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The Myth of White Privilege- The Reality of White Slavery

Sigh..... I’m tired of reading this term.”White Privilege”
: the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people
It’s simple race baiting at it’s most abhorrent and yet no one recognizes it for what it is.

There was a discussion on the topic of slavery taking place over at Syper’s.
Some were pointing out the FACT of white slavery. Such as your’s truly.
Yet one person insisted on using arbitrary parameters to define slaves (blacks) vs indentured servitude (whites) This is sophistry and political correctness at it’s most appalling and offensive.

Without entirely relinquishing familial privacy... I’ll make the case that whites have indeed been slaves. While making clear white slavery doesn’t get any notice or attention. Why might that be?
My contention is recognizing this REALITY does not serve the political agendas of the past several decades- Particularly since the 60's. To recognize the reality of white slavery would reduce or take away from the idea of the uniqueness of black slavery. This idea of uniqueness is one we’ve had seeded into our psyche.  We’ve been inculcated with this idea that the only slaves, through out all of history, have been black persons from Africa. And that’s due to the bad ‘white man’ and his rampant racism.

Not to downplay black slavery. Indeed, there were black slaves. And they endured horrific treatment.  But, why, why is there any such thing as slavery. That's the real question no one asks.
Of blacks or whites? Chinese?  Men? Women? Children? Etc.,  Why is their, in existence today, the modern day incarnation of the slave trade. The one known as the global labour market? (yes that is just another slave trade that barely gets notice and isn't called what it is!)  The simplest and most obvious motivation for slavery is profit- Plain and simple. Filthy Lucre.

Black persons involved in the black slave trade- Including black owners, of black slaves

I have no doubt that there were plenty of black persons complicit in the trade of other blacks. It’s only sensible. There had to have been blacks partnered with the non black slave traders - A very brief search brings up an article almost immediately verifying what already seemed obvious.

African chiefs urged to apologise for slave trade
Tribal leader Ancestors Sold People to Slave Traders
“The Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria has written to tribal chiefs saying: "We cannot continue to blame the white men, as Africans, particularly the traditional rulers, are not blameless."
Is it not even more heinous that a black tribal leader would sell his own people into slavery?

The idea that the ‘bad white man’ was doing this without conspiring with tribal leaders, who obviously, had followers, is absurd- Common sense, if people had any, would have seen this obvious truth already occurring to the masses.

 An estimated 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in the year 1860

Jewish Slavers 

Then of course, besides the evil white man, we had the Jews heavily involved in the slave trade.
An irrefutable fact, admitted by the jews themselves- Indisputable- Where’s their guilt burden?
Why is it only the anglo white man that has to own all the guilt for the slave trade? 

“Money was earned by Jewish communities in South America, partly through slavery, and went to Holland, where Jewish bankers handled it,” he said. “Non-Jews were also complicit, but so were we. I feel partly complicit.”
Forward: History of Dutch Jews Role in Slavery Is Bluntly Depicted
“A few days after their arrival, slaves were sold here to Dutch and Portuguese Jewish merchants,” an exhibition wall text notes of Wagenaer’s illustration, one of very few representing the slave trade. Half of the slaves died from hunger and thirst en route to Brazil, according to the exhibit catalog.Read more:
“A few days after their arrival, slaves were sold here to Dutch and Portuguese Jewish merchants,” an exhibition wall text notes of Wagenaer’s illustration, one of very few representing the slave trade. Half of the slaves died from hunger and thirst en route to Brazil, according to the exhibit catalog.Read more:
“A few days after their arrival, slaves were sold here to Dutch and Portuguese Jewish merchants,” an exhibition wall text notes of Wagenaer’s illustration, one of very few representing the slave trade. Half of the slaves died from hunger and thirst en route to Brazil, according to the exhibit catalog.Read more:
Jews were given special dispensation to work their slaves on Sunday instead of Saturday
Jews and the Slave Trade

Very clearly the slave trade was an all ethnicity, religion and colour- money making opportunity! Just the facts!! If you can handle facts, truth and reality? 

If your prefer perception managed indoctrination I guess you should read no further?

 What about White Slaves?

