiar with the idea of carbon saturation? if that's accurate
      I had heard Randall Carlson mention this in a previous interview

  3. I though this was funny, if not just sick...

    "Al Gore's Home Devours 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household"

    1. Yah, i included that in the post above-
      I find more damming the Gore families ties to Occidental I mean Oxy- oil and chemicals

  4. Oddly, even you, Penny - in all your detailed investigations - seem to forget that there are, actually, knowledgable and intelligent people in the Southern Hemisphere of this planet.
    Would you believe that the most concentrations of population on this planet is within Indonesia?

    1. and davoh, I don't forget that there are people living in the southern hemisphere...

      I'm just not getting the point your making with that comment, is all?

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    1. And davoh, name calling is not acceptable-

  6. OK, believe this or not

  7. Davoh, have you checked all the links and do you have anything to comment on wrt the information at hand?
    Just curious