Monday, October 9, 2017

Turkish Army Enters Idlib to Establish Deconfliction Zone: BHL Accuses Erdogan!

First reported here: Turkey To Deploy Troops to Idlib Per Astana Agreement
The latest:

"Turkish reconnaissance units entered the Syrian province of Idlib on Sunday, eyeing locations for surveillance posts needed for the implementation of the de-escalation zone in the region, Turkey’s Army said in a statement Monday. The northern de-escalation zone in Idlib was agreed upon by the guarantor countries – Russia, Iran and Turkey – and approved by the Syrian government within the framework of the peace negotiations in Astana. Turkish troops are operating strictly within the rules of engagement drawn up by the guarantor countries, the army stressed."
 Head of Turkish Red Crescent visits Syria’s Idlib
"The head of the Turkish Red Crescent has visited Syria’s northwestern Idlib province as Ankara continues to send humanitarian aid to the region.
“Nearly 700,000 people are living in Idlib in around 400 camps. They are in need of aid,” Kerem Kinik told reporters at the Cilvegozu border crossing in Turkey after visiting the region on Sunday.
“The main work we have done is to take measures to keep the flow of humanitarian aid in place,” Kinik said: “We went to the region with our friends [and] reviewed our stores and distribution systems.”
 Turkey's Idlib move aimed at Kurds' Mediterranean ambitions
"By deploying its army into Syria’s Idlib Province on Sunday, Ankara effectively aims to block Kurdish ambitions of reaching the Mediterranean Sea.
Gaining access to the sea is a goal long-sought by the Kurds to break their homeland’s landlocked condition."
It's a given that the Turkish move into Idlib will block the Kurdish ambition to reach the Mediterranean Sea. Certainly Russia, Iran and Syria are fully aware of this!

 "The prospects of Kurdish aspirations mean a geopolitical ploy whose ramifications for Ankara indicate the path to the creation of a Greater Kurdistan that would encompass about 20 Kurdish-majority provinces in the east and southeast of Turkey"
And just for a laugh.. as in theatre of the absurd
- Bernard Henri Levy sees antisemitism everywhere..
And of course he is it's intended victim- 

Bernard-Henri Lévy (seated right) and Bernard Kouchner (seated left) in conversation with Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani (seated center). Photo: Bernard-Henri Lévy.
Leading French-Jewish intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy on Monday accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of orchestrating “the crudest, the worst” antisemitic campaign against him over his support for the September 25 independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan
 Lévy was responding to a report published last Friday in Güneş — a muckraking Turkish tabloid that is solidly loyal to Erdogan — in which the Turkish president pointed to a photograph of Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani flanked by Bernard Kouchner, who served as a minister in successive French governments, and Lévy, who is arguably the best-known advocate for Kurdish national rights in the West.
Of course he is! Because "Kurdistan" aka Israel 2.0 is part of the expansion of Israel in the region.
Lévy expressed his solidarity with the Turkish people, who he said were “subjected to a dictatorship under this paranoid despot.”
“Turkey deserves better,” he said.
Levy expressed his solidarity with the Libyans, before their leader was murdered & brutally so.

Levy expressed his solidarity with the Ukrainians before their elected leader was overthrown.

Levy expressed solidarity with Syrians, as the US and Israel, tore their nation apart

I shudder at the thought of what BHL thinks is the "better" deserved by Turkey in light of his previous expressions of solidarity and their results.


  1. The Kurds/Israel issue comes down to can they create this statelet despite opposition from all the neighbours . . . well there are 12 US bases in Syria and we'vs seen that nobody shoots at the Americans So now what?
    Will they bomb the SAA as it tries to advance east of the Euphrates? To play devil's advocate it must seem that if the untouchable US military defends it, Kurdistan might fly after all.
    Surely a fatal military flaw to not shoot at your enemies when they invade your country and attack you?

    1. There was plenty of shooting of enemies going on- when the covert invasion via proxies, of Syria, initially began. In 2011- Before that undoubtedly all manner of other covert activities had transpired.
      As an irregular sort of warfare- so there were no planes to shoot down, but, there was plenty of killing..

      This type of warfare is very insidious, very hard to fight, which is why the US/Israel engages in it.

      It's guerilla warfare.. or irregular warfare
      No declaration of war.. just a constant grinding down- by time planes come in to actually kill civilians and ethnically cleanse... the war has gone on for some time already

      And every nation is different too
      Libya- Vast nation (sparsely populated)
      Syria, tougher because it's denser- larger army, more hardened
      Every situation is different in which ever state the US forces itself on-
      but there are always similarities

      Will they bomb SAA? I hope not. However the US has the ideal President in place for that kind of action- The always portrayed as unpredictable and brutish Donald Trump- Despite the fact that Hillary is drenched in blood

    2. Zena (anonymous) says- Yes you are right about the US bombing Iraq/Syria making the point that thousands have died yet no US warplanes were shot down.
      Now though a clash between actual US forces and the SAA is inevitable if the Syrians are to advance east of the Euphrates towards Al Hasakah.
      With their 12 bases the US looks like it plans to stay and this political issue - the decision to not shoot at attacking US forces which has been a political decision - will be tested severely and surely cannot hold.

    3. “The era of the US presence and dominance over the West Asia [region] is over,” Jazayeri

      "If the scattered news about the stupidity of the US government regarding the IRGC as a terrorist group is correct, the Guards will also consider the American military all over the world, especially the Middle East, as equal to Daesh." - Jafari

      Iran’s IRGC to treat US troops like Daesh if blacklisted - PressTV

      Stay tuned: Oct 15

  2. @Penny,

    Another assassination attempt,