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SDF Defector Spills Still More Beans! Kurds & ISIS Exploiting Syria's Oil Resources

We're going to stroll back down memory lane. November 2015 to be exact. To a post which had lots and lots of reads at the time I published it. A good amount of comments too! Of course, that was before Google started it's heavy handed censorship of my blog
Yes, I did the research all on my own. I didn't ask Google the answer. I dug all the information up myself, from reputable sources.  Rather then relying on riding the bandwagon as sooooo many others did. The 5 eyes bandwagon, that is. Opting instead for due dilligence

 The links included as 5 eyes mouthpieces are not ones found at my blog- Nor do I recommend them. Just an fyi. If they're not here, in my opinion, it's for very good reasons.

When there is no evidence careful perception management can absolutely trump reality! Contrary to all the obfuscating media. Alt and 5 eyes. Erdogan was NOT in cahoots with ISIS. It was the KurdIShIS puppets, in tandem with their stringpuller in UK/USrael. A straight forward case was put forward regarding that back in 2015

Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality 

From the relinked post- which was long with lots of external links 

 Claim: Turkey is shipping ISIS oil

Reality- Britain is facilitating ISIS oil sales
Reality: Pipelines that transit through Turkey are being used, but, this does not imply implicit  knowledge by the Turkish state.
Reality- The Kurds are also transiting oil through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline 
Conclusion: Pipelines don’t discern. Complicity between Turkey and ISIS is unprovable

Britain's ties to ISIS oil sales

Key allies in the US and UK led war on Islamic State (ISIS) are covertly financing the terrorist movement according to senior political sources in the region. US and British oil companies are heavily invested in the murky geopolitical triangle sustaining ISIS’ black market oil sales.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and Turkish military intelligence (NATO affiliated) have both supported secret ISIS oil smuggling operations and even supplied arms to the terror group, according to Kurdish, Iraqi and Turkish officials.
Crude Oil and ISIS

 I would love that everyone read the above linked pdf- But if you don’t wish to read all 16 pages please go to the conclusions drawn and read there. Pg 12 of 16

“The authors of this paper would like to make it clear from the very beginning that this has not been the case of a ‘smoking gun’. The evidence  has been  inconclusive.  But even  if volumes of ISIS crude found their way, beyond any reasonable doubt, to the international crude oil  markets  via the Ceyhan  terminal,  this fact  would not conclusively  point  to collusion between the Turkish authorities and the shadow network of smugglers, let alone ISIS operatives"
 Who is shipping this oil from Iraq into Turkey- The Kurds

Iraq has warned buyers of crude oil that any unauthorized oil purchases made from its territory could be used to fund activities by the extremist militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
In a statement on Wednesday, Iraq’s Oil Ministry said: “International purchasers [of crude oil] and other market participants should be aware that any oil exports made without the authorization of the Ministry of Oil may contain crude oil originating from fields under the control of [ISIS]. The only seller of Iraqi crude oil authorized by the Ministry of Oil is [Iraq’s state-owned oil company] SOMO.”

 Speaking on condition of anonymity, an informed source told Asharq Al-Awsat that ISIS was indeed selling Iraqi crude from captured refineries and oilfields. He said the crude was being sold to Kurdish traders in the border regions straddling Iraq, Iran and Syria, and was being shipped to Pakistan where it was being sold “for less than half its original price.” He added that many oilfields and refineries in the country remained outside government control.

 Since May, the Kurds have taken matters into their own hands and sold almost 40m barrels of oil to traders via the Turkish port of Ceyhan, all shipped via pipeline, providing Erbil with vital funds as they battle Islamist militants and shelter hundreds of thousands of refugees.
Syrian Kurds earning millions in Oil Revenue- stealing Syria's oil

“Syrian Kurdistan has been exporting its oil from the Rmeilan refinery using a pipeline built by the Baath party government,” Iraqi Kurdish Rudaw news reported Monday.

“[The oil is then] transferred to the Alyuka refinery in the [Iraqi Kurdish] Zumar area, from there to Fishkhabour, and then on to Turkey’s Ceyhan port.”

A “well informed source” told the agency that “the revenue from importing this oil exceeds $10 million” a month, a massive boon for the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) that has overseen a dramatic expansion of territory as Kurdish troops have rolled back ISIS in recent months.
Arab Weekly- Syria's Oil and Gas Wealth being Shared by Kurds and ISIS- 
Yet more of that KurdIShIS symbiosis!

Syria’s oil and gas wealth is being shared by ISIS and Kurdish armed groups, which heavily rely on it to finance war efforts.
At least 60% of Syria’s oil installations are in the east and north-east, in the areas around Raqqa, the capital of ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate, Deir ez-Zor on the Iraqi border and the Kurdish-held area of Al-Hasakah. These have been exploited by Islamist opposition groups and Kurdish militias for two years now.

Syria’s oil and gas wealth is being shared by ISIS and Kurdish armed groups, which heavily rely on it to finance war efforts, according to an oil worker in al-Hasakah who spoke to The Arab Weekly on condition of anonymity. “The Kurds control 274 fields, producing some 40,000 bar-rels of oil per day (bpd) in addition to 397,000 cubic metres of gas,” he said.

ISIS tightened its grip on the fields in the southern part of al-Hasakah after evicting the Free Syrian Army and other Islamic opposition groups. Some of the largest oil and gas fields — Shadadi, Marcada and al- Hol — are in ISIS-controlled terri-tory.
According to an oil employee who asked to be identified as JJ, some 419 oil fields producing more than 35,000 bpd and 67 gas fields with a daily production of 1 million cubic metres are controlled by ISIS.
How do all the geniuses out there think that "ISIS" transfers the oil out of Syria, past the Kurds who control the land just north of them? Think about it! KurdIShIS, that's how!
Also related with thousands of reads
The special Kurd/Israel relationship helped a whole lots in getting smuggled oil out of Syria.

 More then two years later Mr Silo keeps on validating/verifying that which at the time I'd researched and wrote the 2015 post looked to be obvious. Sadly it took me till 2015 to figure out what had to have been occurring. Even worse was I looked to be the only on that had!!

And yes, I do take the claims by Silo covered here yesterday and today as correct, factual and true. Because they were already verified by my own time and effort as correct years ago.


SDF defector says PKK exploiting oil resources in Syria since 2012

In a tell-all interview with Turkey's Anadolu Agency, Silo said the SDF are a group dominated by PKK/PYD members who have been exploiting oil resources in Syria since 2012.

Silo said the PKK sells the oil abroad and money earned was invested in banks in Lebanon and later transferred to Europe.

"Exit to the Mediterranean"

He also spoke about the organisation’s "exit to the Mediterranean" project.

The PKK/PYD is currently occupying more than a fourth of Syrian territory.

Silo said that the expansion strategy of the organisation has grown as it advanced its area of dominance, starting from the Iraqi border in eastern Syria, then west through the Turkish borderline.

He also said the future of the organisation is connected to its ability to open a corridor to the Mediterranean from the land, and connect directly with the external world and receive support.
I've lost count of the number of times this has been reported on here!
Silo, before leaving Syria, had developed close relations with senior YPG figures, the military wing of the PKK/PYD and had witnessed from the inside the activities of the organisation, which uses the name SDF in Syria.

US arming terror groups
Silo told Anadolu Agency details of the US arming terrorist groups in the region and what some US officials thought about the PKK/PYD's presence in northern Syria.

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