Monday, November 27, 2017

I’ve Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl

Both disgusting and insulting, a magnificent wondrous owl, is the representative chosen by internet tyrant Google to obfuscate their censorship. 

 Google’s choice of an owl, as it’s project representative, maligns the very idea represented by the wise/sage owl.  Obviously Google’s “programmers” understand the meaning of this archetype, which is why it was chosen by them to mislead the masses. 

The wise Owl is the same icon  that Greencrow (As the Crow Flies...)  had suggested as one that represented my efforts at this blog. What a terrific compliment from a fellow blogger :)

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, and is often portrayed with an owl as companion
Yes I use Google’s free blogging platform because free is what I can afford. I’ve noticed the past  several months have seen new visitors to the blog drop away. The only search terms that direct interested persons to this place are ‘penny for your thoughts blog’ That’s pretty limiting. Gone are the days when ‘Syria news’ would bring a new reader. Or a search of some recent event would see a surge in readership, with some people staying on. 
Pathetically one of Google’s claims for the employment of their heavy handed censorship is the “fake news” phenomena- Yet, they allow and direct all readers to their so called authoritative aka 5 eyes media resources. Which is the main progenitor of fake news. )Progenitor : a person or thing that first indicates a direction, originates something, or serves as a model; predecessor)

The five eyes media is the progenitor of "FAKE NEWS"
There are a number of Native Mythologies that associate the owl with prophecy
It’s not that the truth isn’t contained, or cannot be found in the 5 eyes media reports. It’s that the presentation or context of that news is almost entirely fake. Fabricated. A lie. Or several lies. Lies, lies and lies overlapping and layered in order to obfuscate reality.

 To name a few whoppers brought to us all by the 5 eyes media:

 - Syria’s civil war
- US had only 500 troops in Syria
- Saddam had nukes
- Smiling Libyan slaves
- Ukrainians rose up and overthrow a tyrant
- Gadaffi was a tyrant
- The US is the saviour of the free world
- Kurdish militias believe in freedom, peace, love etc.,
- Israel is the only democracy in the middle east
- Charles Manson is a serial killer
- Round up Is safe
- Vaccines are thoroughly tested and perfectly safe
- Consensus Science is “real science”
 You get the idea? Syria’s war was never a civil war. As for the Kurdish militias..?? They’ve got zero to do with tolerance, women’s right or any of that garbage- They're  thugs backed by the US - Proxies for US backed terror- Their role as proxies for remake agendas cast doubt on the commonly presented 5 eyes media concept of the US as the saviour of the free world. So called “consensus science” is nothing more then bandwagon- Illogical thinking. Gadaffi’s Libya had the best standard of living of all African nations- Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone- At either theTate or La bianca home.
 All the above incorrect ideas, lies and fake news  have been delivered faithfully to us all by the alleged authoritative media Google is directing the masses toward! It is the mass misinformer media, presented as the authoritative voice, that benefits from Google’s censorship of all other voices, opinion and views. Surely much of this is done as much to drive profits as to control the narrative.

My blog, on the other hand is presently being marginalized by Google’s censorship. I’ve worked diligently on this blog for nearly ten years to bring credible & truthful information to the readership. I’ve done my best and believe I’ve delivered on what has always been the goal of this blog. And, for myself as a person who prefers truth to lies. A gal who always question the information and looks for a more sensible, truthful context to the facts I can actually parse out of all the malarkey, using my well honed critical thinking skills.
From 08
“This blog is a place to not only post information that will never see the light of day on the mainstream media, but, also to present alternative perspectives to main stream media information, that most often presents no background, no context, and never questions the information presented.”

In the right sidebar is a quote from the Bernay’s book “Propaganda”

    "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society,"

    "Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. . . . In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind."
What Google is doing is neither shocking, surprising or even new & different. It is in fact more of the same, except that now it's on a global scale! Google is the mass manipulator of the globalized organized habits and opinions of the global masses. That is a frightening thought! Google is sidelining all information save for that which serves a relatively small number of persons.

As Google Fights Fake News, Voices on the Margins Raise Alarm

I'm not endorsing World Socialist Website, however, if they have been shut out, as has Global Research here in Canada, I know that my fight is not a lonely one!
Most people have little understanding of how Google’s search engine ranks different sites, what it chooses to include or exclude, and how it picks the top results among hundreds of billions of pages. And Google tightly guards the mathematical equations behind it all — the rest of the world has to take their word that it is done in an unbiased manner.

