Tuesday, September 19, 2017

US Led Coalition & KurdIShIS Proxies Attacking Syrian Army, Impeding Terrorism Fight

Breaking news!
Exactly who the terrorists are can no longer be hidden by the always obfuscating main stream  media and their lying alternative media partners.
I've added additional info regarding tactics employed by the PKK/YPG/SDF against the Syrian's in there quest to retake their territory- scroll down

via Sputnik
"The Syrian Army, fighting terrorists in the Deir ez-Zor province, has been subjected to strong counterattacks from the north where Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and US special task units are operating, the Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman Mj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday.
"Over the past day, the assault groups of the Syrian government troops, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, crossed the Euphrates, and continued to expand the seized bridgehead east of Deir ez-Zor, despite the stiff resistance of Daesh militants," Konashenkov told reporters.
Attacked by Daesh militants coming from the sanctuary, safety and security of the US and their proxy Kurds. Oh, my, imagine my shock!
"According to Syrian commanders' reports from the front line, the Syrian Army encounters the most severe counterattacks and fire from the northern direction. That is, where SDF forces and US special operations units are located, who are allegedly administering medical aid to these militants instead of liberating Raqqa. You don't have to possess profound military knowledge to see consistency in all these 'coincidences'," the spokesman said.
 That is so hilarious! You definitely don't have to possess profound military knowledge to see the freakin' obvious! Oh, yeah, I am not a coincidence theorist, never have been, never will be. 
Have I mentioned that before ;)
 "As the end of Daesh in Syria comes ever closer, the more obvious it becomes who is really fighting Daesh and who has been imitating the fight for three years. If the US-led international coalition does not want to combat terrorism in Syria, then it should at least not impede those who are doing it continuously and efficiently."

"the more obvious it becomes who is really fighting Daesh and who has been imitating the fight for three years"

Additional info begins here: Via SANA

Mj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov
“The closer the end of the ISIS in Syria, the clearer it is who is really fighting with the ISIS and who has been imitating this fight for three years. So, if the US-led international coalition does not want to fight against terrorism in Syria, let it just be out of the way of those who are doing it continuously and effectively.”

Repeating from that extended quotation- part of which is in the earlier info above:

 So, if the US-led international coalition does not want to fight against terrorism in Syria, let it just be out of the way of those who are doing it continuously and effectively.”

The Kurds employed water as a weapon against the SAA:
He noted that water discharges from the Euphrates dams by the armed groups supported by the US hamper the advance of Syrian Arab Army units in their operations against terrorism in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor province.
Thus, the water situation on the Euphrates has deteriorated dramatically in the past 24 hours. As soon as the Syrian government troops began to cross the river, water level in the Euphrates rose within hours and the current velocity nearly doubled to two meters per second,” he said.
“Since there have been no rains, the only source of such changes in the water situation is man-induced water discharge at dams upstream the Euphrates. These facilities are held by armed groups controlled by the US-led coalition,” he stressed.
 I've written several posts about the situation with the dams...


Yet, again!. Sweet, sweet vindication. Not that I needed the Russian General to validate that which has been obvious to me, though obfuscated by others, for some time now.

Recently: Head of YPG/PKK /SDF “Damascus Declared War on Us” 

 So, call the terrorists ISIS?. Or rebrand them SDF? Makes no difference-
Both ISIS and YPG/PKK/SDF (pick your brand/rebrand) have always had the same agenda.
Stealing territory and setting up their own administration(s). Call it a ‘caliphate?’ Rebrand it “Rojova” for Syria? Rebrand that to Greater Kurdistan if the ISIS/Kurds can join the annexed territory of Iraq and Syria?
Six of one/half a dozen of the other (two ways of describing the same dam thing!)

  Flashback to 2014- When I first wrote about the symbiosis between the Kurds and ISIS

From earlier today:

*Also Scott @ Willy Loman blog has written a must read all encompassing piece regarding the situation in Syria and beyond -  Scott has been the only other blogger, beside myself, writing about the regional remake including the push for an Israel 2.0. aka Kurdistan. I was completely unaware of his work until a commenter tipped me off- and thank goodness for that! It was getting lonely- being derided and marginalized- Then I had Scott to get derided and be marginalized with- hehehehe..

As Syrians Recapture “Rojava” from Our Newest “Freedom Fighters”, the Covetous Deep State Jockeys for War by Any Means Necessary


  1. I've updated the post with additional information from the Russian General who reports on the use of water as a weapon via the Kurdish/US controlled dams that have been stolen from the Syrian people

  2. "To prevent the convoy from moving further east, we cratered the road and destroyed a small bridge," Col Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the US-led coalition, said.


    that convoy again

    1. yes, that convoy... good point!
      destroying the bridge surely impeded SAA.
      thanks for the reminder :)


    1. When doesn't he idf try to move /

      Watch Azeri after that demo on Armenia troops alleged. What would Russi do if idf tries to move out of Azeri?

  4. Good point wrt the Idlib offensive!
    Divide to conquer- it looks like the militants suffered massive losses.

    I had seen something about the IDF bombing in occupied Golan.. but, only saw one article and nothing else- so not sure about that?
    real or not?
    don't know?