Sunday, September 24, 2017

Russian Lieutenant General Killed in Deir ez Zor Syria by ISIS Mortar Shelling

As all my readers are fully aware the US is happily entrenched with ISIS
Russia outed their snuggling together earlier today- But really we didn't need Russia to tell us that which was already obvious.
 Onto the latest:

Now a Russian General has died because of ISIS shelling. The same ISIS that frolics with US troops.

The Russian Defense Ministry says one of its generals, who was serving as an adviser to Syrian government troops, has been killed in the country’s east, according to state news agency TASS.
The ministry was quoted as saying on September 24 that Lieutenant General Valery Asapov "was at a command post of Syrian troops, assisting the Syrian commanders in the operation for the liberation of the city of Deir al-Zor," when he was “mortally wounded" by mortar shelling by the extremist group Islamic State (IS).
The ministry added that Asapov would be posthumously decorated for his service.
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Sunday that one its general lieutenants, Valeryi Asapov, was killed by mortar shelling in Syria, the TASS news agency reported.
The mortar shelling was carried by the Islamic State near Syria’s Deir al-Zor, the ministry said.
Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov died after sustaining a "fatal injury" in the "sudden Daesh mortar shelling," the ministry said.
"Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov died in the Syrian Arab Republic as a result of the Daesh shelling," the statement said.

Update: Being uncertain what the rank of Lieutenant General signified in the Russia military structure, I went off to inform myself.

 Lieutenant general, lieutenant-general and similar (abbrev Lt. Gen, LTG and similar) is a three-star military rank (NATO code OF-8) used in many countries. The rank traces its origins to the Middle Ages, where the title of lieutenant general was held by the second in command on the battlefield, who was normally subordinate to a captain general.

And a reminder to everyone...

 August 28/2017: One Day in September Could Wreak Havoc In the Middle East

That day is, of course, September 25 2017. (We may all want to keep that date firmly in our minds)  When the semi autonomous "Kurdish" region in Iraq votes for "independence" What will occur afterwards? Will the US and Israel really sit on the sidelines as this oped writer suggests? I find that contention absurd!
At the time that Haaretz oped was published, one month ago, the writer suggested Israel was opposed to this vote- That was just another lie. Because Israel wants a type of  Kurdish independence, that has been created for and will only serve Israel's interests.

Israel's Backing of Iraqi Kurds' Independence Vote Strains Ankara Ties 
Israel has a long tradition of seeing the region’s Kurds as a buffer from both Arab and Iranian threats; but with Turkey having its own restive Kurdish minority, Israel’s support of the vote has drawn strong condemnation in Turkey.
As if Israel cares about their ties with Ankara. They don't!!
 I've been writing about this for years now..

2015: Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality 
2014: Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.
 Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

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