Found this first article which is based on this second article
Banner images used are from the highlighted article
 In England, the recruiting agents who were polite enough not to bop you on the head and drag you onto a slaveship were called “drums,” because they restricted their activity to drumming up recruits. Those who slipped a mickey in your beer or overpowered you in a grimy alley were called “crimps” or “spirits.” The spirit, perhaps accompanied by several other burly ghosts, would snatch his prey quietly and suddenly. If a person disappeared suspiciously, they were thought to have been “spirited away.” According to historian Richard Hofstadter, the spirit was someone who “waylaid, kidnapped, or induced adults to get aboard ships for America. Often their victims were taken roughly in hand.”13 Gary B. Nash writes that “Kidnapping and shanghaiing of drifters and drunks was endemic. Many unfortunate seaport dwellers awakened one morning with a head-splitting hangover to find themselves in the hold of a ship headed westward across the Atlantic.”14
A British folk song from the era conjures the chilling subconscious havoc wrought by the spirit gangs:

    The night I was a-married,/
    And on my marriage bed,/
    There come a fierce sea captain/
    And stood by my bed stead.
    His men, they bound me tightly/
    With a rope so cruel and strong,/
    And carried me over the waters/
    To labor for seven years long.15

Adults weren’t the only whites being kidnapped and sold into colonial slavery. Forcible seizure of homeless and orphaned children was widespread. It was commonly known as “kid-nabbing,” later mangled by the Cockneys into “kidnapping.Hundred of thousands of British kids were nabbed into slave work not only for colonial plantations, but also into forced domestic child labor for Britain’s smoke-snorting industrial machine.16
Because kidnapped men, women, and children were assigned forged contracts of indenture—or, in several cases, no indentures at all until they arrived in the New World—it’s difficult to gauge what percentage of white indentured servants came here against their will. In The Mind of the South, W.J. Cash guesses that “the greater number” of indentured servants “seem to have been mere children or adolescents, lured from home by professional crimps or outright kidnapped.”17
As with black slaves from Africa, white slaves from Europe were being kidnapped and shipped overseas not for reasons of unvarnished human hatred, but because it was profitable. When all the horrors are peeled away, the spirit business was precisely that—a business. Without a strong profit motive, the wholesale seizure of white flesh wouldn’t have occurred. “One could kidnap a man at random in the alleys of London and be sure of a ready sale for him in the South,” writes Thomas J. Wertenbaker in The First Americans.18 An ad in a 1784 New York newspaper refers to a still-vibrant “traffick of white people,”19 and an 1829 judicial decision notes that “It was formerly a considerable business to import Irish and German servants.”20

In the course of our comment exchange at Syper I mentioned that one of my grandparents (grandfather) was a Barnardo Home boy- White/blue eyed and enslaved at the age of 8.
 We have a copy of one of his “contracts”. (Another individual shared the contract of their ancestor with the Star)  It’s quite shocking for me to both read and understand his predicament as one of this slave child’s ancestors. Where are my reparations???? 

 Sadly, I never did meet him. The extreme hardship he endured in his life contributed to general poor health and his early death. He never knew his many grandchildren or great grandchildren. Truth be told, he had family in England- I met one member long afterwards.  I'm uncertain if he had ever seen them after he was shipped here, prior to his passing.

I suspect, in all honesty, and believe there is enough information available to support the contention, that this shipping of very young children to places like Canada & Australia was little more then a money making scheme done under the guise of charity. For profit, slavery.

Showing nothing has changed from the past to now regarding the charity racket. Or the slavery racket. And the enslavement of these white British children comes after the black slave trade we hear and read and view so much about.

  The wages (indentured servitude)  supposed to have been paid and held in trust were most often never given to the children- I suspect, but, haven’t researched on whether or not fees were paid to the ‘charitable groups’ to have a child slave sent to you. A few of the children may have got lucky, but, abuse was rampant. Home girls were raped. Quite likely home boys were also raped.

But none of this matters because they were “privileged whites” Or so the story goes?
Of course, please do assume,  the privileged white ancestors are still benefiting from all this  white privilege to this day- NOT! -I'm obviously being completely facetious 
More then 100,000 allegedly orphaned, but most likely children stolen for profit were sent to
Canada alone. Others went elsewhere.

