Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Israeli Spies Spotted Russian Hackers Spying on US Hackers

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 Spy vs Spy vs Spy?

"Israeli intelligence officers were behind a tip-off to US agencies that the Kremlin was using Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus software to steal American hacking tools, US media has reported.
Kaspersky, which is a Russian business, had been held in high regards by the cybersecurity community until this year when US officials began to call for its software to be prohibited from government departments.
Criticism of the software was first raised following accusations of Russian interference in the US presidential election, although did not present any arguments regarding its safety.
The Wall Street Journal reported this month that Kremlin-sponsored hackers had used Kaspersky's software to steal National Security Agency information from the computer of a contractor who had taken the classified material home.
On Wednesday, The New York Times cited "multiple people who have been briefed on the matter" in a report claiming that it was Israeli hackers who discovered Russian hackers using the anti-virus software to steal American hacking tools.
The Israeli hackers are described as having spotted Russian hackers searching for NSA hacking tools after they themselves breached Kaspersky's internal systems."
Israeli hackers claim, only after they themselves hacked Kaspersky's internal systems, that Russian hackers had done the same? Well, that's interesting.
"Kaspersky's complicity in the Kremlin's cyber-burglary has not been attested by reports, although the company and its founder Eugene Kaspersky have consistently denied wrongdoing"
Attested :  1. certify; declare to be correct, true, or genuine; declare the truth of, in words or writing, especially affirm in an official capacity:to attest the truth of a statement. 
2. to give proof or evidence of
In other words there is no proof or evidence of Kaspersky's complicity in these allegation. Which could mean no Russian hackers, since, Kaspersky and Russian hackers are suppposed to be working hand in glove.

However we do have Israeli hackers claiming they hacked Kaspersky's internal systems
"Anti-virus software requires access to all of a computer's files in order to function, but it is not known whether hackers could access the central repository comparing virus signatures to "search" files on computers with the software installed"
It is not know whether hackers could access the central repository....

Reading this report it sure seems to me that it was the Israeli's that were up to no good!

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