Thursday, November 2, 2017

Israel once Again Attacks Syrian Army- Syria Complains to UN

According to Reuters, the Israeli jets carried out another airstrike on Syrian army positions from Lebanese airspace. For its part, the Syrian side launched ground-to-air missiles on Israeli fighters, after which they were forced to turn back.

It is also reported that the Israeli fighter jets attacked at least four positions of the government forces in the area of Damascus and Homs, including warehouses with weapons and ammunition.

The Israeli Defense Ministry refused to comment on the incident and regarding its involvement. At the moment the information on casualties is being clarified.
It should be mentioned that Tel Aviv under pretext of fighting Hezbollah on a regular basis violates the airspace of Syria and carries out airstrikes. Let us remind you that last month the Israeli forces targeted a checkpoint in the south-eastern part of Damascus province. Three Syrian servicemen were badly wounded.
Moreover Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem during a session in the United Nations headquarters in New York accused Israel of supporting terrorists and interfering in the Syrian crisis.
  An air raid, presumably by Israeli jets, last night struck a military position between Damascus and Homs in central Syria, according to UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The sources quoted by the NGO said the raid hit some installations in the industrial area of Hasiya south of Homs and along the highway for Damascus. Other Syrian press sources claimed that Israeli aircraft bombed an arms depot of Hezbollah and that Syrian anti-aircraft systems fired surface-to-air missiles against the jet, which according to Israeli media was not hit.
 Syria has written two letters to the United Nations, calling on the world body to take swift action against Israel's attacks on the Arab country.
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100 Years After Balfour: Zionist Ambition & British Imperial Enterprise Converged


  1. Ntanyahu extols links to Australian Light horse commemoration of Be'er Sheva attack and success.
    Australian 'reconstruction' riders carry the flag of Isreal.
    ??? While yep, can sort of understand that Isreal could never have existed BEFORE the Australian light horse riders in the Negev - and, with Allies - pushed the Ottoman Empire back into what is now known as Turkey ...

    Oddly , or sensible enough - some Palestinian politicians are asking why they were not 'invited' to the 'remembrance' ceremonies for the Australian Light Horse victory at Be'er Sheva since they, also, were not so happy with the suppression within the Ottoman Empire -
    NOR were the Arabs in Feisal's army.

  2. Seriously .. the 'flag' ensign .. did NOT EXIST when the Australian Light horses had no other choice .. after 48 hours without water ... where would go 'in desperatus'.

  3. Um, apologies for commenting - but while the human losses during WW1 and WW2 are well recorded - not too many people really comprehend the the loss of 189 THOUSAND Australian horses transferred to the 'middle east' - then shot; as surplus. Can you not have a smidge of empathy.

  4. Davoh- this is the first I've ever read about the australian horses- It would have been nice if you would have left a link so I an others could have learned more.
    And still would be, so please, do so.

  5. 'tis a long time ago.
    will try to find some factual links.
    But bear in mind - every 'documentary' from that time has s British slant. Apparently the Australian Light horse Major turned up in Damascus and accepted the 'surrender' from the them ---

    hidden from 'history' since the British wanted "Lawrence" and his 'King Feisal' Arab armies .. to gain the credit for Damascus. meh,


    1. thanks Davoh- I will look at the link-
      I see you left a comment in the previous post regarding missing comments- are those them above?
      Don't know?