This is why it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why search traffic plummets for a site like the World Socialist Web Site, which calls itself the “online newspaper of the international Trotskyist movement.” Mr. North, the site’s chairman, said traffic coming in from search is down 70 percent since April, citing data from Alexa, a web traffic analytics firm owned by

In an open letter to Google last month, Mr. North traced his site’s traffic decline to Project Owl. Mr. North said he believed that Google was blacklisting the site, using concerns over fake news as a cover to suppress opinions from socialist, antiwar or left-wing websites and block news that Google doesn’t want covered.

In mid-April, a Google search for “socialism vs. capitalism” brought back one of the site’s links on the first results page but, by August, that same search didn’t feature any of its links. The site said 145 of the top 150 search terms that had redirected people to the site in April are now devoid of its links.

“They should be asked to explain how they’re doing it,” Mr. North said. “If they say we’re not doing anything, that’s simply not credible.”

Project Owl: Swooping in to Defeat Problematic Content

Project Owl is not actually a project. By this, we mean that it isn’t a task with a start date and end date, it’s not a project that will one day be 100% complete. Project Owl is an official commitment by Google to continuously eliminate misinformation and improve its search engine and results. Google itself stated, “While our search results will never be perfect, we’re as committed as always to preserving your trust and to ensuring our products continue to be useful for everyone”. As long as there’s fake news on the Internet, Project Owl will be there to hunt it down.

Soon enough this blog will be so obscured by the behemoth search engine that unless you have this site bookmarked... you will never land here.
When no one can see or hear what it is you have to say, what ideas you wish to disseminate do you or I really have 'free speech" and the 'freedom of discourse" Is the internet really the free market of ideas?  
Google is certainly making clear that censorship rules. And we will all be worse off for this global impediment to our awareness and understanding of what is really going on.
I’m thinking about twitter? Anyone?


Funny, I just tested the search engine with that search text 'I’ve Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl' i.e. the title of this article.
Result: no link to pennyforyourthougth2.blogspot.? from google. The article was listed from other blogs who had copy/pasted or simply syndicated via rss, but not your blog I checked the 5 first pages.
I also tested on duckduckgo and there it was listed prominently as the first entry.
Proof positive that your blog is censored by google.


  1. Thank You so much for taking the time to do that Gallier2!
    I could see it from the stats, but, your simple check makes very clear it is happening!
    Much appreciated.

    Part 2 can be found here:

    2nd Verse: I've Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl


  1. This is an Important post, Penny. So many of us are experiencing the same frustration as you. Our blogs are 100% authentic...the musings and analysis of a real person, a person who has worked hard over a period of years to develop a platform to voice alternative views and links.

    You would think we'd be valued for our work...but they are trying to discourage us and "snuff" us out. When authorities resort to is almost always a sign of the defeat of their ideas.

    1. thanks GC- I've watched my stat counters for years- I can see what is occurring.
      And google is in the lead position for the global censorship- I've been avoiding them for some of the searching I do- and have developed other resources thankfully- but.... not a good sign

  2. Owls stink and stick around to devour the baby robins no matter what rocks or large boards you may throw at them.
    As bad as rats. Not deserving of a place aboard space ship earth. Jettisoned.

    1. I don't throw rocks or large boards at living things as they try to survive...

    2. Anonymous...MAN has done more to cause the animal kingdom to die and become extinct more than any so-called predator. And MAN will not quit until it's gone.
      Just in the past 24 hours here is a few.
      CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - The Keystone crude oil pipeline will restart at reduced pressure on Tuesday, TransCanada Corp (TRP.TO) said, nearly two weeks after closing the line after it leaked 5,000 barrels of crude in rural South Dakota.

      I'm sure there is much much more than is even being reported! OWLS DON'T DO THIS...THEY DIE FROM IT ALONG WITH COUNTLESS INNOCENT CREATURES.

  3. Owls and crows have their detractors...but they're both highly intelligent and evolved species. I love all birds, almost more than I love the human species--which thinks it's intelligent but has taken this planet, once a true Garden of Eden...right to the brink of destruction.

  4. well, I still keep visiting here to get the latest. Hi Penny this is Dharma.

    1. Hi Dharma :)
      Oh the regulars are still here, as are the long term participants- and I'm glad you are one of those that have stayed with me- It is an honour :)

  5. Google's motto, "Don't Be Evil" is the giveaway. Any competent advertising agency will tell you that you do not adopt slogans expressed in the negative.

