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Origins of the ADL- Leo Frank and the Murder of Mary Phagan

In the previous post ,Tim Kelly Interviews E. Michael Jones: Meyer Lansky & The Cincinatti Ballet, I'd mentioned the questionable origins of the ADL. As an organization does it truly seek justice for those "defamed" ?
 Can't help but notice after  the Charlottesville incident, the ADL is one of the main mouthpieces to the media presenting the narrative we're supposed to believe. Southern Poverty Law Centre being another one. Why should we believe these narratives? The presenter and what is presented? Why is the ADL telling us what to think?  Who does the ADL really serve?  I'm going to save the historical creation of the ADL for another post! (It's a doozy) Knowing what I do know about the ADL, it has to be asked why should we accept any narrative that organization presents as worthy? What do they have to gain from pushing the anti christian black vs white narrative? More cultural degradation? More divisive identity politics?

 Anti Defamation League-

Defamation - Defamation is a statement that injures a third party's reputation

Therefore the Anti -defamation Leagues role is to prevent injury to "a third party" 

Rehash: random first party, can make a comment to a random second party, but it is the alleged injury to some mystical, random, whatever, third party, the ADL is attempting to prevent through it's so claimed anti defamation league
Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed

 The ADL was created immediately preceding or possibly during the Leo Frank trial for the  attempted raping and killing of a very young Irish American girl, Mary Phagan.

Mary Phagan
MARY PHAGAN was just thirteen years old. She was a sweatshop laborer for Atlanta, Georgia’s National Pencil Company. Exactly 100 years ago today — Saturday, April 26, 1913 — little Mary (pictured, artist’s depiction) was looking forward to the festivities of Confederate Memorial Day. She dressed gaily and planned to attend the parade. She had just come to collect her $1.20 pay from National Pencil Company superintendent Leo M. Frank at his office when she was attacked by an assailant who struck her down, ripped her undergarments, likely attempted to sexually abuse her, and then strangled her to death. Her body was dumped in the factory basement.

100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty

Leo Frank, a jewish man, who despite a ton of interference was found guilty of the attempted rape and brutal murder of 13 year old Mary Phagan. Yes, that's right a 13 year old child. When justice was overturned by the outgoing Governor the people took justice into their own hands, and they hung Mr Leo Frank themselves.

Of course the usual cries of antisemitism reverberated.
The outspoken agrarian populist and publisher, Tom Watson, wrote extensively and critically of the case, paying special attention to the charges of anti-Semitism; His publication, Watson’s Magazine, echoed sentiments similar to Dorsey’s.
In his magazine, Watson wrote,
Far and wide, the accusation has been strewn, that we [Southerners] are prejudiced against this young libertine [Frank], because he is a Jew. If there is such a racial dislike of the Hebrews among us, why is it that, in the formation of the Southern Confederacy, we placed a Jew in the Cabinet, and kept him there to the last? Why is it, we are constantly electing Jews to the State legislatures, and to Congress?”

Judging by all I've read Mr Frank was a pervert, sexual predator and a pedophile Other young women testified he had inappropriately touched them.

Leo Frank
One young woman, a 16 year old named Dewey Hall stated in court that Frank would talk to Mary Phagan “-two or three times a day.” These same women also testified to the fact that Frank was possessed of a decidedly lascivious nature and would regularly make sexual advances upon female factory workers, sometimes slipping away with them into a private room for suspiciously long stretches of time.
 Leo Frank, who was the head of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith, a Jewish fraternal order, was eventually convicted of the murder and sentenced to hang. After a concerted and lavishly financed campaign by the American Jewish community, Frank’s death sentence was commuted to life in prison by an outgoing governor. But he was snatched from his prison cell and hung by a lynching party consisting, in large part, of leading citizens outraged by the commutation order — and none of the lynchers were ever prosecuted or even indicted for their crime. One result of Frank’s trial and death was the founding of the still-powerful Anti-Defamation League.
I'm going to include just a few of the 100 reasons Leo Frank was most probably guilty of this heinous crime....
On the 100th anniversary of the inexpressibly tragic death of this sweet and lovely girl, let us examine 100 reasons why the jury that tried him believed (and why we ought to believe, once we see the evidence) that Leo Max Frank strangled Mary Phagan to death — 100 reasons proving that Frank’s supporters have used multiple frauds and hoaxes and have tampered with the evidence on a massive scale — 100 reasons proving that the main idea that Frank’s modern defenders put forth, that Leo Frank was a victim of anti-Semitism, is the greatest hoax of all.
1. Only Leo Frank had the opportunity to be alone with Mary Phagan, and he admits he was alone with her in his office when she came to get her pay — and in fact he was completely alone with her on the second floor. Had Jim Conley been the killer, he would have had to attack her practically right at the entrance to the building where he sat almost all day, where people were constantly coming and going and where several witnesses noticed Conley, with no assurance of even a moment of privacy.
2. Leo Frank had told Newt Lee, the pencil factory’s night watchman, to come earlier than usual, at 4 PM, on the day of the murder. But Frank was extremely nervous when Lee arrived (the killing of Mary Phagan had occurred between three and four hours before and her body was still in the building) and insisted that Lee leave and come back in two hours.
3. When Lee then suggested he could sleep for a couple of hours on the premises — and there was a cot in the basement near the place where Lee would ultimately find the body — Frank refused to let him. Lee could also have slept in the packing room adjacent to Leo Frank’s office. But Frank insisted that Lee had to leave and “have a good time” instead. This violated the corporate rule that once the night watchman entered the building, he could not leave until he handed over the keys to the day watchman. Newt Lee, though strongly suspected at first, was manifestly innocent and had no reason to lie, and had had good relations with Frank and no motive to hurt him.
4. When Lee returned at six, Frank was even more nervous and agitated than two hours earlier, according to Lee. He was so nervous, he could not operate the time clock properly, something he had done hundreds of times before. (Leo Frank officially started to work at the National Pencil Company on Monday morning, August 10, 1908. Twenty-two days later, on September 1, 1908, he was elevated to the position of superintendent of the company, and served in this capacity until he was arrested on Tuesday morning, April 29, 1913.)
Newt Lee
 Newt Lee
5. When Leo Frank came out of the building around six, he met not only Lee but John Milton Gantt, a former employee who was a friend of Mary Phagan. Lee says that when Frank saw Gantt, he visibly “jumped back” and appeared very nervous when Gantt asked to go into the building to retrieve some shoes that he had left there. According to E.F. Holloway, J.M. Gantt had known Mary for a long time and was one of the only employees Mary Phagan spoke with at the factory. Gantt was the former paymaster of the firm. Frank had fired him three weeks earlier, allegedly because the payroll was short about $1. Was Gantt’s firing a case of the dragon getting rid of the prince to get the princess? Was Frank jealous of Gantt’s closeness with Mary Phagan? Unlike Frank, Gantt was tall with bright blue eyes and handsome features.
J.M. Gantt

