Monday, September 18, 2017

If Our Planet Was A Mere Fraction Further From the Sun It Would be Never Ending Ice Age

Yet, according to the carbon cult flunkies the sun is not a factor, major or otherwise, in our climate. That is ABSURD!

 More on the infantile mindset of this crowd after the main news.....  

Take note of the size of our earth relative to the Sun- Fortunately we are at just the right distance :)
Wired changed their spin headline to one that related a bit more to actual content- 
check the url for yourself ! We're lucky Earth isn't caught in a permanent Ice Age

Why are we lucky? Because we are at the ideal distance from the Sun! 
Too far from the sun- Too cold
Too close to the sun- seems sensible it would be too hot
" If we were just a fraction further from the Sun, life on Earth would be very different... or probably non-existent"
 The Earth might be more special than we previously thought. ( I already know the Earth is very special) A new scientific study has found that if we were just a fraction further from the Sun, our planet would be locked in a never ending Ice Age.

The findings, published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, will help us understand what criteria to look for in Earth-like exoplanets.

For years, scientists have discovered a huge amount of evidence that shows the Earth is the perfect place for life.

“It has a magnetic field that protects us from the solar wind,” says Martin Turbet, from Sorbonne Universitésin Paris. “It has an ozone layer that shields us from UV light, it has the right amount of water on the surface for both lands and oceans to exist.”
Controversial billboard? Not according to this report. Not according to what is obvious and in your face.

Turbet and his colleagues have found another factor to Earth’s list of exceptional qualities.

“We show in fact that the Earth is just at the right distance from the Sun to be able to escape from episodes of complete glaciation, that - we know - must have occurred 2.4Gy and 700My ago,” he explains. "Move the Earth away from the Sun by only 15 per cent, the team found, and it would be permanently frozen."
In fact....

Just the facts

vs Wild Speculation:
We had some clues that CO2 condensation could occur on cold planets, and that it could affect the ability of Earth-like planets to escape from episodes of complete glaciation,” Turbet says, “but no-one has ever been able to quantify it.”
Wild speculation aside- If our perfect home was just a little further from the sun it wouldn't have that 'location, location, location' appeal that makes it such a desirable residence! 

 Getting to that infantile mindset...

Recently Canada's Thought Police decided different opinions were sacrilegious.

 Via the "Competition Bureau"(now that's Orwellian) a group/bandwagon of phony greens,  employing appeal to their authority, simply “demanded” they be shown as fools. And they were. To bad most Canadian's didn't realize they were shown to be fools! Their outing occurred when the competition bureau dropped the phony green instigated PR stunt investigation. 

Truly, doing that motley crew a favour. Sparing them the outing they so richly deserve though just the dropping of the investigation makes clear this demand was going nowhere.
        "After careful consideration of the facts in this case," she said in an email, "and to ensure the effective allocation of limited resources, the commissioner of competition decided to discontinue this inquiry."
The dropping of the "investigation" was done very quietly.
These included billboards from the Friends of Science Society featuring statements such as “Global Warming? Not for 18+ years!”(just a fact) and “The sun is the main driver of climate change.(just a fact) Not you. Not CO2.”
The Sun.. If we were just a little further from it, we'd have a never ending ice age.

Disinfodesmogblog was more then happy to promote this PR stunt to his carbon cult- What else could one expect from a public relations outfit connected to Al Gore's carbon trading scam?

 One can draw a straight line ...From Al Gore's Investment Management to Desmog Blog

If we want to talk about vested interests.. 

Yup, Canada, under ice..


  1. Penny... I have been well aware as a man of science about how life exists on this world due to a combination of factors.. None of them being CO2 in our atmosphere (other than to allow plant life to thrive)...

    I will be doing a few articles this week at my blog about the fraud of global warming which I have been tackling for years now... And this find from yourself is right up my alley....

    Thanks... I too am not pleased that the Canadian thought police may be coming after "nonbelievers" in the all mighty Climate Change dictum, and it saddens me that we have come to this point...

    1. I loved the article because the sun's influence on our climate including temperature is undeniable

      Why is it cooler in the shade? No sun
      Why is it cooler at night? No sun
      Then there are seasonal influences which have to do with the sun


      Ignoring the sun is bizarre

      Scary regarding the Canadian thought police isn't it North?
      True North strong and free???
      I don't think so!
      Feel free to use the post North :)

  2. Whats more irritating, America, where most of the blame everybody and everything except ME for the worlds ills live survive (mostly) as a livable country. AARRRGGGGHHHHHH :-)

    1. Hi Gordon:

      Yah, the last ice age saw a whole lot of the US unscathed- Canada, not so much..

  3. To add to the category 'weather is not climate'
    It snowed not far from here last weekend
    not much and localized but nonetheless extremely uncommon for september. Anecdotally, I had to switch the heating on on sunday, it's the first time I ever had to do that before october.

    1. hey gallier2:

      snow, already!?
      heat on?

      thankfully- our 'summer' weather has come back to close out the summer- high 70's F or 25-26CF so far..

      Talking with my Dad and he's hoping this isn't what we call our "Indian summer"- don't ask me where the term came from? I don't know?
      However, it's a brief warming period after the first cold snap.

      We haven't had a killing frost yet, though we came darn close a few nights a couple of weeks back!
      - and Indian summer is usually associated with late October even early November. In other words fall by the calender, not still in the summer.

    2. though we've been enjoying nice weather parts of Canada have already had early snow

      "— The final day of August felt more like winter along the Quebec-Labrador border — it snowed"

      Shhhh... don't tell the carbon cult

      BC is looking at possible snowfall also
      Snow warnings for B.C. highways

      "Environment Canada released a special weather statement early this morning for highways throughout central and southern B.C.

      Like I said don't tell the Carbon cult!

    3. L'été indien is known here. It's on every travel prospect or show on Québec. If I got my information exclusively from mainstream, I would think that it only happens in Québec as it is never mentioned for other parts of north America. That's TV bias for you :-) (the climate of Maine or of Ontario is probably not extremely different from Québec's but for French media "été indien" and "sirop d'érable" (and awful female singers) only come from Québec).

    4. Sadly some awful female singers come from Ontario too.. Shania Twain and that other one Avril Lavigne (notice the french name?)
      AL was marketed to the skate board culture that has been ongoing for some time here

      Oh and Gallier, we have maple syrup here also, just like quebec! And Maine & Vermont