Monday, December 11, 2017

The Times/UK: Talal Silo: The Defector Embarrasing America

It's behind a pay wall- so I'll post what I can read and relink the three previous posts covering the whistle blower that most of the so called alt media is ignoring- Hattip Northerntruthseeker for giving this information more attention. Al Masdar covered the news December 4th, the same day I did post #3

Talal Silo, the defector embarrassing America

Talal Silo a member of Syria’s Turkmen minority, had been the official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the militia picked by America to spearhead the battle against Islamic State in Syria.
The Kurd-dominated SDF was the acceptable face of anti-Isis forces, purportedly having no ethnic or religious bias and comprising Kurds and Arabs, Muslims and Christians.
When Raqqa, Isis’s de facto headquarters, fell in October, it was Mr Silo who announced it. The SDF’s victory was meant to prove that the West could assist a trustworthy local militia against Isis  and justify the 100's of millions of dollars of US arms shipped to......

 Middle East Monitor covered it a few days ago also

 As did Al Masdar, finally!

Talal Silo's whistleblowing has been repeatedly covered here, starting December 02/2017

Talal Silo Spills the Beans " SDF created as cover to arm PKK"

 December 03/2017: SDF Defector Spills Still More Beans! Kurds & ISIS Exploiting Syria's Oil Resources

December 04/2017: A Whistle Blows & No One Hears: Where Is The Alternative Media?

 Talal Silo has been whistle blowing so vigorously lately- I'm surprised he's not short of breath. I'm a bit dismayed at how little coverage the so called "alternative media" has been giving his reports. Where are all you "truth tellers"? Challengers of the authority? And questioners of 'official narratives"?
Talal Silo has been verifying a whole lot of what I've written about for years here and it just keeps coming! I don't require his verification, however, it strengthens all that's been researched and written about- From KurdIShIS. To US colluding against Syria. Her leadership. Her people. And her sovereign territory.  Where are all the Syrian supporters our there in alt media land?

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