Walter Knight (Left) - Where was his so called white privilege?
The Star

Here is some coverage on a few of the  children shipped to Canada

Dozens of ‘British home children’ lie forgotten in Etobicoke cemetery
Charles Bradbury was still a child when his throat was slit with a razor on Feb. 1, 1897. His charred remains were found the same day in a burned-down barn near the Don River
Charles is one of 75 children whose remains lie buried, unmarked and virtually forgotten in a pair of mass graves at an Etobicoke cemetery. They were drops in the wave of British home children, sent in droves from the U.K. to build a fresh life on Canadian soil.
One article from 1905 on the death of a 15-year-old Barnado’s child reads: “The autopsy showed he had been prodded with a pitchfork, was under-nourished and poorly clad and bruised, had severely frostbitten hands and feet, and fractured skull. He lay on a bed of manure in his coffin.”
At the time, authorities believed they were solving a problem: destitute children in the overcrowded, disease-riddled cities of Victorian Britain needed a fresh start; Canada’s mostly rural population needed labour.
All too often, the freshly minted farm hands and domestics — many as young as 10 — emerged from poverty or orphanhood overseas to find abuse, neglect and isolation waiting on the other side.
Barnardo’s did not respond to requests for comment.
Agreement of servitude aka slavery- 
This copy of the indenture agreement for British Home Child Cecil Bennett binds him to work as a farm labourer for five and a half years at $21 per year. From that amount would be deducted all his expenses, clothing, haircuts and other “necessaries.”
Very familiar looking
Expecting to learn of a dozen plots at most, Oschefski contacted the cemetery. They sent her a list of 75.

“That just blew me away,” Oschefski said.

Over 50 years, their remains were piled into plots intended for no more than 24 caskets.
Jennifer Harrington, who curated an ongoing home child exhibit at Black Creek Pioneer Village, said many home children “were treated poorly, or even terribly abused.”

Harrington noted the sense of shame that accompanied the term Home Child. “They felt a bit like outcasts, and sometimes they were treated that way.”

“They worked on the farm with the idea that they would … have a nest egg once they were adults,” released from their contract at 18, with their meager earnings supposedly held in trust by organizations like Barnardo’s,” Harrington said. “Payment didn’t always happen.”
Bound to labour
This “after-sailing notice” from Dr. Barnardo’s Homes illustrates how the agency sent kids to Canada without alerting the parents beforehand. Parents lost their rights as guardians once a child was placed into care. “It destroyed these families; it destroyed these people,” says researcher Lori Oschefski.
Benjamin Butterworth
Benjamin Butterworth, an orphan and milk delivery boy now buried at Park Lawn, stepped onto the tracks as two trains were approaching from opposite directions. He died from the impact in hospital at age 15 on Nov. 13, 1898. “The children were labelled as trouble-makers and degenerates by Canadian press and by society,” Oschefski says. “If anything happened, they were blamed.”
Stepped onto the train tracks as two trains were approaching from opposite directions? Was it suicide to end what may have been insufferable living conditions? Did he wonder about his mom and dad?

Albert Jefkins, left, worked on a farm in Ontario as a boy.

British Home Children
For the most part, these children were not picked up from the streets but came from intact families, who, through sickness or even death of one of their parents, had fallen on hard times. Because there was no social system in place to help them get through these difficult circumstances, the family had no other way than to surrender their offspring to the organizations.

Sometimes this was meant to be a temporary solution until the family got back on their feet and there are cases on record where some parents went back to pick their children up, only to find that they had already been sent away. Sometimes the parents received an ‘after sailing’ notification, informing that their children had been emigrated a week before.


No one in their right mind, while maintaining a straight face, cannot call this anything but slavery. It may not fit your Hollywood implanted arbitrary parameter of what constitutes “slavery’ , brought to us via Roots, the Colour Purple and so many others movies promoting a specific idea or concept, (because really not to many people read books and most people, pathetically, believe reality as presented on their screen)  but real life isn’t Hollywood and Hollywood isn’t real life. Hollywood is an artificial representation of reality complete with political motivations.  Always. It is the simulacrum.
 “The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world to-day. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions.  The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.” (Bernays 1928)   
 If you're offended that's your problem-I'm offended at the very idea that persons like my Grandfather and all their respective descendants, of which there are many, are constantly demonized, bullied and shamed into feeling guilty for 'black slavery' when they had nothing to do with it! The white descendants from slaves are not recognized as such because, recognizing this obvious fact would disable the campaign of guilt and shame employed against such persons.

A form of collective punishment is employed against all targeted persons (white christians) for actions they are not responsible for
Collective punishment: Penalty imposed on every member of a group without regard to his or her involvement in the group's actions and conduct.


  1. I do not know if this book is still available. I have it beside me now in paperback, a gift from one of those dispossessed British children.

    Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys. Highly recommended if you want to learn more about the stolen British children. 150,000 children were stolen and spread about Canada, Australia and Rhodesia. Interestingly, the children sent to Rhodesia were sent on a different premise. They were sent there to set down strength against the natives, not just slaves to labour. This programme for all stolen children was only ended in 1967.

    I knew quite a few of these people. The one I have a happy story about. He was a wild biker, a fashion designer, not a man to fade into the woodwork. Beautiful soul. He did all the work to rise on his own once he broke free.

