Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sochi Meeting: Turkey, Russia, Iran Back Syria's Sovereignty

I'm not certain how sovereignty is being defined here, but, nonetheless, that's the claim.

Rouhani, Putin, Erdogan
"Turkey, Russia and Iran have reiterated their support for Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
"The heads of state reaffirmed their strong commitment to sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic," according to a joint statement released following a trilateral meeting between the presidents of the three countries Wednesday.
 The presidents called on “the representatives of the government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the opposition that are committed to the sovereignty, independence, unity, territorial integrity and non-fractional character of Syrian state to participate constructively in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi in the near future", it added.
 "The presidents expressed satisfaction with the current level of tripartite coordination on maintaining and strengthening the cease-fire regime in Syria, of which Iran, Russia and Turkey are guarantors," it said.
"The presidents emphasized that the creation of the de-escalation areas established in Astana process in Syria have been quite efficient and greatly help to reduce violence, alleviate the humanitarian suffering, curb the flow of refugees, and start working to provide conditions for the safe return of refugees and internally-displaced persons," it added.
"The presidents decided that Iran, Russia and Turkey would continue their coordinated efforts to ensure that the progress in reduction of violence is irreversible. 
"They agreed to assist the Syrians in restoring unity of the country, and achieving а political solution of the crisis through an inclusive, free, fair and transparent Syrian-led and Syrian-owned process, leading to а constitution enjoying the support of the Syrian people and free and fair elections with the participation of all eligible Syrians under appropriate un supervision," it added.
The leaders also underscored the need for "rapid, safe and unhindered" humanitarian access to Syria. They also called on the international community to support the process of de-escalation and stabilization in the country."
Assad in Sochi in advance of this latest meeting:

 The warm and cordial welcome extended to the Syrian president by Vladimir Putin and senior Russian officials — mainly generals led by the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, who were taking part in defense-related talks — sends strong signals that, for Russia, Assad is not only part of the solution for Syria, but also a legitimate leader who the Kremlin expects to stay in power for some years.

I couldn't help but notice Kurdish media is presenting a concept that Iran has expressed no real concerns about border changes... Sure reads to me as if they have! And this is not a first.

Example LINK: 

"Putin and Rouhani did not mention the Kurds" Oh, really?

Rouhani- "attempts to change geographical borders in the region would eventually fail; and that American and Israeli interference would not produce their desired results" Clearly a reference to the US/Israel backed Kurds.
From the same Kurdish media article:"A top commander of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) which Ankara views as the parent organization of the YPG this week called on Putin to deny Ankara green light for any (Afrin) operation"

PKK in Syria, folks...

The view from Iran:
 Before his departure for the Black Sea resort of Sochi, the Iranian president said any attempt to  change geographical borders in the region will fail, vowing the Islamic Republic’s resolve to continue its fight against terrorists until their eradication.

Rouhani further expressed hope that the Sochi summit will help pave the way for the Syrian nation to build a “good future,” Press TV reported.

The president emphasized that it is up to the Syrian people to decide their own fate, adding that the Arab nation’s future “will not be in the hands of foreign powers.”

He also hailed the victories of Iraqi and Syrian nations in the face of terrorists, highlighting the role of Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement in the regional fight against terror.

“These achievements do not mean that the issue of terrorism and Daesh no longer exists. But [the terror group's] foundations have fallen apart,” which means it does not control any territory where it can claim statehood.

He said Iran knew from the very first day that using terrorists by certain states as a tool to push their own agendas would never succeed; that attempts to change geographical borders in the region would eventually fail; and that American and Israeli interference would not produce their desired results.

The Iranian chief executive voiced concerns about the security situation in the Middle East, and criticized attempts by Washington and Tel Aviv to fan the flames of tension in the region.
Sochi, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad held a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi City in the presence of senior Russian political and military officials, during a work visit he paid to Russia on Tuesday.
President Putin congratulated President al-Assad on the successes achieved by Syria in the framework of combating terrorism and on approaching victory over terrorism.
Putin underlined the importance of the timing of the visit in increasing coordination between the two sides, holding additional consultations, and listening to the assessment of the Syrian leadership on the situation in Syria and on the shape of the next steps as well as its vision on the political process and the role of the UN in it before the summit during which he will meet his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Sochi, Russia.
For his part, President al-Assad thanked President Putin for the warm welcome, saying that this meeting comes after two years and few weeks from launching the Russian military operation which supports the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism and which has made significant achievements on different levels, on top, the humanitarian, military and political levels.
President al-Assad indicated that the victories achieved against terrorism led to the return of security to many areas and subsequently, citizens returned to them and the wheel of normal  life began to move again, in addition to pushing the political track forwards to find solution to the crisis in Syria.
President al-Assad clarified that the Russian policy has been active on different axes and all of them are important, particularly through affirming the necessity of the UN adherence to its Charter which asserts the sovereignty of the states and the noninterference in their internal affairs and the right of the nations to decide their destiny.
He underlined the importance of this meeting to coordinate on the highest levels between the two sides on different issues which the two countries are interested in including the continuation of combating terrorism, the exerted efforts with regard to the political track, the national dialogue congress and the next tripartite summit in Sochi.
The two presidents also discussed the current preparations for holding the National Dialogue Congress in Sochi in Russia, as President al-Assad thanked President Putin and the Russian leaderships for the efforts they exerted in this framework, affirming that Syria supports any political work, particularly after the decline of terrorism and that all doors are open locally and internationally to support this track “therefore, we hope that Russia will always succeed in what it says and does…to succeed in convincing the others to not interfere in any political solution, and to only support it from abroad without any interference.”
President al-Assad asserted that what is important today is to stop the bloodshed, and that Syria is ready to work with any country ready to contribute to the political solution as long as it is based on the Syrian sovereignty and the Syrian decision.


  1. Good. I never looked forward to the once inevitable TV News frenzy where Bashar al Assad was raped by jihadi rifle butts...although this was the plan of the Satanists. Russia prevented it from happening.

    1. Hey GC: you're much more optimistic then I am-
      I see the US maneuvering... while Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq are working on their agenda. The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain, France, Canada are working theirs..

  2. Long time coming and now the west and proxies will look Libya & Lebanon to screw over again. That will cost lives and the west will lose another one.

    1. Hey jo- yah it looks as if Lebanon is going to come into active play... hariri is slick- He visited all the right people before heading back to Lebanon

  3. I've updated the post with some of the Iranian position & the Kurdish posturing- that's the PKK.