Saturday, September 16, 2017

Was Passage Of ISIS Convoy Granted After American Citizen Fighting for ISIS Surrendered US Allies?

Thinking about the timeline:
 The Defense Department is legally detaining as a known enemy combatant an American citizen who turned himself over to the Syrian Democratic Forces this week, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning said here today.
He wasn’t captured, as is claimed in many headlines. He simply turned himself over to the Kurdish Forces in eastern Syria.
ABC news
The individual, who surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on or around September 12th, has since been turned over to U.S. forces, said Eric Pahon, Department of Defense spokesperson.

This individual, has not been named in any article that I have read, turns himself in to the Kurdish militias around the 12th of September and on or about the 14th of September it is reported the ISIS convoy has reached it’s destination.


Updated Sept. 14, 2017 10:19 a.m. ET
BEIRUT—Islamic State militants stranded in the Syrian desert for two weeks have reached their destination in eastern Syria, opposition activists said...

The US could have bombed that bus full of ISIS terrorists. But, they didn’t. They blocked it’s passage, kept it under surveillance, but didn’t destroy it.  This unnamed American turns himself in to the SDF/PKK/YPG on or around September 12, the bus is allowed to leave by the US, reaching it’s destination on or around the 14th of September. Is there a connection?


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