Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Baby... It's Cold Outside!

Mean Mr Carbon just ain’t livin’ up to his end of the bargain!

Environment Canada issued a slew of extreme cold warnings across the country on Tuesday.
Environment Canada says it issues extreme cold warnings when very cold temperatures or wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frost bite and hypothermia.
The agency is asking people to watch for symptoms related to the cold, including shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and a change in the colour of the fingers and toes.
In British Columbia, the agency warned that the Yoho Park and Kootenay Park region could see wind chills as low as -40 C due to a cold arctic ridge of high pressure that it predicts will remain over the region for several days.
Much of Alberta, Manitoba and the entirety of Saskatchewan were also subject to the warnings, and Environment Canada says the frigid temperatures are expected to continue through the end of the week.
Environment Canada issued the warning for parts of northern Ontario too, along with a snow squall warning for Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Southern Ontario was largely spared from the extreme cold, save for parts of southwestern Ontario surrounding the Georgian Bay.
Was Southern Ontario "largely spared"?

Though my area is not under an "extreme cold alert" We are substantially below our average norms-  I was out today and it was frigid! Went for a short walk in Shorthills Park , with long janes (bottom and top) , wool socks etc., Layers and Outer shell. The cold was biting!  Our heat has been running nearly non stop in the house.

It is presently a very frigid 7 F or - 14C..... Way below seasonal norms
Our temperature for tonight is expected to be 5 F or - 15 C (I expect it's going to be colder)
As expected it was colder yesterday (December 26/2017)  -17.2 Celsius- that's one for the record books
Or norm/ averages are more right around the freezing mark  for this time of year
Averages:  - Max 34°F. Min 21°F. or Max C. Min -6°C.
This morning, December 27/2017,  it is a bone chilling - 18 C or 0 F
The cold on December 26/2017 is much colder then our coldest temp (15 year time frame) recorded in 2010 -7.6C 
Environment Canada has limited the time frame of temps to control a specific narrative.
This was the coldest Christmas in decades in many parts of Canada
In Quebec, the agency warned that the cold arctic air was moving southward on Christmas Day night and Boxing Day, and would continue to do so on Wednesday.
It said wind chills could reach -42 C in the province.
While the Atlantic provinces were largely spared from the extreme cold warnings, much of Newfoundland and Labrador was subject to wind and blizzard warnings, as well as blowing snow advisories.
Environment Canada issued a swath of extreme cold warnings stretching from Alberta to central Quebec in the wake of a frigid Arctic air mass

I understand vast swathes of the US are frigid as well

Wintry mess of snow and ice to linger across U.S.

A blast of lingering, frigid air across the northern U.S. will keep the snow coming this week from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.
Christmas week will be cold and snowy for much of the northern and higher-elevation areas of the country. Snowfalls of 3-4 feet — the largest of the season so far — are expected for the next few days east of Lakes Erie and Ontario. 
On Christmas Day, a stationary snow band off Lake Erie dumped nearly three feet of snow on Erie, Pa., more than four times the previous Christmas record and 14 inches more than the city's all-time record, which has stood for more than 60 years. The snowfall prompted city officials to declare a snow emergency. State police said drivers should avoid travel.

Erie Pennsylvania, my goodness, you are on the 'wrong' side of Lake Erie! Thankfully this side of the Lake has been pretty good. Having just been Nickel Beach way a couple of days ago! (Lake Erie's shore, Port Colborne- Erie PA being across the lake from Simcoe Ontario, roughly) Hope you guys and gals are ok? A sixty year record- shattered! Shadoobie!

Global Warming?


  1. Gee
    Global warming sounds fun
    In the US
    I always say
    I wish the planet would hurry up and melt
    I am tired of paying six months for heat
    Actually maybe five for some six
    I would or you should walk up to the leader Trudeau
    Hey Trudeau
    I can not wait for the planet to melt for I am sick of having dangerous warnings for my health
    Then listen to what the hypocrite says
    And if he still grins and says global warming is real
    Spit in his face,aim for the eyes and say
    Hey Justin
    Make the threats and cold go away and embrace global warming
    It will benefit us for now
    Although droughts are no fun either
    But for now
    Spit in his face and tell him you need global warming now
    Make my heating bills go away
    As he smiles
    We want more money
    Show me the money
    I am an elitist and proud of it
    This is the time to confront and demorilize his character publically
    Good luck
    Global warming sounds fun
    I wanna freeze today and pretend the planet is melting
    Hurry up and melt
    I am friggin freeeeeeeeeeezing

    1. Trudeau is an elitist. that's for sure!
      His whole Agha Khan narrative is too much!

      As in wtf is this?

      "The prime minister doesn’t have business meetings. He has relationship sessions."
      “The meetings he (Trudeau) attends as prime minister are not business meetings,” Dawson wrote, recounting Trudeau’s words.

      “Rather, they are high-level meetings centred on relationship building and ensuring that all parties are moving forward together. Specific issues or details are worked out before, subsequently or independently of any meeting he attends.”

      Why does this arse even go to the meetings if everything is worked out?
      What kind of garbage is that?!
      Is he having sexual relations?
      Is he paying lip service to the looney tune political correctness/easily offended crowd?
      Just what does that mean?


  2. I've updated the post to reflect the fact that temperatures were even colder then had been forecasted for yesterday december 26/17 and today is frigid- heats been a runnin' and a runnin'

  3. You truthers should know by now
    These people do this ,so you people can debate and gossip about the bull they shell out
    It is endless
    The talking heads debate and argue and try to figure stuff out
    You people think you have a handle on it
    But it continues
    These so called elitist pat each other on the back and say being in politics is great,only downfall is all the hate,but deep down they believe they make a difference
    I always here them say stuff along that reality
    From my view
    They live great lives and have and wine and dine and travel all over
    You all complain,but they are still livin the life
    You come home from war missing a limb and called a hero
    You people will call them psychopaths
    But really the sheeple are the psychotic sacrificial sheeple who do all the dirty deeds and come home wounded or traumatized and called a hero
    Gee,maybe you should join the other side and enjoy there luxuries???
    I say
    Go up to the prime minister
    Ask him can we make this global warming thing happen faster so my heating bill will go away
    He smiles and says it is real
    Huck a lungy,a sick juicy lungy right in his eyeball and play him this tune
    Ask him if he wants to play