    The reason being that the subconscious mind cannot conceive of negatives. A stupid company near where I live ran a campaign saying "We don't sell junk". It didn't last long because the subconscious reads that as "We sell junk"

    Google must know that it's motto is subconsciously read as "Do be evil" or "Be evil"

    So to Google's adoption of the owl as its symbol. In occultism, the owl symbolises the demon, Molech. This is in keeping with its motto of "Be Evil"
    Mark Passio on the owl symbol
    (it's short at 6 minutes)

    1. Thanks for all that james- I agree with the owl there is negative and positive- that said google chose that icon to portray their censorship as protection meted out with wisdom- That's absurd. And ai'm also certain that for google the intent was evil
      I did listen to Mark Passio's presentation- thanks
      What can we do to circumvent Google's tyranny?
      It is a global issue and I hope by writing this others realize what is going on?
      Anyone have any suggestions wrt Twitter?

    2. There are other occult symbols originating from masonry at google. Look the Chrome icon, it's a 666 symbol (3 sixes overlaid and arranged in 120° angles), the gmail icon a nice masonic shirt, etc.

  6. Athena/Minerva is the ruler of my ascendant in Virgo (actually it is Mercury, but they are close enough!) therefore the owl is my bird! I keep a couple on my desk and one on my key-ring and I consult them every time I want to write something! But I am not a Wizard. I sport actually to be a Wise Man (accidentally in Oz).
    Don't be surprised by the censorship. Under the cover of a new 'moderation policy', I have been subtly induced to withdraw my participation in a (predatory) birdlike site, for comments slightly critical of its increasing sliding towards a PC 'leftoid' stance, in contradiction with the vocally high pitched stated orientation of the site. I do not suppose any Google interference.
    I am there, even if on a nightly mode.

    1. HeyWizOz: Saker has changed-- the minute he kissed the arse of the "carbon flunkies" was when I saw the light.

      I stop in there still now and then. He's still more informative then many others in the so called alt.

    2. Well Pen you were right along time ago about Alex Jones and I doubted you. Then, you were also right about Pepe Escobar and I doubted you again. Now the Saker falls to the wayside. **sigh** Jan Irvin said it well, "95% of the good guys are really controlled opposition" (that is a paraphrase) but you know what I mean.

    3. Hi Peter:

      Don't be too disheartened, even the controlled opposition has it's moments- Pepe does some good work on Pipeline competition.

      I don't go anywhere near Alex Jones. Ever.

      Saker gave in to the elite carbon pushing agenda and he also poured it on for the kurds... featuring Ocalan crap etc., that was a bit too much for this anti terrorist individual!

      For what it's worth I lump Moon of Alabama and 21st Century Wire into the controlled opposition category also- both wrote about the fight between ISIS and Kurds as if it was real- both touted Kurds as best fighters- sounding very Hillary Clintonish and both places pushed the idea that Erdogan faked the coup...Patrick Henningsen being ex of the Alex Jones show and the Guardian (UK) (which tells you quite a lot)

      I've heard Jan say that,so I know exactly what it is your getting at. Not sure if it's that high, but, yes it appears that a lot of what is alternative is really 5 eyes with a twist.

    4. In respect to some 'alt' outlets, I am in doubt whether they are 'controlled opposition' or 'limited hang-outs'.
      I am not sure what you meant by the allusion to the 'carbon flunkies' in relation to the case we were talking about. I probably missed it on that site. But there were too many other baffling 'faux-pas' not to create cognitive dissonance and confusion (and even arise suspicion that he is subtly manipulated). This has a bearing on his 'analyses', despite the fact that he might be 'still more informative than many others in the so called alt'. Much relevant information is left out.

    5. Hey WizOz; sorry for not replying sooner- early on Saker disallowed talk on the topic of AGW-
      Anthropogenic Global Warming- Pushed by Al Gore and all the global elites.
      He caved to the "leftist" push at that time- It's the same lefty push you are mentioning, the one that includes an near absurd political correctness

      WizOz "But there were too many other baffling 'faux-pas' not to create cognitive dissonance and confusion (and even arise suspicion that he is subtly manipulated)"

      can you cite an example- because creating cognitive dissonance that's a very bad thing- what have you noticed?

