Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fisk on the US sanctioned Killing of Russian Lieutenant Asparov

“I’ve never been a believer in plots but not many months ago, the US air force bombed and killed dozens of Syria’s army defenders in Deir ez-Zour”
 Fisk has never been a believer in plots?! Yet he’s made a life’s work reporting on every manner of plot. What an odd claim. Let’s define plot:
a secret, (or not so secret),  plan or scheme to accomplish some purpose, especially a hostile, unlawful, or evil purpose: a plot to overthrow the government
Defining words ensures we are all on the same page. I like that idea!

So, Fisk, who has been covering the plot to destabilize and balkanize Syria while attempting to overthrow it's government doesn't believe in plots? Does he believe in coincidences then?

 Did he make that statement to avoid creating a perception in the mind of the reader that he is  a dreaded “conspiracy theorist”? Or was he going for cleverness?  I'm not certain what his goal was.

The death of Lieutenant General Valery Asapov in the suburbs of Deir ez-Zour as he assisted Syrian commanders in their recapture of the city – surrounded by Isis for three years, its civilian population and at least 10,000 Syrian troops resupplied by helicopter – was given little attention in the Western media. The Kurdish assault on Raqqa, with a smattering of Arabs to smother the Kurdish face of the pseudo-“Syrian Democratic Forces” militia and with the help of American air attacks, took first place in the Western Middle East news agenda. But the Russian Defence Ministry took the death of their highest-ranking officer in Syria – along with two Russian colonels – very seriously indeed. They were right. General Asapov was commander of the Russian 5th army in the Far East Russian city of Ussiriysk, not far from Vladivostok.
And how did he die? According to the Russians, he was killed under shellfire from Isis forces outside Deir el-Zour, a remarkable piece of targeting – if, indeed, Isis were working on the trajectories – for a group which usually wastes artillery shells by the hundred in order to hit their enemies. Did they know that he was visiting this particular military position? And if so, who taught them to fire so accurately? Or was this a chance success for a defeated Islamist army?
Since ISIS, the inept, is usually fighting the oh so fierce kurds & their mutual benefactors the Americans, they have no need to employ remarkable targeting skills- explaining why it is they, to quote Fisk “ wastes artillery shells by the hundred in order to hit their enemies”

So we get to the question how did they manage this remarkable strike on the Russian General?
The obvious, the only,  answer is the strike was aided by the American special ops who have been embedded with ISIS/Kurds all along-

Fisk continues:
“These questions were asked at once by the Syrian army’s high command. And by the Russians who last week accused the US military in eastern Syria of direct collaboration with the “Islamic State”. Several websites, including Global Research, took the conspiratorial view that Asapov’s death was the indirect work of US forces – who were, they said, providing free passage through Isis for the “SDF” to reach Raqaa.( Oh, yeah, KurdIShIS! You know the symbiotic entity I've mentioned since 2014?) I’ve never been a believer in plots but not many months ago, the US air force bombed and killed dozens of Syria’s army defenders in Deir ez-Zour. In the immediate aftermath, Isis swarmed forward and cut the city in half. Odd, isn’t it, that the US – so desperate at the time to destroy Isis in Mosul – didn’t bomb these new Isis targets as they broke through the Syrian lines after US air crews had “mistakenly” killed the Syrian troops”

“not many months ago, the US air force bombed and killed dozens of Syria’s army defenders in Deir ez-Zour”

Recall that incident?

US Airstrikes Hit Syrian Arab Army to Support ISIS - Intentionally! 62 dead, 100's injured.

Russia Called US Twice To Stop US Airstrikes on SAA 


 Clearly Fisk understands plots exist- Because plots are plans- And plots are conspiracies. They may be obfuscated, but, a sharp eye for detail makes them much easier to see. That the US supports ISIS is obvious to anyone paying attention. That the US is cooperating with the Kurds & ISIS is very clear to anyone. Including Fisk himself. He just doesn't have the courage to say it outright. And I wish he would have because despite his spin or attempt at being clever it’s very clear that he knows, fully, that plots aka conspiracies are ongoing.   
And that ISIS and the US along with their Kurd pals are conspiring- All together.. 
A wider audience needs to understand this- Fisk could have and should have been clear. Straightforward. Forthright. Concise.

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