Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blistering Heat Wave Ontario, Canada !!!!

July 1936, that is! 

Mercury 101.3 Fahrenheit/38.5 C - not including the humidity As is always the case now- Cause that's how you present temperatures as hotter then they really are.

Temps as high as 103 F or 39.5 C.
In 1936. Before the industrial revolution. Before mass produced automobiles on the scale of our modern day. 

And only a fraction of the population

150 Years Ago Toronto Sweltered- Today Temps are Below Normal

Going back even further 

1930s – The Real Decade of Extreme Weather

If you’re looking for a decade of extreme weather – pick the 1930s, not the 2010s. The above graph is from the EPA and shows the Heat Wave Index since 1895. The decade of heat waves was the 1930s (when CO2 was roughly 310 parts per million).

 The Met Office Model Muddle

In the mind of the climate cult adherents it is better to ignore the past in favour of fabricating alleged future scenarios with their "models" Aka BIG LIES. The past and the facts don't fit their agenda.


  1. Thought that the "Industrial Revolution" started with the advent of burning coal to tun factories and provide steam power, putting it around the early 19th Century?

    Yes, they didn't have autos back then, but there was so much coal being burnt that cities like London were usually in a perpetual shroud of coal smoke.

    1. Hi Greg; sort of referencing the two stories at once. And the idea of two industrial revolutions

      the 150 year old heatwave and the nearly 100 year old heat wave, but, I will clarify that.

      That said, coal may have been being burnt in London, and it may have been smoggy but was it AGW? AKA 'climate change" (I'd assume if it was smoggy it may have been cooler, inability for suns rays to penetrate smog, but, that's just a reasonable guess)

      Apparently not, because, it's supposed to be hotter now then it's ever been on the planet- which makes no sense, because what caused all the ice to melt from the northern hemisphere?

      Oh right, that didn't happen- that's just one of those inconvenient truths..

      Gotta be honest Greg, glad the 2 mile deep ice that was present here along with the original very great lake is gone leaving the remnants of the great lakes or no one would be living here.

      And that's the whole point of the post- only lies and persistent lying about the past enables the selling of the present day AGW hoax agenda

      As of 7:00 am this morning it was 11 C or 52 F

      Yesterday, it was cool enough for a denim jacket
      August 05- When the sun finally came out it was in the low 70's - 72 F to be exact

      In August!!, that was the high for the day- we've spent the summer consistently below our norms-

      We've nearly no mosquitoes cause of the cool nights, despite adequate rain
      and I've only heard cicadas one night this summer- one night- cause it's so cool

      The AGW climate modelling is not fitting the real world- the AGW narrative is not fitting the real world and that's the idea of the post