Sunday, October 8, 2017

Crisis between Turkey & US Deepens: Visa Freeze/Lira Drops

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*US Commander: Final Assault to Take Raqqa From ISIS Begins Sunday

 About the US & Turkey

 IBNA Balkan news

"The United States have stopped issuing visas to Turkish citizens The US Embassy in Ankara announced the freezing of visas to Turkish citizens. The Turkish capital is believed to be a strong diplomatic move by Washington against Turkey.
In the announcement it is stated that the decision was taken due to "latest developments".
On Thursday, Turkish authorities had captured a US consulate official in Istanbul, being accused of being an agent and having affiliations with the Islamic Order of Hizmet - led by Imam Fethullah Gulen - whom the turkish the government considers to be the mastermind behind the 2016 coup attempt.
What's more, Turkey has announced it has paid a down payment on the purchase of Russian S400 anti-aircraft system. At the same time, in cooperation with Russia and Iran, it is preparing to create a security zone inside Syria."/IBNA

"The U.S. suspended visa services for visitors from Turkey in a sharp escalation of tensions between the countries, sending the lira down as much as 1 percent against the U.S. dollar.
“Recent events have forced the United States Government to reassess the commitment of the Government of Turkey to the security of U.S. Mission facilities and personnel,” the U.S. Mission to Turkey said Sunday in a statement posted on the embassy’s official Twitter account in English and Turkish.
Claims the country that was a behind the scenes participant in the 2016 coup, while refusing Turkey's request for the extradition of Fettulah Gulen

“In order to minimize the number of visitors to our Embassy and Consulates while this assessment proceeds, effective immediately we have suspended all non-immigrant visa services at all U.S. diplomatic facilities in Turkey.”

Daily Sabah:

"The U.S. embassy in Ankara said Sunday that all non-immigrant visa services in its diplomatic facilities in Turkey were suspended after the arrest of one of its employees over the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) ties.
A statement released by the embassy said: "Recent events have forced the U.S. government to reassess the commitment of the Government of Turkey to the security of the U.S. Mission facilities and personnel."
 The US embassy would be the ideal place of employment for an individual involved in nefarious activities linked to an attempted overthrow- Sure wouldn't be a first!
"The statement said the suspension, effective immediately, is intended to minimize the number of visitors to the consulate and embassy buildings.
Metin Topuz, a Turkish employee working in the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul was arrested on charges of espionage and links to FETÖ, the group blamed for the July 15, 2016 coup attempt that killed 249 people in Turkey.
According to the indictment, the suspect was in contact with a number of former police chiefs in Istanbul where he worked, and all those police chiefs involved in the 2013 coup attempts were FETÖ members in the judiciary and law enforcement.
He was also in touch with Oktay Akkaya, a former lieutenant colonel who was among the main actors in the 2016 coup attempt.
"The suspect acted as a liaison between members of FETÖ and its leader, Fetullah Gülen, who lives in Pennsylvania," the indictment adds, claiming there is strong evidence to justify Topuz's arrest."


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