Thursday, August 24, 2017

U.S. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis says Russia wants to ‘redraw international borders by force’

The Star
Russia wants to "redraw international borders by force"

-Says the US Defence Secretary. Representing the nation that aided and abetted the overthrow, violently, of the actual elected President of the Ukraine.

-Says the US Defence Secretary. Representing the nation that has rampaged from north Africa through to the middle east and Asia, overthrowing governments, murdering leaders and generally creating the conditions that guarantee international borders will be redrawn all through the use of force.

-While ignoring the fact that Crimea, chock full of ethnic Russians, held a referendum, deciding to go back to their homeland.  Only after the US overthrew their elected leadership in Ukraine.
And only we, the US, can ‘redraw international borders by force’ Jim Mattis surely must have been heard to say, while stomping his feet?!

 Speaking alongside Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on August 24, Mattis said that providing defensive weapons to Ukraine should not be seen as provocative "unless you are an aggressor."

Defensive weapons? Don’t think so!
Only considered provocative by an aggressor? Don’t think so!

Hey Jim Mattis.....
From Earlier Today:

Talks Reassure Israel that the US wants Iran out of Syria


  1. Nice one, Penny! You're on the job as usual, I see. Between this guy and poor Bennie the Rat, among others, I think a certain desperation is breaking out all over. Thanks Penny!

  2. "Russia wants to "redraw international borders by force""
    Just keeping it real, but that is russia's thing, look at the forceful expansion with high civilians costs they did when they were ruled by a tsar and what they did when they were communist and when they became Russia.
    Last such hint was in 2014

    But like you said, how the Americans behave in general with regards to countries in need of **peace keeping and anti terrorism**. They don't really have a foot to stand on.

    Because while its may be true that Russia tries to take over its neighbors and beat them into submission, Americans just beat their neighborhood into submission.