    My fiance loved him dearly and was very skilled with computers. He somehow managed to find Trent's father still living in Liverpool. They were in Melbourne. The father and son were reunited and both died of natural causes with a few months of each other and buried side by side.

    The father had gone to sea. His wife died giving birth and there was no one to care for the child but an elderly relative who was assured at the orphanage that, when father returned, the child would be waiting for him to take home. Father was told the child had died so he moved on with his life and a deep sorrow.

    Meanwhile, the orphanage nuns switched a few numbers around, changed Trent's birth-name around a bit, and shipped him off to Australia along with many others once he was old enough. That was in the early 1950's.

    Meanwhile, as you know, over at my blog I have done muchos work on White Slavery in the past. Amazingly they still draw readers!

    Excellent piece and thanks for the chance to remember someone I cared for deeply. His was .. omg his was such a soft soul but stronger than iron... as a result of the abuse he and the others received.

    I remember one time. A group of us were sitting talking about being outdoors in the summer in the wilderness. One of these men suddenly went silent. I asked what was wrong. He said this reminded him of being tied up to a tree and abused by the priests who just rode off on their horses leaving him behind to the creatures of the night. I will add that, years ago when the church was facing charges on pedophilia in Aus, he was set to testify. He was nabbed and tortured until he promised to say nothing. As for walking again? Well he still uses a cane.

    Tall tales, no. Slavery is so real and NO respecter of race, religion or anything other than profit.

    1. oh and thanks for sharing your story-
      I came across that book while writing this post, I'm going to see if it is available.
      May make me feel better or worse? Don't know?
      But, I'm going to look for it

    2. Damn I get emotional when I think of this stuff, too. I wrote you a fabulous response then signed myself out rather than hit publish. Cuss cuss.

      Yes the book has a good ending. Not a happily ever after but, still good enough and better than most. The author became an activist and energy was stirred up ... resulting in passports and access to the usual benefits of citizenship. The government had heretofore ignored the existence of these stateless people because most had no legal existence. They were land-bound and unable to travel abroad. And the ill health that was the result of their childhood abuse could now be covered.

    3. I know what you mean, cause it makes me feel like crying to
      The book you mentioned is more about the home children sent to Australia- which wasn't near the number of them sent to Canada

      Did look at Amazon and see there are about 4 books written on the subject of white child slavery here in Canada.

      I'm going to put at least one on my wish list, for sure!

  2. Hey Noor

    From all I hear my Grandfather was a good man- hard working beyond all belief- most people now a days would shudder at the level of work he did on a daily basis

    I wish I could have known him. Sadly, all I know are the stories- It does leave one feeling a bit robbed.

    Denied from knowing a person who is a vital part of your family tree. And connects you to an entirely different nation.


  3. Hi Penny, just wanted to send you a link on a propaganda article about Dieudonné and Soral's visit to North Korea

    don't be fooled by the title nknews, it's a pure western propaganda site. If they think they have to publish something it means that the CIA is not amused by our "quenellers".

    1. thanks Gallier
      I did take a bit of a detour today so it will be good to read something else-

    2. Hey Galllier!
      couldn't read your link without subscription, but, could read this one

      Reads like a hit piece rather then actually covering the visit
      why the visit
      what events will take place
      what meetings

      I did see the 'antisemite/hate' label employed several times though!

  4. Thanks for this interesting and unique post. Not many people cover the white slavery as they are too afraid of being labelled a 'white supremacist' or something like that! I have realised is that people have become so caught up in identity politics and internal divisions that no one cares about the truth - all they care about is meaningless name-calling. I don't even know what to believe anymore. Black people are overly victimised in the same way as the Jews are but all for political reasons.
    My parents, and especially my father work so hard to this day. They own a small off-licence and they work 15 hours a day, 7 daysa week, 365 days a year. All for nothing. We're all slaves...

    1. Ally :

      "Not many people cover the white slavery as they are too afraid of being labelled a 'white supremacist' or something like that! "

      And isn't that shame? Really it is. The indoctrination is so heavily applied that people cannot even understand that whites have been enslaved also- Including by other whites and the state, but, also there is information covering jewish and arabic slavers of white people

      "I have realised is that people have become so caught up in identity politics and internal divisions that no one cares about the truth - all they care about is meaningless name-calling."

      And the identity politics is the distraction-the reality is slaving crosses all colours/race and religions with profits being the real consideration.