    6. E.g. giving prime time to diehard 'atheists' without a disclaimer from an apparently staunch Orthodox site.
      And the general leftist tone. I was permanently irked by the 'Ilya Ehrenburg style' appraisal of the situation in Ukraine, blaming it on the 'Nazis' and hiding the obvious elephant in the room.

    7. Hey WizOz- Prime time to diehard atheists- I did miss that at Sakers!
      My other beef with Saker was all the promotion of Ocalan's crackpottery via the Murray Bookchin rubbish (spelling?) big surprise Mr Bookchin is a Jew! Imagine that a Jew pushing the Kurdish issue?
      BHL. Alan Dershowitz. Netanyahu. etc No agenda there, right?

      As for the hiding the obvious elephant in the room in Ukraine, would this be, yet again, the obvious involvement of Israeli duals aka rich oligarch tyrants ensconced in Ukraine???

      Along the same line as the pushing of the Kurdish mythos?

    8. Penny, you are right on the spot. There is a lot more to Ukraine than meets the eye (it was meant to be a complete take over: "Jerusalem on the Dnieper" - the fulfillment of the wet dream of the Jewish Autonomous Soviet Republic of yore, - quashed by Stalin).
      "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise".

  7. G'day Penny,

    Thank for your many years of active service. You have done well. Please be at peace re the machinations of Google and its Talmudic Deep State operatives. President Trump is draining the US swamp and in coordination with Presidents Putin and Xi is draining the global Deep State swamp also, notably by interdicting its funding sources, especially in the KSA and the the CIA's drug businesses in Afghanistan and Colombia. It is likely that unsealing the indictments will bring down the Deep State very soon but in any event Earth changes and a planetary Magnetic Reversal should finalise these issues before the end of this year.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. Hi Ron:
      Your welcome and thanks for your many years of active reading and participating.

      It's hard to be at peace with this situation- not so much for the blog specifically but what Google's machinations mean for 100's of little bloggers like myself- Ordinary people- Greencrow- NTS- Willy Loman.

      I hope your correct about the swamp being drained, but, I don't think it can happen without more awareness and that's getting harder to do

  8. Hi Penny,
    My first go-to Youtube Truther got a warning today too...
    He reports on weather and planetary happenings of the kind that is not reported by so-called authorities...and it started when his reports about the Mississippi River drying up evolved. Truth is being censored period. At all accounts please SAVE everything you have dug up because there is a day coming soon when the underground will be active (if not already). Well done.

    1. Hi wallflower:
      I've saved everything..and look forward to an active underground movement- not on line

  9. Sorry about this, Penny! I have noticed that you have had less comments recently. But do not give up - stay motivated! Your work is so important to those of use who do have intuition and it will spread one day! At some point, all of this horrorshow in the world will end - there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in miracles!
    What is your take on the events in Libya?
    More perception management to justify more war against the Libyans?

    1. Hi Ally:
      I won't give up.
      "Your work is so important to those of use who do have intuition and it will spread one day!"
      thanks for having that faith in my work :)
      Yes the slave auction story looks to be contrived to justify more war against the Libyans! Sadly

    2. People are outraged by it on social media. Why do the sheep keep falling for the same lies?

    3. The Libya situation. from 7 months ago. (7 months ago)

  10. Hello all : Just wondered if you all noticed the Propaganda book is linked for your enjoyment? - It's in PDF format.
    Just an fyi- look under the image of the book cover

  11. Funny, I just tested the search engine with that search text 'I’ve Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl' i.e. the title of this article.
    Result: no link to pennyforyourthougth2.blogspot.? from google. The article was listed from other blogs who had copy/pasted or simply syndicated via rss, but not your blog I checked the 5 first pages.
    I also tested on duckduckgo and there it was listed prominently as the first entry.
    Proof positive that your blog is censored by google.

    1. Thank You so much for taking the time to do that Gallier2!
      I could see it from the stats, but, your simple check makes very clear it is happening!
      Much appreciated.

    2. Hey, there's a twist in the test. I rechecked this morning and the result is the same if one enters the title as is, but if you enter the string in quotes for an exact search, then your blog is on second position. On the word by word search I checked all 15 pages shown on my vertical screen and your blog was not listed.
      This shows that the censoring is done via the ranking algorithm not via the indexing (i.e. your page has been seen by the google crawler).
      This is proof positive of intent.
      I sent you the print-screens of the searches via email.

    3. Hey Gallier: email received and I saw the images. I responded to you with an assistance request and permission to post?
      Email me back and let me know, thanks for helping :)