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Saad Harriri Informed of Assassination Plot Before Resignation?

Thinking about the assassination of his father, blamed on Syria, most probably undertaken by Israel- That was always my opinion based on cui bono?
Lots happening this week end..........

Times of Israel: Hariri informed of assassination plot by Western intelligence

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was reportedly informed of a plot to assassinate him by Western intelligence agencies, leading him to flee the country and resign from his post.
Hours after announcing in Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh on Saturday he would step down, the Saudi television station Al-Arabiya reported an assassination attempt on Hariri was thwarted just days before he resigned. Hariri cited threats on his life and Iran and its proxy Hezbollah’s vast influence in Lebanon in his decision to resign.

Citing sources close to Hariri, the Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat reported Sunday the Lebanese premier was informed of the plot by Western intelligence. The report said due to the “serious” security threats against him, Hariri would not likely return to Lebanon.
The daily did not provide any further details on the alleged assassination attempt.
In the wake of the Al-Arabiya report, Lebanese media outlets on Sunday quoted Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces as saying it had no knowledge of the alleged plot.
From link embedded above:
 He instead revealed that Hariri had received western warnings that an assassination plot against him was being prepared, which prompted him to leave the country and announce that he was stepping down.
Sources predicted that the official will likely remain outside of Lebanon due to the “serious” security threats.
Hariri had also been adopting a calm approach with “Hezbollah”
Hariri’s resignation prompted President Michel Aoun to cancel a scheduled visit to Kuwait. He stayed in Lebanon where he held a series of contacts with officials to discuss the resignation, which he received from Hariri by telephone.
 Lebanese president won't accept PM's resignation until he returns: sources
Hariri left Lebanon for Saudi Arabia on Friday and resigned on Saturday in a televised statement that took the Lebanese political establishment by surprise. 

The move has thrust Lebanon back into the arena of regional rivalry between Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia, an ally of Hariri, and Shi‘ite Muslim Iran, which backs Hezbollah. 
President Michel Aoun, a political ally of Hezbollah, will wait to accept or reject Hariri’s resignation until he returns to Lebanon to explain his reasons, sources at the presidential palace said.
Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq al-Awsat cited unnamed sources close to Hariri as speculating that he would probably remain outside Lebanon because of the security threat against him.
Israel loves chaos/instability- Much like the US. 
Because it enables a new order to be created- 
Hence order out of chaos? 

Keep this news under your hat! Israel kicks off largest international aerial training exercise in its history

Israeli soldiers, along with seven foreign delegations, on Sunday begin the largest international aerial training exercise in the history of the Israeli Air Force (IAF), Rambler reported citing the IAF press service.
The “Blue-Flag” 2017 exercise will host air forces from the US, Poland, Italy, Greece, India, France and Germany, and it will run until November 16.

According to the respective IAF statement, this aerial training exercise is of great importance to the air force, army, and the State of Israel.

Creating an opportunity....

The weekend’s events on the northern front – the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and before that, tensions along the Syrian-Israeli border due to an incident in the Syrian Druze village of Khader – (Flashback: IDF to "Defend" Druze Village in Syrian Territory) were the latest shock waves from recent dramatic developments in Syria and the broader Middle East.

What might those "shock waves" be?
They stem, first, from the significant edge the Assad regime and its supporters have gained in the Syrian civil war over the past few months.

Second, from the intensifying battle for Mideast dominance between Iran and the Sunni axis led by Saudi Arabia.'

Third -Hariri’s resignation came as something of a surprise to Israel, and to other Mideast countries as well ( I do not believe the "surprise" claim)
The resignation might also have another explanation. The Trump administration’s new sanctions on Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard will hurt Lebanon’s central bank and make it hard to pay the salaries of Lebanese government workers affiliated with Hezbollah. (Gee who might that benefit?)
So it's financial warfare....
For Israel, Hariri’s resignation merely increases the instability on the northern front.
Israel can take advantage of that chaos- Creating opportunity?
Flashback: Ominous for Lebanon- Saad Harriri, son of Rafik, returns
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, considered Lebanon’s most influential (?) Sunni Muslim  politician, returned unexpectedly to Lebanon on Friday after three years of self-imposed exile
 Mr Hariri is tied to both Saudi Arabia and Israel

Flashback to 2012:  Syria, Saudi Arabia and what the hell is happening here!?

Earlier today I had seen a story from Haaretz about Bandar. I went back to get it, but there was only a 404 error page. (Slozo et al: here is the link to that 404- "Resource not found")
What is a blogger to do? Of course get the cached page!

CIA’s favorite Saudi prince is laying the groundwork for a post-Assad Syria

 Read the cached version in it's entirety!

Let's flashback to 2010-Massive Natural Gas resources to spark attack by Israel on Lebanon

From earlier today:

Syrian Army Finds Bomb-Laden Car With Chemical Agents in Deir ez-Zor



  2. Where is mutab?

    Anonymous July 20, 2017 at 6:02 AM

    Saudi King's Son Plotted Effort to Oust His Rival

    flashback 2013

    2015: Yemen war effort led by MBS

    then in 2016 alleged us sourced reports by MEE that nayef near death promptly denied by nayef? MBS 'engineered" what?

    2016 us pullout Saudi advisory

    Where is mutab

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