Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

 The PMU(F) & Iraq’s Future: Deal With PKK in Kirkuk.

The previous post, linked above, ended like this:
So Sadr forces are part of the PMU- And Sadr is, in my opinion, totally co-opted by the USrael. The PKK has always been allied with the USrael and looks to be filling the void left by the Barzani coup.. Order out of the chaos

Along came anonymous with this interesting news from July of this year

Sade just received a visit from the Saudi delegation pushing direct investment.
  1. thanks anonymous, I see this occurred in July

    And he met the Prince himself!

    "Iraq's influential Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr has made a rare visit to Saudi Arabia, where he met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other officials.

    Sadr's office released a statement on Sunday, saying he had been invited to the kingdom.

    He was greeted by Thamer al-Sabhan, Saudi Arabia's former ambassador to Iraq, on his arrival in the kingdom on Sunday.

    So he clearly was not going to Saudi Arabia as a visitor of little importance!

    "Iraq and Saudi Arabia agreed last month to set up a coordination council to upgrade strategic ties as part of an attempt to heal troubled relations between the Arab neighbours"

    Sadr is anything but anti- american!
    all those protests, so conveniently timed
    and this visit with saudi arabia- really anti american????? I don't think so

    If I had to put money down on which PMU is coordinating with PKK it's Sadr's militia
So Sadr met with bin Salman in July..
And some PMU factions are allying themselves with the PKK at the expense of KDP and others..

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I'll take this further in the next post

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