Thursday, October 26, 2017

Determining Alleged Las Vegas Gunman’s Motivation “Difficult”

All these weeks later... There is no motive for this crime. Investigators can find NO reason or rhyme, nothing that would have or could have motivated Stephen Paddock to commit this crime.
That is very, very strange. What is crime without motivation? If one has no motivation (motive) to undertake a criminal act then why would they? Oh sure there is trial by media, which has become pretty much the way everything is played out these days. But trial by media is just a manipulation. Having no basis in fact, reality or evidence for that matter! Just wild speculation..........

The latest via Irish Times
“Typically mass shooters leave trails to justify actions but Stephen Paddock appears to have left none."
"Determining a motive for the man who committed one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history continues to be an exasperating task for investigators”

No motive can surely suggest Stephen Paddock did not commit this crime?
They have interviewed many of Stephen Paddock’s family members and friends and examined his travel, financial and health history but have yet to find anything that points to what drove him to kill 58 people at a concert in Las Vegas on October 1st”
Again, 25 days later,  after interviewing Paddocks family, friends and examining his travel, financial and health history and finding nothing that would indicate his motive for this crime. A true investigation being conducted by real investigators may have to consider that Stephen Paddock did not perpetrate this crime.

“On Wednesday, new information emerged that adds to the complexity of the case. Paddock apparently removed the hard drive from at least one computer found in his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, according to a law enforcement official”
Law enforcement claims Paddock removed a hard drive, but, did he?  I don’t know. Appeals to authority generally don’t work for me. Is this "evidence" law enforcement will fall back on to pin this crime on Paddock? Which doesn't work for me, personally speaking. The idea that a claimed missing hard drive would prove he committed the act would be a stretch. Since it would not be known what is in the missing hard drive.
housekeepers visited Paddock’s room, where he had fired on the crowd below, more than once in the days before the shooting, but did not notice any sign of his large stockpile of weapons. “

 Odd, that point? Housekeepers who cleaned Paddocks room, they didn't "visit", they cleaned , didn't notice "a large stockpile of weapons"
Nor did they clean just once, they cleaned more then once over the days preceding the incident!
 The question then comes down to how would it be possible that multiple housekeepers cleaning multiple times over an unspecified period of time (multiple days?) would miss a large weapons cache? That's troublesome!
“He also ordered room service at least once

So between hotel housekeeping and room service no one noticed that Mr Paddock had more then two dozen guns and ammo in his room? I find that extremely odd. Don’t you?
No grievance against MGM Resort Properties

Hotel activities

Paddock’s activities at the hotel have been carefully tracked. Paddock was a “lifetime winner” at MGM Resorts properties, which include the Mandalay Bay. The term refers to gamblers who have won more money than they have lost over the years, raising doubts about whether Paddock had any grievance against the hotel.
“Suspects in mass shootings have typically left behind long trails to justify their actions, writing manifestoes or posting on social media. But Paddock did not appear to do so, leaving investigators from the FBI to pore over his computers and mobile phones in the bureau’s lab in Quantico, Virginia, for weeks.”
No one from housekeeping or room service saw the large weapons cache. No grievance with the hotel. No manifesto, no social media posting and weeks of poring over his computers and phones have left FBI empty handed? No interviews with family, friends or poring over his entire life have presented a motivation for the allegation that Mr Paddock committed this crime. That all seems very odd more then three weeks later?


  1. The PTB are proving a point: You, the sheep controlled by the MSM radio and television and computer newsfeeds, will believe anything we tell you.

    And the best way to prove that point is to have the king stroll around naked, while "we" all repeat the lie that he is wearing clothing. It truly is at this point, I feel, with so many obvious missing points and facts, again no blood or bodies, so much lacking evidence of anything much having happened there, so many conflicting stories, just so many lies.

    And they have proven their point, methinks.

    1. Hi slozo: have they proven their point?
      yes and no.

      For those who have the attention span of a gnat, can't think critically, with poor reading and comprehension skills- dazzling them with bullshit is the way to go.

      And then their are people like you and me.
      btw have you seen willy loman's coverage of this incident- he has delved way more deeply into this then I- I've been reading his work and it's clear there is as much excrement being spread as there is at one of those massive factory farms-- stinking and piled high!