Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cruise Missile Attack from Russia Avenges Lieutenant General Valery Asapov Death?

Via the Aviationist:

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Russian long-range Tupolev Tu-95 “Bear” bombers launched cruise missile strikes against targets said to be controlled by Daesh Takfiri terrorists in the Syrian provinces of Deir al-Zour and Idlib on Sept. 26, 2017.

The strikes were largely in retaliation for the death of a high-level Russian commander in the region, Lieutenant General Valery Asapov. Asapov was most recently reported as commander of the 5th Red Banner Army. He was posted to Syria on special assignment as a senior military adviser. Lieutenant General Asapov died in a mortar attack by Daesh terrorists during operations outside Dayr al-Zawr over the weekend. Asapov’s death happened approximately 450 kilometers (280 miles) northeast of Damascus, the Syrian capital. Some Russian internet blogs have partially blamed U.S. interference, including intelligence leaks in the region, for Lieutenant General Asapov’s death.
It's pretty certain that the US passed the intel to their proxies 

KH101 Cruise Missile
The KH-101 cruise missile has an effective combat range of 2,790-3,000 miles (about 4,500+ kilometers) and can carry a variety of different warheads depending on the target to be struck. This newest of the Russian cruise missiles is reported to have low-observable (“stealth”) characteristics and is capable of adjusting its targeting while in flight to the assigned target. It’s accuracy is reported as “within 10 meters”. Russian media reports showed the missiles striking large buildings as well as encampments in the Syrian desert.
The Russian Bear/KH101 strikes on Deir al-Zour and Idlib were escorted by a number of some version of Sukhoi Su-27 fighter aircraft as the strike package flew over Iran and Iraq on the way to the missile launch point.

Looks as if the Russia built bridge, mentioned yesterday, aided SAA & allies as they surround Deir ez Zor- So Russia aided the Syrian offensive!

Russia Gears Up for Big Syrian Offensive? More on Deir ez Zor

 Russian-backed Syrian government forces have all but encircled Islamic State militants in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour, a group that monitors the war said Wednesday.
The state-run news agency SANA said pro-government forces are battling the militants in the village of al-Husseiniyeh on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, across from the remaining militant-held pockets in the city. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said retaking al-Husseiniyeh would leave the militants fully surrounded.


  1. Penny:

    Is Russia and Syria starting to cave ? I hope not. Whats autonomy even mean, except a parallel state.

    - Syria prepared to discuss post-war autonomy with Kurds in geo-strategic blow to the US and Israel -

  2. Hey MieszkoI

    I saw that news also- BUT, I noticed it was out of context quotes etc., didn't have time to dig into it

    I hope that neither Russia or Syria grant the terrorists an autonomous zone- which will be fully occupied by American troops and bases- It would only extend the death throes of Syria.

    They need to kick the Kurds to the corner along with their American friends and take the bases as their own.

  3. This is the closest relevant place to post this, but it seems that Isis has switched to Hit and run tactics. on the supply line to Deir ez Zor

    1. thanks for mentioning that Kaz- I'd noticed that ISIS was comin' on strong in Deir ez Zor-