      "Black people are overly victimised in the same way as the Jews are but all for political reasons"

      How else could one play identity politics unless we had victims and bad guys- It's that simplistic a presentation/narrative for the very complex historical and present day issues that is the huge problem

      Yes, Ally we are all slaves. It's the way society has been set up. We're distracted with glamour while being forced to servitude for a pay check

      Believe it or not this was not an easy post. I am a pretty private person and believe in privacy.
      That said, there is no such thing as white privilege- it's an idea presented by/through the media to play two groups, one against the other.

      There are some more privileged black, brown, red, yellow, white people and then there is the rest of us fighting over who is more privileged when it is really none of us-

    2. There's a popular Bedouin saying that, if you have a bag of rats and you want to keep the rodents from escaping, you have to keep shaking the bag.

      And something from my own, point. For some odd reason people like to carry unnecessary baggage of ghosts.
      The work of ghosts should not dictate what we should do, but help to find ourselves. But alas instead of understanding ghosts people embrace their ghosts and thus are continuing the path of the dead.

    3. Kaz: "The work of ghosts should not dictate what we should do, but help to find ourselves. But alas instead of understanding ghosts people embrace their ghosts and thus are continuing the path of the dead"

      I like that- And understand it's meaning, I hope?
      Not to let the past dictate the future?

      But without any real understanding of the real actual past- the contrived past will continue to dictate the future- I'm hoping a post on the real historical past will help others stop walking the path of the dead

      and I like the rat saying too :)

    4. Not to let the past dictate the future? Blindly.

      I mean if you understand the reasoning, the goals, the why etcetera and you formed your own opinion and you agree. I would say go ahead. But there is only so much we know for certain and so many scholars or non-scholars telling you history.

      On what basis are we going to accept what is the right history. By looking at which people are persecuted ?.
      Or read between the lines what established historians are trying to convince you off. This is bloody time intensive.

      As someone who likes to know about history it looks like an and excuse the term. A Brothel with a wide variety of preferences. And I am entirely disgusted by it. In order to put this right there is no way going around it, you need capital.

    5. I'm ok with the history I've presented here- it's sourced and it's personal- which means I can verify based on something I actually know.

      but I get your point

  5. Penny:

    In addition, as you probably know, modern day slavery is commonly know as " white slavery " . There's a reason for that. Its main practitioners are Israeli Jews, and to a lesser degree Gulf Arabs. Jerusalem is notorious for having thousands of non-Jewish women in sexual bondage.

    There are a few documentaries on the subject you might want to see. Sadly, a majority of these women are of my people, which are, Eastern European Slavs. Let me just add that I wouldn't need any weapons to deal with these modern day Juden slavers, if I ever ran into them. My rage would be uncontrollable.

    Also, the Jewish participation in the slave trade was much greater then you might think. Just like with modern day, highly profitable industries, the Jews had the market cornered. You should look into the history of the Monsanto Family, which control The Monsanto Corp today. Jewish wealth didn't come from a vacuum.

    1. hey Mieszko!

      can you leave the names of the documentaries for myself and others?
      are they in english?
      The history of the Monsanto Family?

  6. I consider myself as the result of slavery. My dad as prisoner of war (at age 17) was sold by the Americans to the French who sent him and several hundred thousand other Germans and Austrians in the mines of Lorraine and the North. For 2 years these prisoners of war were exploitet under very difficult condition illegaly. It was illegal to put prisoner of war to heavy work. Nobody (not even my dad) found that illegitimate after the treatment of prisoners in Germany during war (i.e. they were sent to work for the war effort in Germany (read Irvings biography of Milch to discover some surprizing facts), it only undermined the moral high ground of the allies.
    In 1949 the German prisoners in the mines of Lorraine where my dad was, were liberated. The conditions were at that time much better and the French gouvernment made an offer to the Germans freshly freed. They could stay with regular contracts if they liked to. More than 48000 including my dad, accepted the deal as it still was very difficult conditions in Germany. My dad had also already met my mom, who lived in a German town near the Lorraine border where the prisoner of war could under condition go out once in a while. As my oldest brother was already underway, this might have influenced slightly his decision to stay in France. They had in and for all 6 children of which I'm the last one born in 65.

    1. To make it clear, while I technically consider putting prisoners of war to forced labour a kind of slavery (forced labour is forced labour), I'm not blaming (and my dad didn't either) anyone for it after WWII. There was a certain logic and even legitimacy behind it, but it only precludes the moral highground western allies displayed after the war. that's all.

    2. Hey Gallier: here in Canada we had German labour camps also aka slave camps..

      The allies were more then happy to enslave soldiers, so, yes... moral highground of the allies?
      non existent