Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Grapes Fall Off: Chablis Harvest Hurt By Cold

Since I don't use the rebrand term "climate change" because it only really describes normal earth changes- Yes, the climate changes. Always has. Always will.

I do however, adhere to the term AGW or Anthropogenic Global Warming- aka the hard sell for carbon tax, trade and control...

I'll tell you warming has been a non issue where I live... We had two nights last week that got dangerously into summer frost territory. 

You may recall me mentioning Hydro One had reduced profits due to milder weather?
Have no fear corporate profiteers- we got stuck with increased rates.. to cushion the weaker profit blow- After Ms Wynne spoke of concern for the very high electricity bills everyone is suffering under here in Ontario..
Labour day weekend was cool, same as it is today too!
Yup, jacket weather... and it's not even fall yet- 
As we have reached our daytime high of 20C or 68 F,  which is below our seasonal normal average.

Looks as if COLD did indeed reduce the grape harvest: Not heat. Cold

Spring frosts impacting on Chablis harvest
 Skynews September 6/2017:

Yes, those LATE Spring Frosts impacted the Chablis harvest!
The volume of grapes has been confirmed as lower than expected from September, confirming the worst fears of wine producers in the region.
Earlier in 2017, extreme measures were resorted to in an attempt to combat frosts - including the use of candles, artificial heaters and even air currents from helicopter blades.
Vineyard owner Louis Moreau said: "Unfortunately we can see that we no longer have seasons which you might describe as 'normal'.
"We have temperature ranges, you might lose 10 degrees in 24 - 48 hours, which is huge."

Covered this news in the spring-

France’s Top Vineyards Suffer Biggest Loss in Decades- Ice, Ice, Baby!

 Being a wine drinker I wonder if this will hit me in the pocket book :(


  1. I believe the weather is changing and way too rapidly for it merely to be an act of Nature.

    NO, I'm not a fan of Al Gore or the CO2 con.

    My concern is the millions of a acres of trees, especially the Amazon rain forest that is clear-cut each year.
    As everyone knows, trees exchange CO2 for oxygen, so if CO2 is ramping up, how come the Mass Hysteria Media never mention that fact?

    To be cutting down trees to make paper products, especially toilet paper, is obscene when Hemp could easily replace the trees being used.

    With the Temer Mob tightening its grip on Brazil, look for the Amazon rain forest to be destroyed in record fashion.

    That's the real tipping point; when we cut down too many forests and upset that balance, Earth will undergo devastating climate changes.

    1. Hey Greg; wrt hemp use for paper- I agree totally!!

      In fact it can be used for more then paper..

      And we should be planting more trees, (soil remediation benefit aside ) if we want to exchange carbon for oxygen- that said the global warming cult doesn't push for tree planting for oxygen consumption and carbon sinking - which btw would result in higher carbon via leaf decomposition etc., when the tree enters it's recycling stage, because even a dead tree plays host to a pile of life

      Hell so does a rock, but, that's a story for another day (had the chance to view these large rocks just covered in moss and the dam neatest leafy greens!)
      I've actually seen ramps aka wild leeks growing on rocks--

      Me rambling on here...

      That all said, it's been a cold summer, and wet.
      Tonight we're going down into single digit temps
      9C or 48 F

    2. "when the tree enters it's recycling stage, because even a dead tree plays host to a pile of life"

      even when a tree enters it's recycling stage it releases all of it's stored carbon as it feeds the whole pile of life hosted on/in it- I'm talking fungus, bugs, others plants etc.,

    3. Hi, about AGW cultists, I stumbled over an interesting video on youtube that was quite an eye opener. It is a video on a science channel that asks the simple (so I thought) question of where do trees get their mass from? I was surprized that so many people in the video were incapable to answer it. I suspected that it was a selection bias by the video mounter, so I decided to ask the same question to people around me. I was completely floored, most couldn't give the right answer, albeit it is incredibly easy and basic. Even one of my colleagues who worked several years for an environment agency (granted maritime environment) gave the wrong answer.
      These worse is that these ignorants are the one judging you for being AGW sceptics.

    4. Here the link to that video

  2. IDF holds largest exercise in 20 years to prepare for Hezbollah threat

    Russian puts two new submarines in Med


    1. I did see the news of Israel holding those largest exercises in 20 years and meant to mention it yesterday, but,glad you did!:)

      Interesting about Michel Aoun...
      Didn't know he was associated with Hezbollah?

  3. Living in France not too far away from Chablis (245 km/152 mi) I can confirm that 2017 was rather colder than previous years. Except for end of June, begin of July when we had 3 or 4 weeks of intense heat, this year was truly cold. I only switched off the heating in May. August was also mostly overhung with low temperatures. 13°C at 10 o'clock is lower than normal especially if I compare with the previous year when temperatures didn't drop at nights.

    1. I hear ya on the cold gallier2
      Our forecast high for today- just 63F roughly 17 celsius (62.6)
      This is summer here,still, and I live in a very temperate part of Canada- by the lakes- near wine country :)

      Our high yesterday was a balmy 20 C or 68 F
      Our low was 9 C or 48F
      well below our seasonal norms
      As has been our entire summer save for a few days in June- we didn't have even one heat warning all this summer- I can remember when we'd have them for weeks on end.