Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rare Snow Storm Hits Deep South: Travel Warnings

USA Today: Original Headline- Rare Snow Storm Hits Deep South: Travel Warnings

Must be all that human forced global warming at work? AKA AGW.  Because of all that carbon heating things upOr so the official fake news narrative goes?
 Wonder why it is this unusual snowstorm with unusually cold temperatures hasn’t set off a round of global headlines?
 Doesn’t fit the agenda seems the most obvious answer.

A winter storm shrouded the Deep South in snow and threatened more overnight as it advanced eastward.

With temperatures expected to sink below freezing across much of the region, forecasters warned that black ice could make roads treacherous. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for northern Georgia, including metro Atlanta, until Saturday morning and forecast up to 3 inches (8 centimeters) of additional snow.

Snowfall and icy roads in North Carolina closed government offices and schools, sent cars sliding off the road and altered the governor’s travel plans.

Forecasters said heavy snow was falling in the mountainous western part of the state with up to 6 inches likely in areas including Asheville. A winter storm warning was in effect through Saturday morning for western counties.

Accumulations of 6 inches (15 centimeters) were reported in Mississippi and northern Georgia, while at least 5 inches (13 centimeters) fell in Alabama. Rare snow flurries were spotted in New Orleans. Motorists were urged to stay off the road in Louisiana for fear of ice.
The weather band also brought a rare snowfall to parts of South Texas.
Highway department officials were monitoring the elevated roadways and bridges that stretch across much of south Louisiana, warning that motorists to stay home if possible. Some highways were shut down Friday, as snow fell in cities and towns that have little experience with it. Truckers were urged to stay off of Interstate 10 in Mississippi.
Short, squat snowmen — some already melting by Friday afternoon — dotted yards and parks around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Josh Black, a 30-year-old LSU graduate student, took photos of one tiny snowman outside the State Capitol building near the gravesite of former Louisiana Gov. Huey Long.
Snow in Georgia- Obviously the child is delighted!


  1. "Doesn't fit the agenda". Absolutely right, Penny! Mother Nature is trying to set the record straight. (Wow, you get up early in the morning!;-)

    1. Hey yaya!
      Nah, not that early. It's just the time this blog is set at. Pacific Time instead of EST
      I should change it, should've long ago
      So it's was posted at 10:39 am est

      Anything that doesn't fit the agenda gets ignored

  2. Another perspective
    and part 2

    1. Thanks Kaz
      I'm familiar with that place, but, I'd forgotten about it- glad you reminded me!!
      I will watch the videos asap

  3. But where is the Midwest snow? We usually get around 23" here and last Winter, got about 2" and this year so far, Nada, while Brownsville gets hammered.

    But the sky has been filled with chemtrails so much I long for the old, puffy, fat-looking white(can I use that term?) clouds of old.

    To me, it isn't the CO2 causing problems with the weather so much as it is direct interference ala HAARP and the senseless cutting down of millions of acres of trees each year for paper products like TP, which is insane.

    But the COCK brothers have a big investment in paper mills and forest and don't want to see that money get taken by hemp plants.

    1. Hi Greg:

      I often wonder if it is the drug trade that impedes the hemp trade?

      And yes, I'm starting to take weather manipulation much more seriously- not necessarily on a large scale but.. weather has been messed around with for decades - so who knows what the technolgy is n ow

      btw: I like the term geo engineering much better!

  4. Also the hemp industry was shut down by the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry

    Then there is also the issue of cross contamination, which is why I suggested it was the drug industry that may be playing a role in the restriction of the hemp industry

    Marijuana growers worry that Oregon’s emerging hemp industry could take the buzz out of their recreational and medicinal weed.

    Some lawmakers hope to clamp down on the state’s embryonic industrial hemp crop amid concerns that through cross-pollination hemp could harm outdoor medical marijuana grows, particularly in Southern Oregon.

    Hemp — a cousin of marijuana that has much lower levels of pot’s psychoactive component, THC — can ruin valuable marijuana crops through cross-pollination by lowering marijuana’s THC content, pot advocates say.