Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Zombie Law" Fines for Distracted Walking?

How about paying a fine for "distracted walking"?
My only comment regarding the idea of such a law is this.... 

How dumbed down and stupid have people become that they demonstrate so very little concern for their own personal safety (and often that of their small children) that they willingly sacrifice their awareness, in whatever surroundings, to enslave themselves to a little screen?


A private member's bill to be put forward by Ontario Liberal MPP Yvan Baker aims to curb distracted walking in the province. The move follows one U.S. city's vote that passed a historic law banning pedestrians from looking down at their smartphones while crossing the street.
Baker, MPP for Etobicoke Centre, told CBC Toronto he was inspired by Hawaii's largest city, Honolulu, which adopted its so-called "zombie law" earlier this month. It cracks down on people who are texting or not paying attention while crossing the street. They can be fined up to $35, or even more for repeat offenders.

'Great way of just saying hey, wake up'

But this isn't enough, said Toronto police Sgt. Jeff Zammit.
Zammit sees people walk into traffic while texting on their phones every day.
He thinks people will only get the message if they are facing a ticket, and it gives police the platform to flag this dangerous behaviour.
"This is a great way of just saying, 'hey, wake up because you're going to get a ticket if you don't, or you're going to get injured and end up in hospital,'" he told CBC Toronto.
Pedestrian Angel Lavoie, who said she tries to use her peripheral vision while looking down at her phone and walking down the street, admitted if she were faced with being fined, she would think twice about doing it. 
"If it becomes a law, I'll have to follow it," she said.
Angel Lavoie- Will follow the law, but, will not take care to be aware of her own surroundings?
Are you kidding me? 

Situational Awareness and Personal Safety

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