Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PKK/YPG Ask US to Hinder Syrian Arab Army Advances On Syrian Territory

Anyone who has read here for the past three years or longer,  knows with certainty, I do not find this request a surprise or a shock. The YPG/PKK, always misrepresented and grossly so,  as "Syrian Kurds", wants the US led "coalition", which is  approximately 95 percent the US doing the bombing & ethnic cleansing of real Syrians, to block the SAA from taking back territory from ISIS because the "Syrian Kurds" can't get there fast enough to have ISIS hand it over to them!

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ARA news -  Also covered by Daily Sabah, but, I went to a Kurdish media outlet (ARA) for the information below.  All those that cheered these thug Kurdish militias on have earned my everlasting disgust. 

Leading members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Sunday held a meeting with officials of the US-led coalition and discussed the Assad regime’s threats on the federal border, and discussed the future of Raqqa after ISIS is defeated.
The “federal border”? Of what?  Federal border of where? Northern Syria? That's Syria! Raqqa? That's Syria! Deir Ezzor. That's Syria! Syrian Territory Annexed/Stolen by PKK/YPG territory with the help of the US and Israel is Syrian territory.
The meeting was attended by officials of the US State Department, and the commander of the US special forces in northern Syria.
How can there be a US Commander of Special Forces in Syria? Is the US illegally occupying Syria and assisting in the ethnic cleansing of ordinary Syrians? Yes!
The meeting included local officials such as Ilham Ahmed, (kurd) the joint co-head of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), SDF spokespersons Jihan Sheikh Ahmed (kurd) and Talal Silo (kurd), and Layla Mustafa,(kurd) the co-head of the Raqqa Civilian Council, besides the two co-Chairs of the Tabqa Council, and Idris Mohammed, (kurd) head of the Internal Security Forces in Raqqa.
Gosh, where are the Arab Syrians..

"The meeting focused on the challenges facing Raqqa after its liberation on all levels, including security, governance, and economy. Moreover, the goal was to form a common vision on the future of the alliance between the US-led coalition and the SDF-affiliated forces and governance bodies.

The officials also discussed interventions of regional countries and attempts by the Syrian regime to obstruct the Raqqa campaign. “This was one of the most important challenges that must be addressed,” SDF officials told the coalition.

“Therefore, the international coalition must do what it has to do to deter the Syrian regime in its violations on the federal border.”

I'll repeat that!

“Therefore, the international coalition must do what it has to do to deter the Syrian regime in its violations on the federal border.”
"The meeting also discussed the security of post-liberation Raqqa, and the institutionalization of local police forces in cooperation with the US-led coalition.

The coalition is coordinating with Russia to prevent attempts by the Syrian government to hinder the Raqqa campaign.

“Syrian regime forces are very close to the area that our forces (US-backed SDF) are operating in, and we actually had an incident on June 18th in which our forces shot down a Syrian jet that violated an agreement that we had on the ground of where they could go and where they could not go,” coalition envoy Brett McGurk said on Friday."

“Since then, we have drawn what we call a deconfliction line with the Russians to help accelerate the campaign in Raqqa and to basically make clear where their forces will be and where our forces will be,” he said.
“This has held extremely well. This is now in place. Our military personnel speak with the Russians every day, and we, of course, have diplomatic consultations on issues like this far less frequently but whenever we need to,” he concluded.

While the SDF forces are liberating Raqqa neighbourhood by neighbourhood, Syrian regime-backed tribal forces and the Syrian army are pushing ISIS back south of Raqqa"

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  1. Israel is PO that the complete destruction of Syria didn't happen and is still trying to salvage something from that illegal invasion of Syria.
    It's amazing how many MSM outlets keep calling that invasion by the US, SA, Turkey and Israel a 'civil' war.