    6. After Frank returned home in the evening after the murder, he called Newt Lee on the telephone and asked him if everything was “all right” at the factory, something he had never done before. A few hours later Lee would discover the mutilated body of Mary Phagan in the pencil factory basement.

    7. When police finally reached Frank after the body of Mary Phagan had been found, Frank emphatically denied knowing the murdered girl by name, even though he had seen her probably hundreds of times — he had to pass by her work station, where she had worked for a year, every time he inspected the workers’ area on the second floor and every time he went to the bathroom — and he had filled out her pay slip personally on approximately 52 occasions, marking it with her initials “M. P.” Witnesses also testified that Frank had spoken to Mary Phagan on multiple occasions, even getting a little too close for comfort at times, putting his hand on her shoulder and calling her “Mary.”
8. When police accompanied Frank to the factory on the morning after the murder, Frank was so nervous and shaking so badly he could not even perform simple tasks like unlocking a door.
9. Early in the investigation, Leo Frank told police that he knew that J.M. Gantt had been “intimate” with Mary Phagan, immediately making Gantt a suspect. Gantt was arrested and interrogated. But how could Frank have known such a thing about a girl he didn’t even know by name?
10. Also early in the investigation, while both Leo Frank and Newt Lee were being held and some suspicion was still directed at Lee, a bloody shirt was “discovered” in a barrel at Lee’s home. Investigators became suspicious when it was proved that the blood marks on the shirt had been made by wiping it, unworn, in the liquid. The shirt had no trace of body odor and the blood had fully soaked even the armpit area, even though only a small quantity of blood was found at the crime scene. This was the first sign that money was being used to procure illegal acts and interfere in the case in such a way as to direct suspicion away from Leo M. Frank. This became a virtual certainty when Lee was definitely cleared.

A few members of Mary Phagan's family; originally published in the Atlanta Georgian

A few members of Mary Phagan’s family; originally published in the Atlanta Georgian

You can, of course, read the other 90 reasons why it is Leo Frank was guilty of this crime for yourself. Mr Frank had the motivation and the means to commit this crime. He had inappropriately touched/harassed or molested other workers on previous occasions. Employing his authority to get his way. He was well connected, affluent and undoubtedly believed his money and connections would allow for such vileness 

Here's where we come around to the creation of the ADL. To protect a child killer and rapist? They sure didn't care much for the dead child!  That said Frank was, I suspect,  only the name attached to a concept . That concept/idea/ meme was truly what the ADL was protecting. An identity politics hot button/perception managing idea

What third party concept was the ADL created to protect ?

The ADL relentlessly promotes the ever present, hovering spectre of anti semitism as a means of defaming anyone and everyone. Who ever, what ever group or individual is chosen as a target.

They are the epitome of that which they claim to be against. The ADL is the pinnacle of defamation. The media willingly aids this organization in a  their non-stop pursuit of defamation/slander and libel against any individual or group of individuals chosen for targeting

 Charlottseville made this so very obvious to me.

 The ADL carried out a campaign of defamation against all white christian persons- Callin' it as I see it!  And by no means was I alone in noticing. Last week the article below was written & posted  by Gilad Atzmon at his  blog- it's worth linking to with a partial quotation

American Society isn’t a Zoo and White People Aren’t Monkeys

By Gilad Atzmon  
How to make well-meaning Americans into antisemites?
Make sure they read Peter Beinart’s Forward article,  The One Thing Jews Should Be Doing To Combat White Supremacy.
Beinart, a light Zionist ‘intellectual’  has kindly revealed how American Jews reacted when they heard the “neo-Nazis” chant, “Jews will not replace us.”  Some were fearful,  but, Beinart asserts, many others were somehow amused by it. “Replace you? Where, behind the counter at Wendy’s? We’re successful, industrious, upper-middle class. You’re the dregs of society. Replace you? Don’t kid yourselves. When it comes to America’s class hierarchy, we replaced you and your kind long ago.”

The dregs of society? 

One might advise Beinart that looking down on Goyim and calling them ‘neo Nazis’ and ‘supremacists’ while simultaneously engaging in his own tribal self-love, supremacist exercise is a very dangerous game.
Beinart claims that ‘white nationalists’ are largely a dysfunctional group of economy victims. “Studies show that in purely economic terms, white supremacists don’t differ much from the population as a whole. But they do differ from Jews, who are America’s wealthiest religious group.”

Defaming white christians is what the ADL is up too. Not justice. No sireee. Just more of that divisive identity politics.
It's right in your face! If you can't see it, then you're willfully blind.

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