Saturday, November 4, 2017

US Creates Yet Another Base in Syrian Annexed Territory: SDF/PKK

Sputnik: Base Location? Raqqa
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) welcome the US's ever-increasing presence in Syria, although all this technically constitutes an invasion and has never been condoned by the country's government in Damascus.
"The United States is building military bases in the areas freed by our forces from terrorists. We consider it to be the right strategy. Recently, America created a military base at the entrance to the territory of Raqqa, in the Jezra neighborhood," the official said.
He explained that the neighborhood was chosen by the Americans because it was slightly damaged during a military operation in Raqqa and can now be seen as the city's safest area.

In addition, there are no mine traps or explosives in Jezra, according to him

"The base and the adjacent territory are reliably protected by American soldiers. No one, except these soldiers and SDF fighters, has access to the base," the official concluded.

KurdIShIS celebrating annexation of Syria

In an interview with Sputnik on Friday, Muhammed Kheir al-Akkam, professor of international relations at the University of Damascus, specifically pointed to the US's "fully coordinated move to replace Daesh with the SDF" in Syria.
He pointed out that "what we see in Raqqa is a fully coordinated move by the US to replace Daesh with the SDF."

Related: Syrian PM’s Advisor: US Only Replaced Daesh Terrorists with Kurdish Forces in Raqqa

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Abdul-Qader Azouz, who is also a professor of politics, rejected Washington’s claims about the liberation of Raqqa from Daesh and said what happened was not liberation of the city but replacement of Daesh with a group called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is also sponsored by the US.

Imad Khamis

He further emphasized that the Damascus government has a clear stance against all measures taken by the US-led coalition.

The adviser went on to say that the coalition is destroying the infrastructure of Raqqa and targeting civilians in the city.

He added that the operation was meant to destroy the evidence of the US role in the emergence of Daesh and its support for the terrorist group.

Recall yours truly talking about the obvious coordination, the symbiosis, between the Kurds and ISIS?- Including coining the term KurdIShIS?  2014 my friends. 2014. Three years ago, I spoke my theory into existence...
While the 5 eyes mainstream and alt media were cheering on the bestest ISIS hunters in the land.. I was saying, not so fast amigos!

*Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis and the Impending Destruction of Turkey-Nov.19/2014

 What about this relationship between ISIS and the Kurds? (not brand Yazidi specific)
It's seems to be a real working relationship. I have remarked on that symbiosis, more then once here at the blog.

It seems much more likely that there is cooperation and coordination between the Kurds and ISIS. It’s a thought that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. When one takes a look at the land grabbed by ISIS and the desired Kurdistan one can’t help but see something taking shape. Something like a new nation.

Back to Sputnik:
"We might ask why the US is not fighting the al-Nusra Front and other similar organizations? The answer is simple: because the US supports them," he said
Al-Akkam accused the US of paying lip-service to fighting terrorism and financing both Daesh and the SDF. He emphasized that "the US does not want the end of the Syrian war until their goals [there] are achieved."
The newest US Military: Right next to a refugee camp (for convenience and cover)

The US established a military base in Syria without the government's permission and banned anyone from coming within 55 kilometers; its proximity to the Rukban refugee camp may be considered a war crime, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said Friday.

The center reports that, according to witnesses, the US has recently deployed another camp near Rukban where militants gather in order to join its latest attempt to create a so-called moderate opposition, the "National Syrian Army." The cost of recruitment in each faction is defined by the US after bargaining with field commanders, which is why income differences can be considerable among militants from different groups. On October 29, in clashes between two militant groups, thirteen refugees were killed and over twenty were injured.

The Russian Defense Ministry has also accused the United States and illegal armed groups of preventing the Syrian government from setting up a safe corridor for deliveries of humanitarian supplies for refugees in the Rukban camp in Homs province.

Syria is sliding towards partition-
Do notice the choice of wording "sliding" as if partition was unintended. As if it was not the plan. When it was. It always was. Though a recent polling of Syrians is very clear.. they don’t want partition or federalization Smart people, obviously. Be sure to read the entire article. Excerpt below:

Within Syria itself, partition is not an appealing option either. While Syrian Kurds overwhelmingly support greater political autonomy, this objective is not broadly shared: After six years of war, the vast majority of Syrians are comfortable with a strong central state and want to keep the country intact. A poll conducted by The Day After Project in December 2015 and January 2016 found that 87 percent of respondents in regime-held areas and 76 percent in opposition-held areas opposed instituting a federal system of government — precisely on the grounds that it would be a step towards partition.


  1. "... operation was meant to destroy the evidence of the US role..."

    Remember when the USAF bombed that Afghan hospital even after they got messages from the doctors that they were striking a hospital?
    And how the lying POS Operation IR spokesman promised to investigate?
    Then sent in tanks to smash the place to bits to remove war crime evidence?

    How did that investigation go, I can't remember?

    Not only does those illegal bases help their Kurd terrorist buddies, it also gives them a base to harass and attack Iran.

    1. HI Greg: I'll be the investigation went well, cause, what was there to investigate?

  2. Very good. You might want to visit the Saker, south front report and see Zena's comments. Too much smug complacency. You would be well justified in posting there 'I told you so' Syria is indeed partitioned and the US occupied areas will doubtless be used against Syria and Iran, Far from improving, things look worse than ever. You had this months ago. Well done.

    1. hi anonymous 10:35 am
      If you wouldn't mind terribly, whereabouts might I find this Zena's comments?
      I extremely, and I mean, rarely go to southfront and only occasionally stops at sakers-- that name rings no bells for me

      And thanks for the compliment :)

    2. Yeah the SFR on Saker's site - I see you did post. Masses of sites discussing anything and everything re Syria EXCEPT the US occupation and partition.
      The compliment is well deserved. I get grief on Saker for suggesting that the SAA will not achieve full Syrian control.
      PS I am Zena but post as anonymous because I couldn't use other options and got shut out.
      If I post here again I will mention 'Zena' as there are probably multiple anonymouses.
      Any way big crunch coming in Syria imho can't not confront the US indefinitely but how?
      Best wishes

    3. "Masses of sites discussing anything and everything re Syria EXCEPT the US occupation and partition."

      Limited hangouts- The occupation, building of bases and partitioning are the elephant in the room.
      Too many sites, so called alternatives, ignore the elephant. Why?

    4. This might sound far fetched, But I think it has to do with Perspective management and greed. Can't say with absolute certainty.

      To catch the thoughts of many peoples as possible so you still have some control to the subjects that really matter.

      And Greed. What people won't do to sate their never ending greed and be safe at the same time.

    5. hey kaz!

      " But I think it has to do with Perspective management and greed. Can't say with absolute certainty.

      To catch the thoughts of many peoples as possible so you still have some control to the subjects that really matter. "

      I would agree with that if what your saying is by limiting the topic, by ignoring the elephant in the room, you control what is being discussed.

      I call that perception management round these parts- and I think that's what you mean, though I'm not clear on the greed aspect?

    6. The Greed part is, Well. Of those Alternative sites where people gather their alternative news. How many of them you think are just there for the money they can generate by appeal to their audience that they are small one trying to fight the giant.

    7. Good point Kaz!
      I would agree with that- please give me money and help me fight the power- not all of them, of course, but too many of them look to me to be compromised in that way...