Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And a Dead Battery in My Car.. Extreme Cold Continues as People Die

Think of the song Partridge in a Pear Tree... But sing 'a dead battery in my car'

As mentioned in yesterday's post.. Baby... It's Cold Outside!
 Though my area is not under an "extreme cold alert" We are substantially below our average norms
Environment Canada says long-lasting cold wave unusual for this time of year
Meteorologist Alexandre Parent said Wednesday the big chill is affecting the Prairies, Ontario and western Quebec and was to spread into the Maritimes.
But Nova Scotia was already dealing with a winter weather system that snapped hydro poles and knocked out electricity for thousands.
Parent said northern Ontario was being hardest hit with the current cold snap, with temperatures expected to feel like -50 C with the wind chill in some places.
"The size of this cold wave in terms of geographical distribution is quite exceptional for this early in the winter season.
"What's also exceptional is the duration of this episode," he said, noting that the extreme cold weather could hang over Quebec for the next seven days.
The weather specialist said he had to go back to 1993 to find a similar cold spell between Christmas and Jan 1.
Temperatures were colder then, but the extreme cold didn't stay around for long.
"The last few years we had one or two days of cold weather, but usually those were compensated by a few days near zero which is not the case  this year," Parent said.
"It's the span of days with ten to fifteen degrees below normal which are exceptional."

Dangerously frigid weather numbs Manitoba

Bundle up, Quebec: Cold snap expected to drag into 2018

Saskatchewan hit with lasting cold weather to wrap up 2017

Man Dead from Hypothermia in Hamilton, Ontario.
 A post-mortem on Wednesday morning determined the cause of death to be hypothermia, and not a result of the injury from the collision.

Arctic Cold Grips Canada and the Northern US
A homeless man froze to death at a bus stop in Ohio and people in Pennsylvania resorted to a bulldozer to clear snow Wednesday, as an Arctic snap gripped most of Canada and the northern United States.
In Canada, extreme cold warnings were issued for scores of communities across the country, including the heavily-populated provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
In the United States, a homeless man froze to death at a bus stop in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, local media said, quoting police and a homeless charity.
While Toronto reported temperatures of minus 15 C (5 F) and Ottawa minus 25 C, the coldest spot in Canada was minus 42.8 C in Armstrong, Ontario, according to Environment Canada.

The temperatures were 10 to 20 degrees below what is normal for the season, said meteorologist Alexandre Parent with Environment Canada.
The deep cold is forecast to remain until early January, he said.
“In my memory I have never seen cold weather that settles for such a long time in such a broad expanse,” Parent said.
But, I thought the Arctic was all warm and melty- Ya know "polar bears"
Does anyone care about the homeless man that froze to death at a bus stop? Or the poor soul lost to hypothermia ? Or do we all just care about manipulative psyops undertaken by bought and paid for scientists?

Extreme Cold Weather Alert Continues... Toronto Star

 The extreme cold weather alert announced Christmas Day continues into Wednesday, with temperatures anticipated to reach a potential low of -21 C in Toronto.
Temperatures are set to stay low over the next few days, with a wind chill of -27 C threatening on Thursday and a high of only -13 C on Friday.
'It's Going to Be Brutal': Extreme Cold Grips Vermont 

My local weather report is letting me know that the deep freeze I'm chillin' in will last till January 2nd/2018- And yes I really did have a dead battery today, a boost did the trick, but if the car doesn't start tomorrow................. 



At 8:00 am the temperature according to Environment Canada was:

-22C (not factoring in any windchill) or -7 F (again, no windchill consideration)

At 9:00 am- outside my backdoor our big thermometer reads...

-17C or 0 F ( the sun is having it's usual warming effect)

Our averages for this time of year?

 Max C. Min -6°C.

Max 32°F. Min 21°F



  1. I'm documenting the extreme cold including deaths because no one else really will- doesn't fit the agenda

  2. “In my memory I have never seen cold weather that settles for such a long time in such a broad expanse,” Parent said.

    Hi Penny: I wonder how old Parent is.

    "Ontario's Coldest Day on Record - December 29, 1933. Fourteen sites recorded their coldest-ever temperature, including Ottawa at -38.9°C and Algonquin Park at -45.0°C. Outside Ontario, record cold temperatures were also set in Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia."

    Everytime the weather people scream about the hottest or the coldest they've ever seen, I check the records and find out it's been hotter and/or colder in the past.

    I still see no sign of persistent "climate change" and I suspect neither do you. Sorry about your car battery, though. Nobody deserves that.;-]

    1. Hey Yaya:

      To be fair he's talkin about how long this cold has hung around and still is- Today being frigid day # 5

      Thanks for the link YaYa!

      I see nothing as of yet that has me believing in AGW or "human caused global warming' Or "carbon induced global warming"
      Though I do know the climate changes!
      So far the battery has held it's charge with a boost.. Didn't want to have to buy another one..

  3. Yeah, I see your point about "how long", but the how long records seem iffy. Closest I've come so far to finding anything concrete is the below (found on the same page as the 1933 item). Looks like we have to wait to see if Lake Ontario freezes completely over (or Hell - whichever comes first) since the actual temperature is not mentioned. Note that it happened for a "second time" but doesn't say when the first time was.

    "Cold Wave Grips Eastern North America - February 1934. A cold wave engulfed the continent from Manitoba to the Atlantic seaboard and down the east coast to Palm Beach, Florida. Ice trapped fishing vessels off Nova Scotia, hospitals were jammed with frostbite victims and, for only the second time in recorded history, Lake Ontario froze completely over."

    1. Hey Yaya- Lake Ontario won't ever freeze completely over thanks to the nuclear power plants that dot it's shores.

      Heading out to the shores of Lake Erie today to see how the ice is forming, but, I know it must be because a whole pile of birds have moved into our local waterway- and i mean a whole pile!
      They came fast and furiously- which means one day nothing, next day literally hundreds and hundreds of them congregated