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The Big Project: Humpty Dumpty, Israel and the "cool people"

I managed to listen to this entirely. You can too, or not, depending on how much guileful talk you can take..

hattip Rescue:
Here is a link for the full presentation, it is at the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy:

For this post my focus is on what was stated around the 69 minute mark:

Major General Yair Golan ; he likes the idea of an independent Kurdistan because he likes the "cool people" He claims that an independent Kurdistan is good for the "region"- Which of course means it's good for Israel. He says Israel and the Kurds aka the"cool people" have a good relationship. And he states the PKK is not a terror group- You can hear all this for yourself. It's nothing new for anyone who has read here for the past several years. I had to laugh when he said the Kurds are "moderate" in nature... yah, tell that to all those who have been murdered, displaced, beaten had their property stolen.. by those "cool people"

That video is embedded below:

Douglas Feith- remember him and think of 9/11. Who really benefited from 9/11?
 'Stop worrying so much about putting 'humpty dumpty' Syria back together again'

Of course one should ask if poor Humpty had some 'help' when he fell off that wall?

We know with certainty Syria's 'fall' had helping hands aplenty!

 "However, he did say that he thought that those who were stuck with the idea of maintaining Syria’s borders as they were set by colonial European powers after World War I were making a mistake.

“Rather than being locked into a decision that happened to be reflecting key ideas that [British prime minister] Lloyd George had in mind in 1920, we should be thinking more broadly,” he said.

The ex-Pentagon official( Douglas Feith) asked rhetorically: “What is the situation? What changes are in order…would make the region happier, freer, more prosperous, more peaceful going forward?" He suggested leaders ''break out'' of the idea that the borders should remain exactly as they were before the war.

“Whether Syria can hang together as a state is a serious question. People should not be focused on…that humpty dumpty has to be put back together again,” he said.
Of course he wouldn't speak in such a manner if Israel was the humpty dumpty would he?

The "big project" relates directly to the investigation covered in my extensive post of a few days ago- I really thought the 2.2 billion dollar plus arms pipeline would have seen broader coverage especially in the so called alternative media- But no- I haven't seen too much about it, in either of the 5 eyes media (alt or mainstream)

The BIG Project requires lots of arms...
 "Weapons continue to pour into Syria to fight ISIS, and fears are growing about what will happen to the arms and fighters when the jihadists are defeated.

Wilcken said that he feared for the future of the Middle East.

“Given the very complex, fluid situation in Syria … and the existence of many armed groups accused of serious abuses,” he said. “It is difficult to see how the US could ensure arms sent to the region would not be misused.”
“Given the very complex, fluid situation in Syria … and the existence of many armed groups accused of serious abuses,” he said. “It is difficult to see how the US could ensure arms sent to the region would not be misused.”
Assuming the US wants to keep track of these weapons and ensure they would not be misused?
I would say that's a very foolish assumption!

hattip Kaz
Two columns I thought would be worth sharing

Big projects take time. We've been witnessing nearly 2 decades of discord in this region, with added momentum to destabilize and redraw borders, under cover of the 'arab spring'
 How many years have I written about this remake? Which does include Turkey.

 The Big Project is Turkey
This situation is not limited to the change of political maps alone. The ethnic map is being changed, an intervention is being applied in this direction; the centuries-old identity of cities is being changed. Because this map also covers areas where there is no presence of the Kurdish ethnic identity and is being shaped entirely in accordance with the U.S. and Israel’s security interests, their future calculations and plans to control the region.
That area, that zone is being torn away from our region.
We are in the eve of the most radical change after Sykes-Picot. Yes, the Sykes-Picot era is over. Yes, a lot is going to change. However, with this project, with these changes, the region is being entirely torn away from its dynamics, Mesopotamia and Turkey’s south are being turned into a European internal affair.
 The operation in the north of Syria and Iraq is going to be the primary example of the “new geography” which borders are being drawn entirely by Atlantic countries; after this step, history will progress differently. The region’s disintegration, its division, its partitioning into garrison states, the elimination of all structures resisting this, the downsizing of strong states will gain pace following the formation of this map.
Don’t forget, the big project is Turkey
Were the investigations increasing their pressure in the U.S. to pressurize Turkey while all this was happening in our south? The Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 files and the July 15, 2016 bloody attacks were to stop Turkey from rising once again, to break its regional influence, confine it to Anatolia and downsize it there – we know this now. The operation continues full speed ahead. At this stage, we are watching the stages of this major intervention in the north of Syria and Iraq. But just like Dec. 17, just like July 15, this operation is also being carried out with internal partners. Those who failed to stop Turkey through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) are testing another scenario internally and from the south.
Don’t forget, the biggest project is to bring the most powerful country that got back up on its feet a century later to its knees. Hence, all the maps drawn today are targeting the map of Turkey.
 As the region is remade in plain sight.... Stating anything else is just obfuscation to give cover/hide the ongoing project.


