Monday, November 6, 2017

US Sends Even More Weapons to YPG/PKK aka "SDF"

More weapons for more war. Needed for the Deir ez-Zor operation.

-Is it clear to all yet the US is targeting Syrian state forces and their allies? 
-When are the limited hang out sites going to begin addressing the actual and obvious US occupation/annexation of Syria and it's territory alongside their kurdish thugs? Not talking about it doesn't mean it's not occurring in the real world. Obfuscating this reality only serves the globalist agenda to remake the region....

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 TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) official said on Monday that the US continues to supply them with arms and has recently delivered 120 trucks loaded with heavy armament and armored vehicles.
120 trucks loaded with heavy armaments and more armored vehicles

"The US has supplied us with Hummer armored vehicles and heavy armament for the Deir ez-Zor operation, including missiles, infra-red guidance missiles, machine guns, mine throwers, Kalashnikov rifles and other ammunition," the SDF source told Sputnik Turkiye on condition of anonymity.
According to the high-ranking official, the armaments and vehicles have been brought from the territory of Northern Iraq through the Semelka checkpoint into Rojava, the territory where the Syrian Kurds live. From there, the trucks with weaponry left for the territories which have been cleaned from Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL) to the north of Deir ez-Zor.

The total number of trucks amounted to 120, the source said, noting that they need more.

"We are advancing, our forces need to operate in the combat areas and we do need armored vehicles.”

We have lost many fighters who were killed in mortar shelling by Daesh terrorists because they did not have armor protection," he explained.

He further elaborated that Daesh militants use sniper rifles and mine throwers. If SDF fighters had enough of armored vehicles and heavy weaponry, there would have been a lot less victims. However, the US officers are there on the ground and have a chance to assess the situation themselves. They promised to meet the demands of SDF in additional armaments, he concluded.

US is supporting SDF without the Syrian government permission. Syria has on different occasions protested the move by Washington. Damascus has called for exit of all foreign forces entered the country illegally.

The US is supporting the terrorists PKK/YPG aka SDF without Syrian permission

The Syrian army said on Friday it had seized Deir ez-Zor from Daesh, driving the foreign-backed militants from their last major stronghold in the war-hit country.
Of course increased weapons to Kurdish terrorists ties into all other activities in the region.

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  1. from Zena - I think it is now increasingly obvious that Syria is partitioned, east of Euphrates by US backed forces and in north by Turkey saying they will build 8 bases inside Syria. Powerful weapons shipped to terrorists for fighting in Deir-e-Zor suggest the US will possibly prevent even the holding of that town and the Iraqi border.
    Putin and Lavrov have said Syria must regain full control of it's territory. How they gonna achieve that? (Hidden deal done ?)
    You predicted this despite naysayers and were very astute.
    RT saying war nearly over. Yeah, right.

    1. Hey Zena:
      It sure looks as if Syria is being partitioned..
      Has looked that way for quite a while now.
      Turkey may or may not build 8 bases, but, it's certain that the US has, by my count 13 bases across northern syria..

      "Powerful weapons shipped to terrorists for fighting in Deir-e-Zor suggest the US will possibly prevent even the holding of that town and the Iraqi border."

      It seems that is the plan..

      Hidden deal done? Not sure how long you've been around, but, we've discussed here that it was most probable that there is an agreement, not finalized, but tacit, for east of the euphrates.. but how far south on the Iraqi border??
      The devil is probably in the details

      The commenter Rescue has also mentioned that, in his or her opinion, there is most probably a deal that Turkey can live with regarding so much syrian territory going to the kurds- as a compromise, but, not and end..

      "RT saying war nearly over"

      As of today, given everything that is occurring I think the regional war will escalate

    2. from Zena, Here's the link to the SF report 8 Turkish bases. Dunno what that is about. I don't criticsise Erdogan. He has a lot on his plate. It is all very complicated, maybe just a buffer zone against the Kurds.

    3. hi zena:

      I found the article at southfront

      Wish they would have linked back to source :(

  2. Yalta = berlin
    Deputy Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federation Council, Frantz Klintsevich stated that the activity of the Russian Air Force in Syria would increase. According to Klintsevich this is not only because of the need to “finish off the terrorists” but also has to do with the possibility of a face-to-face meeting between the US President, Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "It’s likely that the activity of the Russian Air force in Syria will only increase in the near future. It is obvious that this primarily has to do with purely military reasons — what is called striking the iron while it is hot, without giving the ISIS terrorists an opportunity to raise their head again. But at the same time, we are preparing for a possible meeting between the Presidents of Russia and the United States," wrote Klintsevich on his Facebook page.

    Trump mentioned earlier that he intends to meet Vladimir Putin in Vietnam on the sidelines of the APEC summit. Later, the spokesman for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, said that the meeting is being coordinated. One of the possible issue that will be discussed during the meeting is the Syrian settlement.

    Klintsevich noted the importance of the forthcoming meeting of the Russian and American presidents for a successful Syrian settlement and postwar reconstruction of the country.

    "It is clear that any historical analogy is conditional, but the Yalta Conference of February 1945 comes to mind. More than 70 years have passed, everything has changed except one thing: they only talk to those who are strong, " Klintsevich summed up.

    1. I did see that news about russia increasing activity via it's airforce

      and hope you saw the news regarding the massive aerial exercises being undertaken by Israel and company already on!(started this Sunday November 5/17)

      "The “Blue-Flag” 2017 exercise will host air forces from the US, Poland, Italy, Greece, India, France and Germany, and it will run until November 16

      we have ten days of opportunity

      went and read up on Yalta- it's very relevant thanks for bringing that to my attention

  3. United States delivers a new batch of aid to the Lebanese Army Wednesday as ... Nov. 03, 2017 | 12:12 AM ... Army receives air-to-surface missiles from U.S. .
    Army receives air-to-surface missiles from U.S.

    replay of 80s which PENCE just recalled 23Oct?

    Pence honors memory of Marines killed in 1983 Beirut bombing


    1. Russia weapons deals? In response to the US deals..

    2. thanks anonymous- read the voa already, but, I see there are a few more to go

    3. Russo just accused us of humanitarian crimes and arming and supporting isis. What does it say about their babies if us multiyear arms program in Lebanon? Southern Lebanon the next Benghazi ?