An extremely minimal selection of the 100's of posts covering the remake of the region in real time.

While others obfuscate, I call it as I see it!
A New Strategy for Iraq and Syria ???? 
It’s time to rethink Iraq and Syria. It begins by admitting that the old borders are gone, that a unified Syria or Iraq will never be reconstituted, that the Sykes-Picot map is defunct.
Fully occupied & annexed Northern Syria (US special forces & PKK/YPG, aka the cool guys, militia)  sure looks to be  the force behind NATO's new southern flank- The one I wrote about nearly three full years ago..


  1. Breaking News of Saudi Crown Prince’s Secret Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble?

    1. yes, I'd seen that reported.. wonder what they discussed- Stupid, stupid Saudi leadership.

  2. Penny:

    What do you think of the following ?

    - 200,000 Jewish Kurds headed for Iraqi Kurdistan, howls Turkish press -

    1. I saw the article and I saw Israel was decrying it as fake news- but is it?

      Here's a post from 2016:
      quoting from Israeli news

      "Autonomous Iraqi Kurds appeal to descendants of former residents, promising Jews will be 'freer and safer' there than in much of Europe.
      Looking to distinguish itself from the rest of Iraq and deepen ties with the Kurdish diaspora, the autonomous region of Kurdistan is courting religious minorities, including Jews.

      Some 300,000 Jews are descended from refugees who fled the region after the establishment of Israel in 1948. Today, most of them live in Israel, though a small community, numbering perhaps several hundred families, still exists in Kurdistan. Few if any practice any form of Judaism, but a sizable portion identify as "Kurdish-Jews" and in recent years have sought to reconnect with their Jewish roots.

      In recent months the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) has made overtures to religious minorities including Jews, Yazidis, Bahai, and Zoroastrians.

      In October of 2015 the KRG appointed its first Jewish representative, Sherzad Omar Mamsani. Last week the KRG marked its first ever official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in the regional capital of Erbil.

      Mamsani called upon Jews whose ancestors lived in Kurdistan to return to the northern Iraqi province to visit – and even to live.

      It's quite plausible according to Israeli media.

      The Israeli media was reporting, in 2016, that 300,000 Kurdish jew descendants reside in Israel- It's not outrageous to consider that a whole bunch of them may head back to Iraq- lots of stolen Arab land to take as their own.

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    4. Its amazing, isn't Penny. Jews in India, Jews in Africa, Jews in Europe. Now Jewish Kurds. I've think humanity is being played on a massive scale. It almost seems like a highly intelligent, malevolent force is controlling the Chess moves, and has been for thousands of years. Possibly an intelligent ((( virus ))) ?

    5. Its not a matter of intelligence, They are extremely focused with no moral chains. Because those who are not of their tribes are not equal to be considered practising moral values on, but not to forget all the baggage with resentment they are carrying even if the reason against them was valid at times.

      While all regular humans are just like, I have a nice home, A nice car and I have a nice family, what more do I need.

      Which brings us to a situation where you have populace with no great ambitions, just wanting to live a good life and with that does not care about the greater picture and with that does not care about the validity of some accusations when something is disturbing them.

      The reason why this/these tribe(s) are getting away with it is because all the other people are not focused and do not know their history, and partial knowledge is no knowledge. that is just stuff to feel and look fancy when you are at some party or at some half-hearted discussions.

      This is also the reason why they are in the spotlight when it comes to ideological, political, economic and scientific and etcetera. Focus, focus, focus. And this will continue when they have founded their own state and destroyed, humiliated, subjugated all opposition. That is when they will start living their good live, but then it will to late for all others.

      Because and that point all others who will be left. We are untermenschen und our purpose is to serve the chosen ones. We are barbaric and this is the only way to be peacefull.

  3. Sometimes I wonder about Putin's chess skills. Till Turkey leaves NATO, i will always be cautious about their motives.

    - 25,000 Members Of Turkish Military, FSA To Take Part In Idlib Operation Under De-Escalation Agreement – Report -